The [PCU] 😈 now recruiting! [250]

Argent Dawn’s premier shadowy conspiracy is now publicly opening its doors to new groups / players to join our cause and fuel our expansion across the once-free realms of this server
What is the PCU?

It is the name on literally everyone’s lips, but what is it? The PCU is the Perroy Cinematic Universe - an (ironically named, promise) OOC community of like-minded guilds and players that hold similar ideals and desires when it comes to the RP content of this server

Before now, recruiting was done on a purely IC basis through the in-game entity of the Stygian Legion - a pro-Sylvanas loyalist group that most of the members find themselves being part of - but as of today I would like to open it up to more players who are interested in other concepts as long as they have the right mindset / gel well with the community

The PCU as of 8.3 now houses three distinct, active IC factions each compromised of several guilds - the Sylvanas-aligned Stygian Loyalists, the Horde Saurfang Legion and the Alliance Concordat, each at odds with one another in some way. We also have smaller groups - traders, Scarlets and Ebon Blades operating within our " ecosystem "

What are the benefits of membership?

The PCU is - as a group of roleplayers - incredibly active / numerous and membership will let you in on loads of fully NPC’d events (we don’t like raid markers where we can avoid it), plots, priority sign-ups to the frequent RP PVP campaigns we run. In the PCU we have social roleplay running up until the small hours of the morning so if you’ve ruined your sleep cycle, I bid you welcome. Of course, membership will never be a requirement for most of that stuff because we try to keep things open / approachable but you should consider joining anyway because you will love it

On an OOC level, you will get access to a powerful discord server that has been generously boosted to level 2 allow more emojis and an incredibly subpar banner. The chat is very active but still has some focus that most chats of that size might now and there’s a voice chat that is almost always populated. I will be your friend and talk to you at least a few times a week if you join, I promise!

We also now have a few sub-communities within the PCU for various other games - including private PCU servers for Minecraft and Rust

I think our forum philanthropy speaks for itself

While traditionally a Horde community, the PCU has expanded to have a fairly robust presence on both factions so there’s something for everyone

What is the mindset you're after?

As a community, I would say that we’re generally against overplanning things OOC when it comes to IC interactions, enjoy exciting conflict-themed RP and try to keep a high level of taking things exclusively in-character / responding appropriately

We also ban all ERP/cyber (just as Blizzard recommends) and will kick players caught doing so without warning. We’re more interested in roleplaying battling enemy soldiers than roleplaying a broken heart

Furthermore if you join and post on the forum loads your posts have to be really cool so you don’t make me look lame

What kind of roleplay experience do I need to join?

Even though you may think that because I am almost certainly the best roleplayer on this realm and the rest of the PCU’s members are the cream of the crop that we don’t accept new players, but in fact we are 100% new player maniacs and would be willing to recruit you no matter your level of competency as long as you are a. cool OOC b. willing to learn / take advice as you go

Even if you are a raider who has until now turned your back on the RP scene, take my hand and I will make of you one of the finest genius-level RP super saiyans to ever grace this realm

How do I join?

For the most part the easiest way to join would be via one of the member-guilds (as has always been the case) though very rarely we may accept some people as unaffiliated guests

I would be very interested in recruiting guilds to this group though I will only do that carefully because in the past that has caused some problems (unfortunately for most part because the no ERP rule was too tough for some gamers to handle)

If you sign up your group as a guild’s GM you won’t be signing over your control over your guild or anything like that and you will 100% be the KING in that regard. It’s more about agreeing to the mindset we’re trying to push and being open to co-operation, IC conflict, planning plots together and all that good stuff. I won’t tell you what to do as long as those rules are followed because I’m not your dad (sadly … I would be so proud of you :blush: )

If you want to know more, you can catch me in-game on Discord @perroy#9129

The current active membership in terms of guilds is:

