[PCU] Plot : Cosmic Crown of Terror 🌌

This thread is intended to be used as a logbook regarding the events and items of the PCU plotline which I designed : The Mad Prince & The Cosmic Crown of Terror.

Beneath is a short introduction to the items that will circulate.

Edit: If any questions arise, you know where to find me on discord.

The Cosmic Crown . . .

Strangely sophisticated craftsmanship forged otherwordly ore into slithering, shiny metallic pieces. These pieces once formed a crown destined to bind great powers into one, but now only fragments remain. Shunned archives and forbidden scripture might be the key to the eldritch item’s restoration.

Of Terror . . .

A set of six bloodstones: Six ruby red gems of blasphemously vast power, spawned from the world-hating aspirations of a long forgotten great evil. Even though they were always intended to be part of an otherworldly circlet, a cosmic crown of terror, they have been scattered across Azeroth by a time-lost order of Light-abiding knights. But as the world is cast into turmoil and hardship, old wounds fester anew…

Manyfold bloodstones have surfaced on Azeroth and those known to man have become objects of magical study and warlock interest. They may be infused with the elements or other, less well-deemed sources of power or used to communicate with alien forces. They are neither living, nor unliving and cannot be destroyed – so say the legends. But one thing may be proven right away: All such stones drink blood.

Accursed Almanac . . .

The remains of a hefty tome filled to the brim with occult scripture and accounts of ridiculously profane crimes against nature across all of Azeroth. Most of its time-consumed pages are too bloodstained, crumpled or outright absurd to be read or understood, but there are easily readable entries made by “The Mad Prince” on the matter of “The Cosmic Crown of Terror.” The aforesaid author’s writs refer to a gemstone-laden curio of immense power and their cult-like fellowship, which intends to obtain it. Yet, despite their implied power, the author alludes to a knightly order they are fearful of.

If your character gets a hold of any of the plotline’s pieces, do inform everyone by posting here in the thread. Example : Morsteth has received the Excerpt of the Accursed Almanac, Part I from Ashemere.

OOC RULE : YOU MUST KEEP ALL ACQUIRED PIECES NEAR YOUR CHARACTER AT ALL TIMES (f. ex. no gem-filled personal strongox in Tanaris when your character adventures in Northrend)


This year’s blockbuster has arrived, at last!


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Ashemere has been passed on the Excerpt of the Accursed Almanac, Part I, and the First crown piece (left side) after it was taken from a Drowned Corpse that wandered into Strahnbrad.

Really excited for this bros!


waaaaaheeeeey! :milky_way:


Haha that’s epic! I like lovecraftian stuff! Poggers to morsteth.


Epic :milky_way:


Crosses fingers really hard

Please let these be on a Sunday/Monday Please let these be on a Sunday/Monday Please let these be on a Sunday/Monday Please let these be on a Sunday/Monday Please let these be on a Sunday/Monday


Been looking forward to this.
Love cosmic terror. Love mad races for treasures and artifacts.
Love… Morsteth.


Gonna be one for the ages :smiling_imp:

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A bit of terror.
Some sweet Morsteth action.

Looks neat, hope whoever is involved has fun!

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Huh this actually reminds me alot of the old Infinite Dark plot with the gems, or back when Perroy did that story with the Alterac sceptre.

Artifact-hunting’s always fun!

A crown? I’ll steal it. No one will ever know! …No one will ever know! …No one will ever know…

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Morsteth is truly the Plato to my Socrates

Excited to participate in this =)


A crown worthy of Talanji’s reign…

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That was a genuinely fun game of cat and mouse. Artifact hunts and rivalries can be incredible motivation for RP.

Now this sounds epic. Hopefully goes better than Nukes ur character 5 times to snatch ur piece rp that came with a certain scepter

A Crown or Cosmic Horror…

Six stones of blasphemous power…

Yup definitely belongs in the responsible hands of Red Venturers.


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looks cool, enjoy

BAH! Magic…

Should try to secure it and get rid of it, I say. Power like this always corrupts.