People already leaving again

Oh I do agree that’s a pain. I have a fair few alts and they’ve been very neglected of late. At least the content overall is a bit different to what we had.

By now we should acknowledge that it is simply the mechanics of a subscription MMO, people sign up for new features. Some stay some decide it’s not worth the monthly fee.

Let’s also acknowledge that it is a 15-year-old franchise and that it does not appeal to the same player base as it did in 2004-2008.

Could it be better ? ofc.
Have they made mistakes? definitely.

But your not going to see WOTLK numbers ever again.

Maybe that’s the problem.


I used to play a ton on vanilla, and my personal heyday was around the start of burning crusade, it was then that i started realising how to play, and swapping to a priest seemed to click. I moved across to a guild more specialist in raiding, and before I knew it at WoTLK we hit the top of our game (as much as a casual raiding guild could). After wrath, the mrs and I had our daughter and wow had to wait. I I had a bit of a play in Legion, where I re-rolled on to a totally new server, and started from scratch (with this toon), and stayed solo, but took a break when BfA arrived (after unlocking void elf)…
Now, my daughter is 8 and she loves wow, we both decided to give things a go, and she loves her hunter.!

I’m a noob again, I couldn’t even figure out how to get out of the portal room in SW, I had to create a post asking for help (lol?). But after all this waffle, there’s a nostalgic pull to WoW. I’m tearing my hair out being grounded atm, i never thought terrain could be so infuriating. All I wanna do is get flying now, for sanity sake, so I’m focusing on that… I think tearing hair out aside, there’s a lot for me to catch up on, and I like that I’m not forced to raid again as a kind of gear ‘gate’. The rep grind is the only thing tainting my enthusiasm atm, but once done, i’ll actually get to enjoy things. Not having the whole raid obligation thing lets me be my own person.

Wtf am I actually talking about? Well, on topic, I think there’s a little piece of wow ingrained in all of us, regardless of what stage of WoW you joined in. There will always be a small pull back, even if for curiosity sake. So if anyone leaves (I took several years off, missed cata, panda & warlords), even I came back. People burn out, life happens, but people won’t forget WoW, regardless of how much they may appear to rage uninstall.

Happy questing guys, and girls.

Yeah that’s just false. Classes were not ‘the same’ compared to now. Classes in BfA are garbage. Classes in classic actually have some uniqueness and abilities that make them interesting.

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You’ve clearly no idea what you’re talking about btw.

Yes that’s rich coming from someone who clearly started in WotlK. Get out of here. It’s clearly you who has no idea what they’re talking about.


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insulting others is not tolerated here + grow up you sound like a raging kid

Clearly either the alt or an “idiot” who can’t read. But you’re right, not going to risk getting suspension over apes.

Oh I can read. You’re the one who has no idea what you’re talking about so get out of here.

Ou I found some shi* talkers right above me fighting each other with their keyboards relentlessly, this topic seems fun, gonna be following :upside_down_face:

how are u limited to one spec lol

Explanation: in retail if i swich to tank specc i lose access to spells.
Which why people say in retail you play your specc where in classic you play your class.

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Mechagon only holds so much interest. Grinding for the “mecha-done” achieve only rewards you with a slightly shiny-er wheel bike. Nazjatar is an ugly multi level maze crammed with mobs that is only tolerable if you have BFA flying unlocked.

I was doing a lot of the new dailies often and other bits, but I am bored by those and have returned to leveling up my remaining alts which are not yet lvl 120. And I am back to trying to farm old 1% mount drops. Basically, back to doing what I was doing before the last major patch hit.

Mechagon dungeon should be in the LFG tool by now.

It should have a key like kara in legion by this time.

Left cuz without a 5-20+ man premade it’s just a daily/weekly repeat the same thing over and over grind and I don’t have any friends. Doing m+ or raids with pugs is painful and at a fairly undergeared ilvl still not even worth. Cba fighting people in pvp when they have 300k more hp than me cuz of doing raids.

People are probably playing Classic and/or they’re done with 8.2.

Once you’ve gotten the raid difficulty/rating you wanted done there’s not much left to do.

Blizzard have been slipping up with their patch cycle lately.

This is so true.

There is no reason to talk down to people who are saying game isn’t fun for them no longer. This too is something that devs need to know about.

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