Paid character transfers


Nice attempty at trolling but you are still stupid anyway.

One last try:

Being 60 in first 4-5 days is rushing. A lot of people “rushed” in large servers.
Being 60 in 7 days is not that much “rushing” but its still a dedication. I did this.
Being 60 in 3 weeks is not rushing, it is super casual. Almost none did this on ten storms. Know why? Dead server.

Having 50 level 60s on a server on day 4-5 means that server is very high-end and competitive. A few servers had this like Gehennas and Shazzrah.
Having 30 level 60s after 3 weeks on a server and doing a /who 60 at prime time to get 15 results means that server is garbage.

Can’t really simplify this more. If you can’t even understand this, go try brain surgery or something, I’m not an expert on that.


We didn’t roll on these servers consciously. In the first 2 days of launch none really knew which servers would end up empty or dead. Blizzard asked players to choose new launched servers and that’s what we did.
So we are right now in a dead server since we listened to what Blizzard asked us to do.
Use your brain.

Free Character Moves Coming for this Region - 20 September

When do you think they will add ‘paid character transfer’? Since you said they have suggested they will implement it aventually.
I’m starting to think going to a full server and putting up with the queues isn’t a bad idea because all I want is to bg, and I’m worried about how long the queue time for each bg will be on my server. The population of the servers are going down and my server looks like it might be medium by the time bg’s come out in a few months.

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It doesn’t look horrendous population wise


I have a bunch of irl friends who started whining in the first weak because of lengthy queues. Then they laughed at me for still being in queues on Firemaw while they rerolled on a low pop realm. Now they’re whining again and I’m laughing.


Isn’t there like a couple of low pop servers? They should just merge them tbh… Into a single new realm with a new name, and yes… Some people might not get their names but tough sh*t, it’s a needed collateral damage to trade for solving an issue that is only going to grow over time, people are already selling names on servers for real money…

They need to merge the low pop servers into a new realm, and let the people who first log on have their names. That is the most fair solution.


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I am but I don’t like your tone nor your attitude, enjoy your dead server and feel free to piss off.


This thread is fascinating to the max. First many people complained how the launch was handled terrible and there weren’t enough servers. Now people are realizing that some of those then delivered servers ended up being dead…
And to be honest I think these servers should and probably will be merged in a few weeks. Blizz is simply waiting for things to settle abit more. Probbably they hope that some overrun servers will calm abit by people moving from there to ghosttowns :wink:

On the other hand you have unempathic people that seem to take a joy in laughing at people for having tried to improve everyones situation by picking not overrun servers. These very people actually lowered queues on high pop realms by not joining in there, how can you not be on their side and wish for those “dead” realms to be merged?


You can piss off from this topic and go find yourself another cave to dwell, lowlife troll.

@ Jeremiel

I think a merge could be good but knowing how Blizzard can ignore dead servers from retail for many years, I’m not really that optimistic.

I think we are kind of doomed over here.


Excuse me mate, but I don’t understand your logic. You took 2 weeks off to play Classic, while most of us didn’t, so you went WAY ahead of the rest of us level wise. You probably were in the 1-2% of the fastest players in your server…why did you exactly went to a new server?

Being on holidays for WoW Classic allows you to dodge any queue, no matter the server, as you log in before any of us get back from work, family stuff, etc. Being repeatedly ganked shouldn’t be a problem for you either, as you outlevel most of the people on server by far. Finding a guild of hardcore players like you should be piece of cake…

And you decided to go to a new realm? Why was that, you wanted to make first-server kills of Ragny and Onyx? It’s the only explanation I can think of.

Transfering to a new server was a HUGE mistake. Server population isn’t gonna go up in almost any server, it’s gonna go steadly down as newcomers to Vanilla find Classic to be a walking simulator, some people stop feeling the nostalgia they feel the first weeks, the great community that is now here will slowly corrupt by the purples, etc.

Don’t know if you are new to WoW, but let me give you a piece of advice: don’t trust Blizzard. They don’t care about your individual experience as a player, they care about numbers (gamers, $ or €, etc.).

To be constructive, I recommend you to get your main as ready as you can. While you wait for pay server transfer him/her back to an alive one, play an alt in a high population server. Any server below Full or High will not survive in the future.


You say you have job and 4 kids yet you were 60 in 7 days.
Even with all the queues before free transfers were on.
Also you do expect all others will have 60lvl in 3 weeks since launch.

Yeah your Magesty, i dont believe you single word about your IRL.

  • your attitude to others. If you have family and FOUR kids, you should be already mature enough, yet mature ppl with all these responsibilities wont rush to 60 and call it dedication.

I moved at first day it was open from Gehennas to Earthshaker. Realm is Medium. Somewhere around 5-6k aliance and same nuber go for horde,
yet we have cca 170 ppl at lvl 60… Strange? No, thats normal.

So start work on your attitude, since your kids are mirror of their parents.



i love you


Being 60 in 3 weeks is not rushing, it is super casual. Almost none did this on ten storms. Know why? Dead server.

You have no idea what you are talking about. You’re a no-life and have no clue how normal people play. Super Casual people get to 60 in 2-3 months. 3 Weeks is hardcore for anyone that has job and/or family to take care of in real life.


What is peoples problem here? Why are you bashing op for being 60 or spending those 2 weeks ingame mostly? If it was fine and settled with his family it’s pretty much their own business… if he neglacted his reallife for leveling in WoW… kinda still their own issue.

Those complaining about the level speed… really? The only thing that’s making Classic really slow atm is the amount of players… if you are on holidays and got abit of time you can level to max in waaaaay less than 3 weeks.

It doesn’t take away anything from the general issue that people moved to realms that ended up being pretty dead. This moves were asked for (kind of) in order to improve the queue situation that impacted all…

@OP: I don’t think you are doomed, guess Blizz will fix this but give them some time. The entire Classic hype needs to stabilize abit more for them to make proper estimates on which servers need help. Until then I guess you have with the current situation, but they didn’t leave people on empty realms in classic and it won’t happen now either.


No one’s bashing him for being a hardcore player. Simply trying to explain that yes it will be pretty lonely if you’re the first to 60, most people are nowhere near that.

The server is not dead… Just wait over the next few weeks/months for people to reach higher levels.


I’m from Ten Storms. The problem is you are already 60. I’m at 27 and all zones in this lvl range have a decent amount of players. And I find a group within minutes.


So mutch nerd salt lol


The problem is there is an abondance of SM, DM & Gnomer groups. There aint much upper instance groups.
And the Auction House is basicly empty most people sell mats ar vendor price. I am Leveling with skinning and I have vendored all the skins I got.


You are simply stupid, that is not about my attitude, that is a simple fact.

You can’t even grasp the most basic arguments. I didn’t say I had 4 kids. I have written:

Even with a work and 4 kids you should be able to do it if you know your thing by now… Or at least be level 40+, even if not 60.

Now go ahead and try to figure out if there is anything implying that I have 4 kids in this very simple sentence. You can’t simply understand the most basic abstract thought or example.


Dont play for now, just wait in a few month or a year they will add transfer once servers is stable or they may merge servers down the line.

The shop menu is still there in the login screen

Meanwhile if i was you i would abuse the fact that you are in a low pop realm to rank up in pvp.