People already leaving again


so i noticed there are many people kinda leaving wow again. me including seems like many came back to give 8.2 a try and now its emptying already XD so whoever will be playing until 9.0 hits live good luck to you guys



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Don’t understand the intentions of OPs posting. If you have nothing to do, then you actually don’t enjoy playing the game. Collecting stuff, raiding older dungeons/raids for achievements/rewards, doing PVP/RP or simply talk with people and game the AH.

It’s not like you have nothing to do here, you’re likely not the type of players who either enjoys this or is just lazy to put some effort into it.


“Play the patch” is a definite thing for many people.

Because let’s face it: if you don’t care bout raiding or m+, there’s nothing meaningful to do in the game but grind reps.


I don’t think BFA is good, but I think as far as WoW patches go, 8.2 has been a very good one.

I personally look forward to more patches that are hopefully the same quality or even better.

It’s fine to just want to see the patch for a few weeks, no need to make a song and dance about it.

However I do share the same concern with the content drought for 9.0.



If you feel like your server is emptying then I recommend joining one which isn’t like that.


bye honeyboo

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What do I do now? :stuck_out_tongue:


this game is pretty much dead


Its going to be classic until next expansion for me.

BFA is just so bad… dear blizz if I want to play m+ I will just go play diablo 3 where u did copy it from…

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So just leave already then.


You don’t seem to be playing the raids neither…


Because I dont have time nor am I interrested in doing raids. I have been in a top 100 guild in the world wiping 200 times a night(In Wrath/Cata). Never ever am I doing that again


i am honey but i will be coming back for 9.0 if it turns out to be any decent

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Thx for the blog post. It enriched my life beyond measure.

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To point out everyone leaves as fast as they come, which is true.

Every time Blizzard releases content, it surges wildly, and then it falls all the way back down.

There’s an inherent problem with that when you’re trying to foster an MMO community, but it seems that Blizzard are completely uninterested in fixing this, and even discussion of it is just dismissed as “Don’t you have something better to do?” by the community.

So uhmm… yeah, maybe they do, but that isn’t really relevant to the point they bring up, is it?

I think this is sad. WoW needs a stable community to work as an MMORPG.


thats why im here honey


Attention seekers. Since nobody would ever notice their departure they come to the forum hoping to find support. I let them doing it. Shame they are festering general chat but who cares. They’ve usually 2/3 post in total but say they’re leaving to impress. I’m instead depressed. The moment a big one announce he’s leaving then we’ll get the forum rise up pledging to stay (aka Buchaku). Now for all the rest all you can read is mostly… bye :wave:.


Bye! We’re oh so sad to see you go! You can tell how sad I am by the exclamation marks and smiley face. :slight_smile:

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Casuals people

that are




Bye and send gold.