[PCU] Horde-aligned Forsaken RP - Requiem of Sorrow 🔔

A powerful forsaken guild with great, quality RP!

If you’re Horde loyal and an undead, then join these guys!

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Being stranded on a isle, fighting for your (un)lives in a gladiator ring, building sandcastles… If you’re an horde forsaken, joins us for the already mentioned and even more crazy adventurers. (And possibly be sold to slavery by Jaws.)


Strange dealers, unknown realms, a lot of trouble! After a mysterious trade, the Requiem took a look beyond the veil - but NOW we returned! Your chance to join the Requiem of Sorrow for more troub- ADVENTURES!
Get in. NOW.



Following a series of unfortunate events in the realm beyond the veil, the Requiem find themselves in a tough and precarious position. Convinced that the forces of the Shadowlands have already infiltrated the Horde, conspiring against it and seeking to destroy it from within, Lieutenant Oscar ‘Jaws’ Melton reluctantly agrees with a change of leadership, taking up the role of Executor himself, all while the now former Executor, the manipulative and malevolent Lady Alvina Rainwatcher, is deposed. Accused of treachery and of still harbouring loyalties for the Banshee Queen, the Dark Ranger now becomes a target of the Horde herself.

With a bounty on her head and with no apparent help to turn to, Alvina goes into hiding, as the soldiers of the Requiem try to adapt to these changes. More importantly however, they continue to grapple with the knowledge of what lays on the other side of the shattered sky and their mission, their duties, and their debt…


Cool guys here! There’s a super cool campaign coming up, by the way, so head on over and join if you really want to kick some Alliance butt alongside the Horde as a Forsaken!


You could say, the rain watch has ended :wink:


After a glorious Campaign, the Requiem returned to Lordaeron, now again stationed in Deathknell and back to protect our lands from unwanted Intruders!
Find us in Tirisfal!


Fellow protectors of the norf from the unwanted yeyeye


Fought these GAMERS yesterday and a little confused, I recorded our combat but it seems the video file got corrupted, all I got out of it was this

Not too far off from their EPIC RP anyways


The Requiem has learned that there are very sweet and kind witches in this world willing to help give a voice to those in need… Literally.

It’a a bargain, too! All it costs is some gnome grave robbery. The price really did go up when we got caught though… and I guess it wasn’t easy wrangling a rampaging reanimated gnome skeleton either.

Our condolences and our gratitude go out to the recently bereft witch.


Look out for the Requiem aboard our badass new airship; paradropping on you when you least expect it; stunting on our adorable bats! Looking for aerial combat? Flying zombies: check.


Do you have a license for that airship?

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Oi! 'Tis approved by the Queen, mate.

Tonight, the Requiem has helped the farmers in Tarren Mill plant new pumpkin seeds as a mysterious undead bear attack took place.

Worrying news for the local Forsaken, but the army is here to protect you, so join us today.

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Really awesome bunch of people. Help them crush bandits… brigands, today.

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The Requiem is back to their camp in Tirisfal, watching over and protecting the great Forsaken Kingdom of Lordaeron.

You’d be amazed at how chill rp with these dudes is.
That time we built a catapult from nothing.
Chef‘s kiss.


What was that…? Did I heard it right?! Another giant epic Campaign?! And its starts in a few days! And the Requiem is part of it! No cool Forsaken should miss that! Get in, before its too late!

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Darn right!

The Requiem has been called to aid the Horde in removing yet another thorn from its side and liberating its fellow Forsaken.

Do not hesitate to inquire about details if interested.

Victory for the Forsaken, now and forever!


The efforts of the Forsaken army to secure and liberate Lordaeron from Void cultists, Scourge, Alliance intruders and more continue as new threats from Light worshipping fanatics arise.

Patience, discipline. These virtutes shall lead us to victory and freedom!

With tradition as our bulwark, the Requiem keeps protecting the Forsaken people as the army has always done!

Join the military and safeguard the Forsaken way of (un)life from usurpers!