[PCU] Gnome RP - Assemblage of Uld 🔧

The Assemblage of Uld is the greatest gnome guild I’ve ever joined!

You all should too!

Go gnome or go home!


Lots of fun to be hand with this group. Just recently got to help out some helpless paladins in beating up road-blocking Forsaken!

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don’t think you’re a little attack yesterday set us back in anyway. I will make you all a head shorter soon!

The Assemblage of Uld has returned to Dun Morogh, with excursions to Stormwind, after their latest campaign alongside the dwarves of the League of Modimus and some humans™.

If you have a gnome or mechagnome, now is the time to join!

With the aid of the Holy Order of Lordain, the Assemblage was able to delve deep into the Storm Peaks to recover a mysterious cube from a titan facility! One step closer to deciphering the mysteries of the makers.

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Soon™ we’ll be The Makers!

After a brief trip to Stranglethorn to investigate a distress signal the Assemblage is now back at their Workshop! Preperations are on the way for a ‘commercial’ visit to Kalimdor next week.

Gnomes have tendency to remind how nasty they can be in a fight. Had a blast fighting these gnomes in the highlands this week.

Small but useful with their ‘machines’, they have my approval. :pray:

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If I even smell a certain Gnome Death Knight during the upcomin’ campaign, I’m comin’ at ya with a flamethrower!