Paying for nothing. Stop ruining our classic experience!


Why there can’t be for example just one server with layering taking care of everything? I can see problems with economy, exploiting layering etc but anything else would be better than sitting in queue literally whole day. Coming home from work/school/whatever and then ending up just going to sleep because you’re not even half through the queue.

Blizzard you are stealing our money.

EDIT: Maximum Realm Capacity Increased – 28 August YES!!!


I hope they are considering refunds because im not paying to be in a queue and since i’m on classic queue i can’t even play the retail. Came back two months ago and already regret the money spent on BFA. About the sub value i pay for month and not being able to play either game i expect a refund. Yesterday my total time in queue was 6h15 min because blizz dc’d me twice to let other player have a taste of classic.

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This is not how classic originally was. The whole point of individual servers is for the social experience. One big mega-server would just take all that away.


In vanilla people got free game time for long queue times caused by Blizzard’s mismanagement.

But this time deadbeat business daddy Activision will keep the money of all the boomers because of the bad numbers they generated with other games.

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