[PCU] Grunt RP - Hand of Conquest 💪

With one threat gone, another emerges. The Thirteenth now must deal with their ranks divided, the fires in Durotar growing by the day and the appearance of flame obsessed cultists.


The Thirteenth went through some hard days in the past, yet the last days were nothing compared to that.

The fires in Durotar grew and grew, started to burn everything that got into their way. Lighting up the dark nights, burning innocents Turning almost everything into ash. The cultist themselves were furious, blinded by anger and hatred. Wearing hoods and covered in firey tattoos - one could say ‘’Runes’’. They cursed everyone who wouldn’t join them in the tongue of the flame, the tongue which called - Kalimag. ‘’Reth Reth Reth’’ They shouted, and soon these words became the words of fear. The Thirteenth Grunt Infantry struggled already about the so called ‘’Rebels’’ in their ranks. Which was all because of Sergeant Gonrash Stormfang, or his old codename ‘’Scorchfang’’. -Who showed his bad side in the last time - The flames took over him. Those who weren’t blinded by the authority of the corrupted Sergeant left or escaped in the last minutes. Gathered together in many outposts as the Elite Assassins of the Sergeant were after them. They weren’t safe.

Soon another problem rise up in the Barrens - The leftover of the Thirteenth was sent out to aid the crushed Infantry of the Second, the Barrens finest warriors - Only to find out that they were corrupted by the void. After a few days of fighting, they managed to defeat the threat. The Sergeants of the Second - The powerful Grunt, Sergeant Sokronal Bonespite and the old but wise Farseer Vanrosh Thunderhowl - Lost their Infantry, which made the Horde authorities to let them lead the already known Thirteenth, and find the now vanished Gonrash.

Vanrosh had enough, he decided to call for the aid of the Deserters and fight back the cultists. They were victorious, which allowed the Deserters to return and rejoin the Orgrimmar Infantry. Yet the so called ‘’Vessel’’ which Gonrash spoke of - Oritaru, was kidnapped. This action made the Thirteenth furious as the poor Vulpera Pyromancer already suffered through Gonrash, even losing his memory.

Sulfuran the Herald of the cultist was about to attack Razor hill, burn it to the ground - turning it into ash. When the Grunts attacked to disturb his plan and to save Oritaru. Fighting at the Shrine of the Dormant Flame for hours, the Shadow Hunter Boskar discovered one of Sulfuran’s weaknesses - Voodoo and Shadow magic. Weakening the Flame Knight, they manage to defeat him and return to the barracks with Oritaru - Of course with some losses, The Grunt Krolgarr lost in battle - Granting him a Warrior’s death.

Now the Thirteenth is preparing for a final battle. They plan is to march to the Shrine of Dormant Flame, take the passway to Gonrash’s hideout… and defeat him, which won’t be that easy.


The Thirteenth gathered by the eight drums in the city of Orgrimmar. The grunts prepared themselves, sharpened their blades, reforged their armors or even talk about their thoughts - to be well prepared and strong enough to face the now Traitor Gonrash. Marching through Durotar, to the Shrine of the Dormant Flame. The troll Jarista - who was spying under the cultists, and the ‘’Vessel’’ Oritaru, opened the passway to Stormfang’s hideout. The grunts found themselves in a dark place, the sky was covered with gray clouds, ash was raining from it. The air was heavy. The ground was black and rivers of molten lava were all over the place. The Throne of Flame - they called it. In the middle of a little isle stood Gonrash - in his surroundings the sea of heat and lava.

The Thirteenth charged, under a few seconds the location was full of sounds - shoutings, roars, the metallic sound of blades parrying each other. More terrifying was the smell. The very smell of burned flesh mixed together with smoke. Any fool who would come into this place would know, they would not return. The Grunts maybe didn’t think about that, ordered by Sergeant Bonespite - to eliminate the traitor Gonrash at all cost! so did they. Fighting the leftover cultists they managed to fight side by side, in teamwork, like brothers and sisters of the Horde. And so did they. After a long fight, the now dirty exhausted grunts faced Gonrash. Only to discover Oritaru was fighting him all along, the epic battle of the two even light up the dark place, with various lights. Red and Purple. As the Arcane magics and the Elemental flames flew at each other.

Incendius the elemental who corrupted Gonrash’s mind had enough. Shouting all over the place - trying to frighten the thirteenth. But how surprisingly they continued to fight. By every blow, every hit. The gauntlet of Gonrash started to crack. The elementium gauntlet exploded in storm, earth, fire, water, and earth. It started to annihilating Gonrash, and so did he died. By a big explosion of power. But it wasn’t over. Incendius was still there. The elemental behind this, the one who wanted to burn Durotar, and even whole Azeroth - setting it into never-ending flames. The one who still had the power fought bravely, full of hopes - with a big effort, the bindings of the elemental cracked leaving nothing but a big explosion behind. It disappeared, into the lava. The place soon became somewhat calmer. The fires upon the Throne of flame calmed down. And the Thirteenth? They gathered themselves - as always and left the cursed place behind.

At the return to the city, the Sergeants were already waiting. Victorius. Still with a great loss yet again. A brave orc died - fighting to the very end the old orc found his warrior’s death in battle. Dro’gath Axechain walks with his ancestors now.


lovely people… da best… except the Highblood Myrmidons… but still da best… and super nice…


Makijo would like to speak to HoC’s manager after his TOTALLY UNFAIR treatment in their cell, tonight! The hose pipe was cruel! Cruel, he says!

(Really fun RP tonight! Thank you! :fox_face:)


The Thirteenth find themselves staying the night in Razor Hill after the events with several curious objects uncovered by several different units and orders. They remain vigilant around the settlement, keeping an eye out for further chaotic behaviour.

[[PCU] Plot : Cosmic Crown of Terror 🌌]


I really enjoy our experience and cooperation with these guys in Orgrimmar. They capture the grunt aesthetic wonderfully, a good representation of the spirit of the horde.


The embodiment of what Horde warriors/infantry should be! Lots of activity & great events.


True down to earth gritty grunt rp, with excellent individual storytelling. Its a big recommend from me


Some of the Thirteenth witnessed strange occurances the past days. One of their vulpera - the envoy no less, seems to have gotten sick, cursed, even. Odd voodoo idols seem to be going around, as whispers of a Witch Doctor echo around. Soon however, they will move to aid remnants of the Iron Horde to cleanse a botani threat from the Barrens.


Tonight, the Thirteenth is uprooting from Orgrimmar and moving to the Southern Barrens to deal with an otherworldly threat - To help with the blossoming alliance they’re growing with the Iron Armada. Who knows what’s in store for them? They won’t beleaf their eyes.


Iron Will!

aaahhhaahhha bald!!


Hey lads,

Just a quick question. Is there any openings for a goblin sapper or are you just looking for pure, unadulterated, grunts?

From interactions I had I can say the guild is fantastic. I only wished I had more time to attend the events.

For the Horde, yo


Hi friend. Pitchwrench here is a goblin sapper. As far as I know the guild is open to all Horde concepts

Edit: A concept that fits the Grunt theme, of course


Thanks m80.

After a foray into the Overgrowth, including a culling of Botani imported accidentally from Draenor, the Thirteenth is back in Orgrimmar to protect the city and bolster its ranks.

Enlist today!


These posters can be seen on the walls and boards of Orgrimmar.

Love these lads and lasses.


The Thirteenth is currently on an expedition in Zangarmarsh, killing Naga, Leper Gnomes and ANY Alliance Renegades or (potential) Loyalists standing in their way!

Do you want to experience the harsh nature of a mushroom swamp? Join now!