People already leaving again


On alliance maybe

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Hmmm, yee I guess so. Not going to switch, blizz needs to sort it out.


Hmm I agree mostly but there is some games you can spend ages in but realistically no game is designed to be played forever!


I mostly came back for classic.
My plan was to unlock pathfinders achievements, void elf and black night elf eye’s before it came out.
But i am already bored.
It is the classes.
Everything can take a billion damage.
There is no feeling of risk just:
I walk into a zone, argo the entire zone, spamm trash and walk away with 50% hp.
It takes forever to kill stuff.
It feels like i am just wasting my time.
I hope classic is as fun as they say.


Yes thats why people come back in giant hordes every time new champ or new event comes to league and every time season ends and begins …

And you can clearly see there are still tons of people in WoW who are staying throughout every expansion and patch same like in league and every other game …

I am seriously surprised how many people have tunnel visions and dont see this trend literally everywhere…

+MMO genre where you pay monthly sub is completely different to free to play streamer nonsense … look at other mmo games (half of them dont even survive to that return of players) you will see the same, people just coming back for new content and leaving after they push through in week or two …


Thanks for coming - see you again soon


So you failed to do any content other than levelling before rage quitting BfA?

Good luck with Classic; you pull the zone you die; you kill a mob you eat/drink; there is no pathfinder; you can ride at +60% at level 40 assuming you spent no gold on anything ever

You came back for Classic and you can’t cut it in BfA

Time for bed young man



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Way to miss the point.
The point was: Gameplay is so boring i cant bring myself to do it.
I am hoping classic gameplay is as fun as they say.


Fun - that’s an interesting way of describing it

I’ll enjoy it - but then I have done it before - as have many others - and the mechanics are far superior

But I think some younger folk will be in for a shock


I mean board games sure you can name them all.


A whole bunch of my friends actually just came back, probably dabbling before classic’s release but they are logging some good time atm and making progress with their characters so I’d actually say more people are coming back than leaving presently.


Classic is very much “less is more”

Classes have many abilities. But on a reasonable level, whilst levelling you don’t use them all for efficiency purposes, especially casters.

As it takes you till 60 to learn everything, there are periods where you don’t do a whole lot as some classes in combat. A good example is ret Paladins, whom cast judgement, reseal, then auto attack for judgement cooldown which is about 8 seconds if talented. That is their rotation. 1,2, wait 8 seconds, repeat. Enh shaman isn’t dissimilar with stormstrike, earth shock, then wait for shock CD. You pop totems once a fight also.

With classic mechanically you do less whilst playing solo and levelling. It’s a slog. But, this is where the reward can be as it feels significant and means something. Growth feels meaningful. Mobs feel dangerous. Its all in how it feels.

Group content in classic is where it comes to the fore. In this situations you use more of your toolkit and the sheer amount of versatility your class has matters. This is why classic is generally viewed as an “old school” mmo because solo pve will not give you all the game offers.

Pvp is a different affair however.

So just be mindful if it’s the speed at which you kill things or how “active” you are killing them, classic doesn’t change that (it’s slower and in many cases you have less buttons you will be pressing when questing) however it’s what the questing means and how it grows your character properly that is the appeal.

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A load of people I know have come back too and some are also playing bfa while they wait. One has even started a Pandaren character from scratch. :scream::panda_face:


absolutely i am not going to pump anymore money into this horrible expac. factions are unbalanced its up to blizz to fixx that not us paying for transfers lol

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So sad to see you go, but it seems you’ve thought this over.

Can I have your gold? I do care deeply after all.

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I personally still got an essence to lvlup, followers to levelup for that glorious crab mount, and to at least reach 430 ilvl, equivalent of heroic raiding, without playing a single mythic+ dungeon (Yea. I hate mythic+, never liked doing them and probably never will). not to mention leveling up a tank to 120 for the first time. But things slowed down for a while.

And technically, unless you’re one of those pvp players, or one of those mythic+ runners, there’s not much you can do nowadays other than world quest and daily quest spamming.

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I don’t think they care. they probably make up the difference of people unsubbing after a month of a new patch with the bountiful cash shop.

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What makes you feel like people are already leaving again? I came back, people in my guild came back and we are not planning on unsubbing, unless 8.3 will be bad.

Sure, if you are not interested in instanced activites then you most likely feel like there is no one and nothing to do, which is a huge issue in BfA, but then what made you feel like that people came back for 8.2 in the first place?

If we are talking about m+, raid and pvp, there is no issue with player activity at all. You can find groups for every dungeon and raid all the time.

This post just feels like an illogical “ugh i don’t like it therefore everyone else if leaving as well” rambling.

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It won’t in the long run. You will have fun because it’s a return to former times and because so many people are there - but after two months it will become even more stale than BfA. You just don’t see it now because you’re blinded with wrong expectations. People have already exploited the Elite EXP-mob scaling in the Beta and you’ll see players at LV60 after a week.