The Rotgarde

[PCU] Forsaken Loyalist RP - The Rotgarde 💀

Hand of Conquest

[PCU] Grunt RP - Hand of Conquest 💪

Grim Gest

[PCU] Sylvanas Loyalist & Void RP -- The Grim Gest ☠

Bilgewater Battalion

[PCU/H-RP] The Bilgewater Battalion - Shredder Squad! 🤖

Highblood Myrmidons

[PCU] Horde Elf RP - Highblood Myrmidons 💫

Painted Shields

[PCU] Troll Military RP - Painted Shields 🛡


[PCU] Ronin - Pandaren Volunteer Force [H] 🐼

Assemblage of Uld

[PCU] Gnome RP - Assemblage of Uld 🔧

Dirge of Teldrassil

[PCU] Worgen/Night Elf RP - Dirge of Teldrassil 🌳

Red Venturers

[PCU] [H-Guild] Red Venturers: The Call to Redventure! 🌄

Order of Oronaar

[PCU] Draenei RP - Order of Oronaar 😇

The Dustpaw Caravan

[PCU] Vulpera RP - The Dustpaw Caravan 🦊

Coppersail Corsairs

[PCU] Gallywix Loyalists/Pirates - Coppersail Corsairs 💰

Eternal Sisterhood

[PCU] Eternal Sisterhood - Dawn of the Eternal Night 🌑

Sunnyglade Ratters

[PCU] Alliance Free Company - Sunnyglade Ratters 🐀

Blood of Martyrs

[PCU] Scarlet Brotherhood - Blood of Martyrs ⛪

Ebon Onslaught

[PCU] [Death Knight-Ebon RP - A&H] The Ebon Onslaught - A great threat

League of Modimus

[PCU] Dwarf RP - League of Modimus 🏔

Stormwind City Sentry

[PCU] Guard / Footman RP - Stormwind City Sentry 🦁

Chosen of Draenor

[PCU] Orc RP - Chosen of Draenor

Requiem of Sorrow

[PCU] Horde-aligned Forsaken RP - Requiem of Sorrow 🔔

Aparoshe Stampede

[PCU] [H-RP] The Aparoshe Stampede: A Tauren initiative [Recruiting!]

Ardent Pursuit

[PCU] Argent Crusade RP - Ardent Pursuit 🕊

Cleft of Shadows

[PCU] Warlock Coven RP - Cleft of Shadow 😈

Holy Order of Lordain

[PCU] [A] The Holy Order of Lordain - Conflict in the Plaguelands

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Yeaaaah you beautiful.


yo i’m in!


we out here


i’m listening :eyes:


It’s a really great community and each guild has it’s own things that make it unique, which means there’s something for just about everyone!

There’s also lots of people to chat with both IC and OOC, and people who’ll happily help you with PvE and PvP things too.

And most importantly, we try to create events that are immersive with volunteers playing NPCs for us, and utilising the in game environments as we find them.

So what are you waiting for! Join now.


This is a great boon to Oldschool Runescape

Looking forwards to all the Neuteral RP-PVP-PVE Events

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Gods, the PCU is strong now…


do YOU want to make an EPIC mockery of rebel rpers ic??? join today bros


Some gamers in the PCU rolled characters and completed EVERY free2play OSRS quest recently

All right fellow Dragonslayer bulls, lemme hear you !


I posted here coz the discord post told me too im not allowed to stay up too late to fight dragons maybe we can play robertblox instead?


why do all ur undead have mohawks dont they know thats square behaviour


Ok based I’m in.


I consider this a verbal contract. Teocalli is on his way to pick you up


This is fair.


hand in your applications today, I will look at them.

Gamer’s regards,

PCU RP Master Morsteth


Aren’t you King though? I have papers for it…

Or this is only the beginning. :smirk:


True, if I’m not in the office then the PCU PR Team Head Officer + PCU RP Staff Group Leader Morsteth will handle the paperwork


God I love it here.


Because I set the trend.