[PCU] Vulpera RP - The Dustpaw Caravan 🦊

First step is to level up to at least 35.
After that give one of us a whisper or find us in game and we’ll work it out.

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Happy Guild Birthday my dudes.

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Will do :slight_smile:

Happy birthday to your guild, my old friend. May it always thrive to be better and better.

Great bunch. Good to see you lot stand the test of time and show up in numbers even a year later :blush:

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An ancient YouTube account is unearthed from the dunes.


Pimp my ride, Vulpera edition.

We’ll be heading back to Orgrimmar after the current PCU campaign concludes!

Come and join us then!


We’re going to be floating around Orgrimmar area for the next few days.
But will be off again next week to visit a sandy region.

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A few days became a week.

TOMORROW however, we’ve got some work with the Red Ventures. I’m sure there will be no hitches or issues of any kind.


As of today, Ranko has passed on the Caravan Leader torch to myself.

Made slightly before Vulpera were playable menaces, he’s steered a fairly unique guild concept through the many seas of RP and has been the standard bearer for keeping the race away from those possible depths of yiff depravity. Arguably core Vulpera concept guilds SURVIVED because of this dude.

I kneel to Ranko’s legacy and invite you to do the same if you’ve enjoyed what we’ve done over the last year.


We’ll be heading home from Uldum soon with our new leader Krat!

Thank you Ranko for leading this guild through everything!

Join now for the best Vulpera Guild!

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Thats what i plan to do :slight_smile:
Does Home mean Orgrimmar or another place?? Also when i want to join you, should i simply try to aproach you IC or should i whisper first and we think of something? Im quite new to RP so i dont whant to disturb you if you have some in caravan talk or something.

Org is "home’.
And yeah, try to approach IC but hit up an officer OOC if you want ease of knowing where we are and what’s easiest.

Ok thx, i will try then. Hope i manage to reach you while you are still in Orgrimmar

Return to Thunder Bluff my friends. Hosting events with these Vulpera is just amazing. - The next one is already in the works. :hedgehog: :gear:

As featured in a curve attaining raid comm.


The Dustpaw have abandoned Orgrimmar? Surely not for long! At least I hope so…

Meloh Gloomwind, distraught Diplomat and PR-Agent for the Aparoshe Stampede will try and change the caravans perspective. Find out what happens next… meet us in Thunder Bluff.

Leans in after hearing the news.

‘Hello there…’

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