Patch 8.2.5: Calia Menethil


I made this thread so that you people can discuss and speculate what will happen with Calia in the future of BfA. Her model has recently been datamined so she will play a role in 8.2.5.

Will she join the Alliance as an allied leader or replace Sylvanas as the leader of the Forsaken?


Her replacing sylvannas would be as bad as her being lightforged undead at all. She shares nothing in common with forsaken, hasnt had same experienced, she is nothing like them. She hasnt fought scourge, wasnt a mindless undead before sylvannas under control of lich king,she wasnt even raised the same way, her body is still normal aswell, she is nothing like the forsaken.

It would be such a bad idea to replace sylvanans with her. one of worst decisions ever in lore.
Even lilian would be better as racial leader then her, basicly anyone would be better then her as forsaken racial leader.

And her having Alliance lightforged undead allied race would aslo be such a horrible thing,holy undead shouldnt be thing in first place and certainly dont need more of them or another holy light infused allied race.


Lol no worst idea ever. Blizzard must hate Forsaken fans hard if they think making her Undead leader resembles any good vibes.


MY EYES! WHAT IS THIS HORROR? At least my Baine x Anduin jokes had some taste, geez. This isn’t remotely funny even.

D’Alliance can have da other undead Menethil. We dun want no Arthas here!


She looks better than the living humans in Stormwind.

I’m sure the shambling, perpetually depressed zombies in the streets of Orgrimmar can relate.



I like her model :slight_smile: again a priest leader …
She’s the the Queen of Lordaeron

(Vurru) #7

Wow! She looks beautiful for an undead.
I hope they add this type of LF undead models in the near future ( if LF undead are available).
Also, I thought that she would be in story books for life! ( because Blizz)

(Anouk) #8

I personally think neither.
It really depends on the general future of the factions though.


They wouldn’t create an entirely new model if they didn’t want her to have an important role in the story. Calia and Derek will either attempt to topple Sylvanas or lead a new Lightforged Undead allied race. They didn’t put her in the game with that model just to serve as a NPC vendor in Stormwind.

I must say, if that’s how Lightforged Undead look like, I might play one. They’re pretty cool, much better than the ugly Forsaken for certain. I’m not actually sure why that would surprise anyone, it was pretty obvious that the Lightforged Undead were coming. Did people actually think that they would just retcon Calia out of existence?

(Cordell) #10

Will the Alliance still welcome me after enjoying Blighting Darkshore and Ashenvale and killing all those Night elves, if I do so under Calia?


Wonder how they’ll pull Calia as leader of the Forsaken faction and how they’ll address stuff like the above.
But I wonder more what on earth made Blizzard decide that having that potential route was a good idea…
Doubt many Forsaken players wanted to become a “shinier” human version when they rolled their characters.


It depends if Lightforged Undead will be Alliance or Horde. Which is interesting, because some Horde players have asked for a Human model like Nathanos, so the Lightforged Undead could be the answer.

(Artein) #12

She’ll be a raid boss in the next expansion.

(Evenmourn) #13

I think about the same about Calia as I would about Thalyssra taking over the night elves. You see, as the highest ranking highborne, she’s actually the real heir of the kaldorei who they secretly loved all along if it weren’t for Tyrande’s heretofore unseen tyrannical regime.


I regret not sending her on a suicide mission back in Legion.

Her presence in the story is a genuine headscratcher for me though. On one hand she’s portrayed as someone who symphatizes deeply with her former people and has demonstrated a willingness to lead them on the basis of her birthright as heir to the throne of Lordaeron.

Problem of course is that those people she seeks to lead are now part of the Horde and as such enemies of the Alliance, a faction she does have friends and connections in. There is also the small issue of there not being any rebel Forsaken for her to actually recruit for a proposed splinter faction of Alliance aligned Forsaken since Sylvanas already had them killed in BTS.

The Forsaken really are the odd ones out in this faction war U-turn we’re now seeing. Blizzard seem intent on making racial leaders the vehicles that drive this story forward and as of 8.2 every Horde race save for the Forsaken has a top tier representative who’s gone all chummy with an Alliance counterpart. Saurfang/Thrall, Bob and Baine being the main culprits with Gazlowe making a passing comment in Mechagon on the usefulness of interfactional partnerships.

Calia, for all the horrors that she represents would at least give the Forsaken a high tier character who could bring those odd ones in line with the remaining races in the Horde without being a kill on sight target for the Alliance.

But it would also severely harm the Forsaken fantasy that fans have grown to love over the years.

So I say once again: I regret not sending her on a suicide mission back in Legion.

(Zarao) #15

This kind of losses relevance for me upon realising that not addressing her character sooner, signals that she has been unwilling/unable to aid them up until now. And has turned a blind eye to the hardships they’ve had throughout the years.

And now she comes all high and mighty demanding that she is handed over the throne and the loyalty of her brothers people? What has she done for them exactly?
Because regardless of her ulterior motives, Sylvanas did give them a home, payback for what happened to them, and defended their claim over some lands that guys Calia is all buddies with, seemed all to eager to take away from them.

She is an awful character, that was gifted with a specific branch of undeath, that also removes any drawbacks that could at least make her seem more relatable with the people they seem to be pushing her towards.

(Dudas) #16

So where do I sign up to throw her into the blighted ruins of Undercity with a catapult? A poetic death to die in the same place you were born. This is the only good thing they can do with that abomination of a character.

(Leíá) #17

Couldn’t she have been a hidden Scarlet Commander Priestess or something…? We could have ignored all this “Lightforged Undead” nonsense.

(Zarao) #18

We can bring the catapults that bombed Teldrassil. That way she won’t need to move from the Netherlight Temple.
We’d be able to launch her across the cosmos.
After all, we should makes things easier for the “Windchime Queen”.


We can just hope that Saa’ra turns evil and that Calia was her pawn all the time.


That’s not the solution. If they really wanted to get rid of her they could try to be a little more creative with her descent into madness, instead of turning her into another Kael’thas or Benedictus.