Pay Homage to Medivh with The Guardian Pack Transmog Set

Pay Homage to Medivh with The Guardian Pack Transmog Set

Pay homage to the powerful Medivh with a 3-pack transmog set that includes a feathered hood, cape, and a new staff appearance inspired by the legendary Council of Tirisfal.

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You do realise that everybody was hoping for the trading post being the end of this sort of stuff, right?

I know, we can get it in the post later but… why later?


Read the article at the end

** The Guardian Pack leaves the Shop indefinitely on 31 May 2023. The items will appear on the Trading Post sometime between 1 September 2023 and 31 December 2023.*

So if you can’t be patient get it at 8 euros or wait for the trading post at the end of the year.


Because Blizzard need our money.

Yes. Patience is definitely the issue when you’re already selling a product more expensive than Netflix for a single game and then want to upsell.


ABK has huge profits. They don’t need it.


Gallywix just being Gallywix if you ask me.


3 pieces for only 8€ sounds like a good deal to me

I’ll give them that. At least it’s cheap compared to what they used to do. And it does look cool, even if it doesn’t actually look like Atiesh and therefore doesn’t look like Medivh’s set.

In FF14 store items have nothing to do with the game lore. Why could this not be part of a new quest chain with lore background? Just put weird stuff in the store. It will even sell better.

Already bought it uWu

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Suit yourself.




in FF14 store items are cool and look really good.

this looks like garbage.


I don’t think I’d buy this ‘set’ even with tendies, let alone with real money.

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it’s a great deal imo , they’re basically telling us that ‘‘we are selling these but you’ll be able to get these for free in a few months’’ i say good marketing. would be awful if they added old tp items to shop tho.

Ah man, I played all evening and I missed this promotion.

I’ll just have to get it tomorrow.

I wouldn’t buy this with real money. But I have Gold and I can buy a WoW Token (or just use one I have in stock already). The way I see it, is there’s more Tender to use later on for something else.

I said all along that the Trading Post will be monetised. This is happening a lot sooner than I expected.

Next stop, buy 100 Tender for 9.99.

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That’s actually a surprisingly detailed and plannable communication. A fair conduct. Quite unusual.
(Unless they change the plan later, hah.)

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If only Mage was fun to play again, oh well…

Honestly as long as there is both a way to get something ingame and via a shortcut, I do not mind the paid option existing.

If this is the incentive they need to give us some brand new transmog options (since they are not willing to give us the old ones for now) then sure.

Milking people some more I see kekw

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