[PCU][Neutral/Argent Crusade RP] - Ardent Pursuit 🕊

Among the usual posters on noticeboards in the faction capital cities, the occasional poster carrying Argent Crusade symbols can be found. They read…

The Argent Crusade needs YOU!

Young people from all over Azeroth are joining up to fight for the
future. They are doing their part. Are you?

Azeroth faces more dangers than ever. Only months ago were Horde and
Alliance cities besieged by Scourge, and not long before then, the 
Burning Legion stood on our doorstep.
The Argent Crusade was there to hold them back!

It is only by working together and taking the fight to them that we can
Our work is not yet done, and we need more people, be it the cook that
feeds our troops, or the specialist sent to battle at the front.
Anyone can contribute!

Find your recruiter and enlist today!

Hello forums,

Ardent Pursuit is recruiting! We are a small unit within the Argent Crusade that seek to take immediate action when we find and recognize a threat. We are a ragtag team of do-gooders in Argent Dawn flavor. There is room for anyone, and we consist mainly of the regular rangers and footmen who just want to do the right thing. No task is too great or small.

Our events involve just about everything between clashing with other guilds (by word or sword), pursuing and/or negotiating with different types of evils, such as necromancers raising the dead, or rescuing cats stuck in trees.

Our rules are simple. We are neutral, and we try to help! We engage with everyone. There is no uniform, but we try to look Argent Crusade and Argent Dawn, i.e. muted colors and a bunch of black and white.

Interested? Throw Vitsaus (Horde) or Razit (Alliance) a message in game and we will get you sorted out! If you haven’t noticed, we are cross faction!


Silvery usurpers, I’ll see you on the roads!

Best of luck with the guild! I can wholeheartedly recommend this gamer to organise quality argent RP!


Best of luck with your guild Vitsaus, looking forward to working with you!


Wish you all the best with this guild and can warmly reccomended them to any neutrally aligned RPers out there.

Looking forward to all the trouble I can throw your way, Argents!


Our interactions are currently limited but we are starting to make bonds with these guys. You don’t want to miss out what they got planned.
Consider joining up with their team today.


Hope to see you guys around Stormwind sometime, looking good + come give us a visit anytime!


Time to begin doing merc work in the north…


Love Vitsaus, pretty cool folk.


Hmm… In need of supplies? Im the gobbo for the job.


Vitsaus Björk as a character has great potential for leadership and has been one of The Light Watch Order’s beacons of officers. With grand opinions befitting a strict but understandable control of the neutral views while still being able to carry a smile though he is withering away slowly. A leader one can respect, even when one is a bureaucrat.

The person behind the screen as well, a glorious person with great views and ready to make way through Azeroth with his own project. He comes out as a good person to interact with through the experiences of voice chat and held the doors open to permit people to prove themselves.

It is good to see more Argent Crusade groups making an appearance, and hopefully, to future content, assist in cooperating in a united attempt to make events for the Crusade, or conflict for the Scourge, Scarlet, or loyalists - maybe even the occasional bandit.

Hopefully, you will shine bright with your project, and visit Hearthglen now and then.


Well, well, well ain’t this interesting. You have piqued my interest.


Had the pleasure of fighting Ogres with these guys, was an absolute blast. More Argents are never a bad thing! Good luck with the guild.


Better pray we have a common goal again when next we meet, undead :gun:.

But seriously, good luck ! Rooting for you.


Druidic puns burn.

It says A/H in your thread title, but only gives a Horde name to whisper.
Are you cross faction?
What is your quota on cat rescue per week?

Vitsaus is a good lad. This guild can only be good. Obvious recommendation and endorsement.

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You all flatter me with your praise, and I am so hyped about getting into more trouble with you lot!


Are you cross faction?

The Alliance guild does not have any officer yet aside from my own alts, so I am the go to person until further notice.
Once we have Alliance members, we will indeed be proper cross faction!

What is your quota on cat rescue per week?

Two. If there are three of them stuck in that tree, we leave the third. Sorry.


Unless the third is Vitsaus’ own cat.

This… Doesnt make much sense… Why would he leave his own cat for Last?

Maybe there were two up there that he rescued and then his climbed up the tree after?

Maybe… And this is why my cat is too big and heavy to climb trees.