People already leaving again


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Because at the start everything is new and fun and then after 2 weeks it turns into a massive boring grind of everything.

Clearly they cannot really balance the pace of the content with the skill of the players and their need to have people subbed.


true say m8. wonder what these people be doing for a whole year raiding azshara endlessly and doing world quests for 200gold lmao

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I started reporting this player behaviour for 8.2 also a few weeks ago, and yeah they don’t care or don’t know how to make fun content anymore that’s get played for more than 2 a 4 weeks. Release patch in the last month of the quarter so you can report gains and record subs then don’t care that in less or in around a month’s time the majority start raid logging or not unsubbing. Quarterly reports were good.


Can i haz ur gold pliz?

I understand people leaving, cause bfa really sucks, i couldnt wait till i can finish my pathfinder… now i am just leveling alts and doing old raids, cant remember doing a bfa raid or dungeon in a while


just git gud mate and there will be plenty things to do in game

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It takes an hour to get into LFR
It takes an hour to find a tank let a lone a decent tank for M+.
Battleground take over half an hour to queue for.

The game was never this dead.

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Just hit the boredom stage 1 month into 8.2. Cleared heroic raid, and got 4 charas 435+ all 1k io. Not much I want to do now, other then keep gearing alts up. Which is mega boring and pretty pointless lol. Could do mythic raid or PvP, really cba though. Patiently waiting for classic…



So BfA is a tad rough.
Collect mounts, titles, pets, achievements, try new goals such as arena ratings, RBGs, mythic+ pushes.

Plenty of time to catch up on missed out stuff, I’m going back to finally finish the class order hall for my DK title. I dropped it with two quests left according to Wowhead.

Plus plenty of time for mog runs! :star_struck:

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That’s a VERY big part of it.

Basically WoW’s patches are a huge spectacle but the gameplay isn’t there to back it up.


They’re not trying to fix it; they’re trying to encourage it.

After the course-change following the cancellation of Titan that we saw manifest in Warlords, their focus has been on encouraging the in-again, out-again people to sub for a month or two each patch. They thought they could do that without losing their persistent subs. Maybe they were, and are, right about that; I don’t know.

I do know that it’s a deliberate policy, with continuous and accelerated catch-up, which leaves the game between patches feeling meaningless.

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They can’t. MMORPG’s unique selling point is fundamentally creating a strong social fabric first and foremost. If WoW can’t do that because people are going in and out through revolving doors, WoW doesn’t have a future.

I should also point out that every time they gain players, they gain less than last time, and every time they all leave, there’s less of them. This has been going on since WoD.

If you’re right that this is deliberate, they’re a bunch of retards.

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I’m doing the class halls too at the moment - but man, I hate the Syntax beacon quest on the Broken Shore.


GamesBeat: To what do you attribute the post-expansion drop in World of Warcraft subscribers?

Hazzikostas: Inherently, I think that things are cyclical.

Especially nowadays, players aren’t necessarily viewing World of Warcraft as a year-round lifestyle so much as a game that they love, where they’re going to check in, see what we’ve got, play the content in a patch, go off, play some other great game that just came out, and then come back when we have something new to offer them. And to some extent, that’s OK. We don’t want to prevent people from enjoying the game that way.

There was definitely another one. I remember watching a video. Can’t find it now.

It seemed to me that he sounded resigned to the fact that this was the way it was going to be, and that’s what they needed to design for,

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Circle of Life WoW. Happens every expansion/patch.


“Hardcore player” that needs gold?! Fake elitist confirmed.


To be honest I got bit bored so I came back to get flying, the moment I get the pathfinder I am never touching nazjatar and mechagon ever again and probably wont be back until new expansion … maybe if I get bored pop one more token before BFA ends …

I would only like to tell you one of my thoughts:
Modern games work this way, they are here to fill 1-2 months for you before you throw them away and jump to new one, new generation of gamers is rarely interested in a game you need to spend 20 hours every day and play it for several years (also because there are tons of easily accessible games these days), if you played one season of wow you saw the 14 years, so people just hop in for a few weeks and then after getting bored move to new game …

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Yep thats why people spend months and months playing fortnite, vannila wow or leqgue of legends. No. This trend in wow exist becouse is way too accessible and easy to finish. And by finish i mean clearing lfr. People are not interested replaying same content on higher difficulty levels for gear what resetets every patch, mount, pets and achievements what have no value anymore and content what is looks exactly same but its harder now. People play to see and experience content. They can do that i barely 4 weeks playing casualy.

Thats why classic content for most people last super long. Most people didnt even finished thay conteny befor new one released. Ans thats why people kept playing game for longer period of time. Becouse they never run out of content. And no new difficulty isnt new content.

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In the past I would do content with all chars, not all with all. But every char did reps (at it’s own time) or atleast had full HC dungeon gear (Cata was the last time). They did their profession content and the weekly VP cap (after main got boost for alts). Now? Not touching Mechagon with more than two (main and achievement char) and Nazajar achievement grind (bar PvP ones) is only done on achievement char. The rest of the chars only do pearl stuff and target a specific weekly labratory elemental (for a mog and for inscription also glyph). And I still hate it.

But I also loved it way better, normal was for leveling and HC dungeons for max level. No M+ or mythic. Ignored normal and just did HC. We weren’t forced to log daily aswell, I just could say: “On sunday I will do my weekly profession charges and play the AH and tommorow I will play my rogue!”