[PCU] Horde-aligned Forsaken RP - Requiem of Sorrow 🔔

He walks slowly past the wooden walls that make up the small outpost at the entrance of the valley, following the cobblestone road that leads into the forest deep. A few bored guards offer a subtle salute as he passes them, before turning their dead eyes back towards the main road. The clear sky disappears under ever taller trees as he continues south, only the occasional growl of uninterested ghouls and skeletons breaking the silence of the woods. If he were still alive he would probably find himself surrounded by those creatures, but, mindless as they were, they too have grown to recognize friend from foe. Not the same can be said about the overgrown and mutated spiders to the west who have once again crawled back into the village goldmine this season. Luckily, this time he was able to send an extermination party before the infestation could spread to the upper levels.

Following the dim lit lamp posts, he enters the village. Although it is little past midday, the streets are almost as quiet as the trees. A man brings a bonesteed back into the stables. Another woman pushes a cart full of body parts up the hill. Only the forges of the blacksmith roar as more weapons and armor are being crafted. He walks past the tavern and the command board, not stopping to read any of the news posted there today, but glances at the dark chapel to the right. Its door are shut, the morning sermon having already ended some time ago. He had promised himself many times that he’d attend, after all, most of the village does.

Holding his key ring in hand, he carefully chooses the right one and opens the small gate that leads into the graveyard. He moves along the empty graves and the old tombstones until he reaches the center of the cemetery. From there he could see the whole village and most of the forest, but his eyes fall upon the statue of a familiar figure instead. The fine piece of artisan work now lays in disrepair, half sunken in the mud as vines and moss cover most of it. The once towering statue of the Dark Lady now slowly crumbling under his eyes. He comes here often. Pondering about the current state of the world, of the Horde and the place they have in it. Dreaming about the downfall of his enemies and the day they will finally stand victorious above all of them. Asking the same questions about the woman in the statue, over and over again, finding the same answers.

But today he doesn’t think any of that as something else catches his attention. He turns around and lifts his head up, staring north as grey clouds darken the horizon and and roll over swallowing the afternoon sun. He gives the statue one more look before making his way back towards the village.

Five minutes later the bells ring from the top of the chapel, echoing through the valley.

The Forsaken are making ready for battle.

Greetings children of the grave!

The Requiem of Sorrow is here and looking for Forsaken characters who, as the title says, still want to fight under the Horde banners, regardless of what other more insidious schemes and loyalties they might have when people aren’t looking.

The main focus is on military RP from the point of view of one of the, realistcally, many factions with different beliefs the Forsaken would’ve split into following the departure of Sylvanas Windrunner. In simpler terms, we are mostly a place for Forsaken that still keep their dignity and militaristic spirit, bending the knee just enough to get by until better days, and plotting from the shadows when possible.

We of course recruit mainly human undead, but some undead elves are alright if they fit, it really depends. However, Banshees, Abominations, Ghouls and the likes are more then welcomed, if you like and want to use prisms. We do not recruit DKs at the moment.

One more thing to mention is that we are ok with as much evil as the Horde would reasonably tolerate, but we have a bad opinion of cultism, be it Light zealots, Void fanatics or anything in between. A lot of our views on the different kinds of magic will become apparent through RP, so I won’t spoil it for you, but we try to make it an interesting place from where conflict can arise. And of course, due to the volatile political situation the Forsaken find themselves in right now, we expect to clash with plenty of interesting faction in roleplay.

So, if your Forsaken is still confused about their relationship in regards with the Dark Lady, but is not quite done fighting yet, still likes the Horde army, or at least can tolerate it as they serve the interests of the Forsaken first, or simply wants to un-live in a strong and free Lordaeron, why not give us a poke? For more details and questions contact Jaws or Oddrick in game.

Power to the Forsaken! Now and forever!


El basado del Morocco aka very nice guild!

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We should hang out …

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RAAAGH! Scarlets!


Join us and get a free shirt from yours truly, the dreaded Gentleman Vandel Blackwood. Gilnean tailoring quality garantied.


Awesome! Glad to see this happening. I see a lot of activity of Forsaken RP recently, this is an excellent sign.


The Requiem of Sorrow has arrived in Orgrimmar, setting up a stand to raise money for the annual Hallow’s end celebration at Deathknell.

Come one, come all - we’re offering some very nice clothing, somewhat dubious tobacco and exceptionally dubious potions - how could you not choose from a selection as fine as this?

PS: If you find a jawless mute roaming the streets, answering to the name “Edgar”, be so kind as to give him directions to the Wyvern’s tail. Thanks.


I sadly won’t ever be able to join up on Marlight since she is a die-hard loyalist. However, might make up another undead to hang around Deathknell, for a spot of RP now and then. I really hope to see this thrive and turn that area into a good town for RP.


Great people, join them today.

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Having supplied the towns of Andorhal and Tarren Mill with candy and masks for Hallow’s End with little trouble (seriously Scarlets, we were just advancing but backwards), the Requiem are continuing their pilgramage to the Sepulcher before they are to return to Deathknell.

If you’re undead but red, you should join. We have candy.


Looking at Deathknell This entire hamlet must be purged.


But what if it wasn’t ?

Hey vsauce, Michael here.


How dare you! It’s a village!

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Ah… My New target dummy has arrived.

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Today a battle took place in Durotar between the Horde-aligned forces and most importantly Requiem of Sorrow, against Loyalist forces! Which ended in a glorious victory, causing the deserter forces to retreat and fight another day. After gathering the dead, wounded, and catching their breath, the troops headed out to Sen’jin, for a well-deserved rest.

Glory to the Forsaken!


Was really cool fight appreciated some of the more light hearted moments with Kers a lot


Based guild, epic role play. Time to conquer together Lordaeron and put it at the hands to which it truly belongs!


After days of fighting the Scourge and the crazed Quilboars helping them, the Requiem is pulled into a mysterious realm along with the other Horde forces present at Razor Hills. Faced with fighting the horrors of unchecked nature, the Horde forces manage to break out of that cursed realm, ending the threat of the infectious spores.

Yet the fighting continues as they return to Razor Hill, for the Scourge are on the move…


damn … i love these guys