[PCU] Gnome RP - Assemblage of Uld 🔧

Huh. Any idea what happened with the Arclight Association?

Sadly our bros in Arclight went on a hiatus back in the latter half of 2020, but some of their RPers are still around, actually. Mainly as Individual RPers, if I have my sources right, but Bertel is still fighting the big fight for instance

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The Assemblage of Uld has recently taken to their homeland of Dun Morogh to safeguard and scout their nearby parimeter, coming in unfortunate interactions with Humans of Stormwind! They begin to argue over who should be leaving who alone.


These may, in fact, be the most powerful gnomes on this realm… If anyone reading this feels even the slightest need to make and roleplay a gnome character, this is definitely the guild for you!

:hammer_and_pick: Forgecog Forever! :gear:
:mountain_snow: Glory to Khaz Modan! :mountain_snow:


The Assemblage of Uld recently delved down into Gnomeregan itself, dedicating themselves to putting a stop to a newfound wave of radiation being blasted out of the foul city, and whatever has caused such to happen down in its depths. It was a long and grueling task, but the Gnomish force shone bright in the dark, metallic depths.

DAY 1:
The Assemblage pass into Gnomeregan itself, clearing multiple Leper forces along their way. But it is not the end of the problems… They must go deeper.

DAY 2:
What vile mutations are these?! Sentient slimes, foul and multiplying by the moment! This must be the new radiation’s fault… Perhaps these are even the beings causing such! They reek, and explode in foul, radioactive fumes… Eugh!

DAY 3:
With the foul forces removed, and the abandoned halls of Gnomeregan seeming safe enough, the Assemblage of Uld takes their time. Time to reflect, explore, remember… This is their fallen city, and they must remind themselves what has been lost. Their Mechagonian allies also learn a valuable lesson from it; This is the home of the Gnomes, and they shall NEVER forget it. One day… It shall be reclaimed.


Assemblage of Uld is doing very much great! We’ve had a great campaign in Stonetalon Mountains and have returned to Dun Morogh. :snowflake:
Just last night we fought back a few Forsaken trespassers in the Wetlands.

If you’re a gnome looking for a guild? Should enlist today, to be honest.


Oh my GOD soldiers take notes from this exquisite patriot of Gnomanity, for he speaks with the wisdom of a Gnomish Gamer


The most epic gnomes I’ve ever had the pleasure of having my ribcage crushed to dust by. 10/10. Would let them absolutely decimate my bones again.


The Assemblage has been busy with a lot of adventuring! From the Titanic Chamber of Uldaman to counter haywire Mechagnomes, to the desert lands of Uldum to prevent Leper intrusions into Titan Facilities!

None of the screenshots I took during our Uldum campaign want to work on this forum page apparently, so the only screenie we currently have is this


Yeah, we helped you save the Cog Captain’s life. This time it’s a favour, next time we expect coin :wink:

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JESUS WAS ALBANIAN :albania: :albania: :albania: :albania: :albania:
:muscle: :albania: :muscle: :albania: :muscle: :albania: :muscle: :albania:

After the Aerie Peak feast, Athern, still sickened by the encounter with stygian soldiers, returns home to New Tinkertown yet again…

He glances around his abode. It all looks the same as always - the same service awards lining up the walls, the same in-the-works mechanisms including his new cushion replacement, the same schematics of projects too grand for his own good. His attention stops at one of the medals lying by his Gnomeregan tabard on the gnome-sized bed.

"War crimes, huh," he speaks to himself, as if expecting an answer from the grey circular walls surrounding him. None followed. He sighs and picks up the inflatable cushion’s pump, tinkering at its contents with his gnomish army knife.

Time flies by, despite Springwuzz’s occasional sneezing. Once the pump is more or less complete, he kicks back in the roughly-shaped heptagon chair and looks up, tired. He does not realize how his eyes close and he falls asleep.

He sees events of bygone times: from the sea battles of the Second War to the assault on Pandaria… each time he reloads the six-barrel rifle, aims, fires, hears the gunshot and feels blood splatter onto himself - before finding himself in a new battlefield. At last, he arrives at the ruins of Orgrimmar - its buildings ruined. Not a soul around is alive, the streets being littered with dead Horde. Athern wanders through the valleys, looking to his left and right. He does not feel any emotions. Suddenly, he hears another gunshot somewhere from behind and above - before weakly collapsing onto the dusty road, withering away. He sneaks a peek at his hands - now colored red by the blood he has shed. A second later, the world fades.

Athern wakes up in his chair, drenched in sweat. He frowns and checks his temperature - it is above average. He walks over to his desk and takes out an antipyretic pill. He drinks it and walks towards his bed… Something makes him hesitate. Sighing, he returns to the desk and takes out a sleeping pill as well.

Athern Springwuzz sleeps soundly the rest of the cold Dun Morogh night.


This is THE bunch of Gnomes that have made me want to armour my inner thigh so they stop stabbing it in battle.

Good times.

So what have you lot been up to? Figure I may as well ask since the like…what year since I loaded up Belisarius.

Hello, I do infact remember you.

Exciting times at the Assemblage of Uld as we’re currently in the middle of a plot involving the capital of the Dark Iron dwarves and a sinister warlock presence to deal with, fighting side by side with our brothers of the League of Modimus.

We’ve also had the first Cog Captain’s long lost son return … (Me)

Great bunch!
Their salary is even above minimum wage!

I was starting to wonder when I saw Railcroft the DK that the Captain had been resurrected into undeath. Glad to know folks are making some usage of the dark irons home mountain.

Ah… it was just used by me to take some screenshots in the week after to his fall! Nothing actually substantial behind that.

Underused, which is a shame. But we’ve had a blast so far!

I’m glad to hear it :slight_smile:

Follow the POG-Captain into battle today!
(I’m sorry, you must’ve heard this one a thousand times now)

As they say, birds of a feather flock together, so you can be assured the rest of the guild is just as fleek! (I’m sorry again, this term died in like 2014, didn’t it?)