People already leaving again

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Hate to break it to you, but the world is bigger now, than it was, and the classes are pretty much the same, with some unique content when you hit Legion.

Classic never had that feel. It was a struggle against game mechanics, not a class identifier.

Well, I mean if by that you mean “They have not developed a Time Machine to make everyone 15 years younger” Then you would be right, Oh to be 30 again…

Classic was not ‘bigger’, it was not ‘exploring’ It was smaller than it is now. There was -literally-(In the correct use of the word) less to explore, It was new, it was something unprecedented, it was astounding!

15 years ago.

If people are leaving now, then they’re not the sort of people who would enjoy Vanilla… Did they ever play it?

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Despite your new elm i have to say i agree with you.
But im really happy to re play vanilla again after 14 years and half. For some time it will be a marvelous experience. To be young and enthusiastic again… a time when noone knew what it was a mmorpg…


Compleetly missing the point.
Alot of retail wow is phased.
I can stand on top of somebody because i did a quest and he didnt.
Not to mention sharding.
I encounted meaby 4 players in 5 days playing.
That is very little people.

Also classes where different.
Demon skin, aura of thorn, devotion aura, demons accauly being more then targetable dps, earning you shapeshift forms, ressurection classes where few, ank’s, seeds, regeant, dodge, weapon skill, etc.

Today i play a gaurdian druid.
In classic i play a druid.
My specc is something i am specilized in classic.
In retail it is something i am limeted too.

Just do see the difference in class design look at warlock.
Shards where things you carry in your bag, they where used for powerfull spells and not basic once’s.
Life drain, Mana drain, life tab, etc.

One of my best memories of world of warcraft was when i as a priest in a dungeon mind control the npc priest and used her mana to heal our tank.
In a single cast i took out a enemy healer and strenghted our tank.
As warlock i regular refilled my mana with the mana of my enemies.
As shaman i fish for days to get the require fish to water walk.
I scouted as eye of killrog/farsight to find my target before fighting my way through an entire dungeon.

In retail we dont have mana drain, We dont have soulshards(those shards on warlocks are self regenerating removing there value) we dont even have life tab anymore.

Classes in classic will be beter because they where different.
Not just the same copy pasted class with different animations.

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I hate it too, but eh, you can only visit the Transmog Mummy so many times before just going “I’ll suck it up” It’s the nose hole that makes it ridiculous, but then it is Troll armour, so they have to have that, given their big conks.

I was a Goth, way back before Emo even existed, I was young, but never enthusiastic. I’d settle for being young and jaded beyond my years again. The music was better back then. (Yes, I realise how much like a stereotypical old F*rt that makes me sound)

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With all the transmog ive in my pack i could open a circus… now im dressing my chars just with heritages (i love the belf one)

For the music i have to agree… The best dungeons in vanilla i had it was a WC with so much wipes that i was able to hear thrice DIRT from AIC.


Seriously, another whine thread started. If people do not like the game, there is a very simple solution. Don’t play it, don’t expect sympathy on the forum because everyone plays this game for their own reason.
If you are solely looking at game content, at how ueber cool you can transmog, how far you can climb the rankings list, fine, but if you do not find what you look for, just downscale expectations a bit.
A lot of us, well, most that I know from all the years playing this game, are quite happy with any expansion because they play not just for the content but to a large extend because they meet great people from all over the world.
Don’t feel like doing WQ, no problem, it is not compulsory as NOTHING is in this game, play at your pace, if you reach a point where you could use some help, ask others, I am sure someone is more than happy to assist!
Be a bit more “human” and you will see with all the diversity of players we have you will find a reason to log in even if you don’t feel like “doing” anything :slight_smile:


We’re losing another great player… How am I going to finish all these 16s and 15s in time without you bro. How am I going to get cutting edge without this great dk.
Oh right my bad it’s another whining casual who doesnt know how to play his class and he got bored of afking in capital so he decided to make a thread to get some attention.

On a side note thank you for providing accurate data aka “FROM WHAT IVE SEEN MANY PEOPLE ARE LEAVING XD”. get lost

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“Do you know how many boars it would take to level to 60 Cartman!?!”


WoW: the most unplayed game ever…

… as it seems.

Yet my guild is super active and people are literally fighting about social raid spots.



10 characters


It’s from South Park wow episode.

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I’m old. What does "10 chars"mean?


To put some effort into what?
I’m literally keep doing pve just because PvP requires it. And what PvP do we get? 0 communication from the designers, same meta since end of s1, buffing overperforming classes could go on
I’m simply saying that the effort you put into the game its literally not worth it.
Bad classdesign, 0 reason to be in a guild, close to no interaction needed with other players. Like are you even playing the game? It didn’t used to be like this.
BFA is pure garbage compared to prewod expansions


the forum requires your post to consist of at least 10 characters. if your post is shorter than that people tend to add that to circumvent this restriction

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OK thanks for telling me. Forgive my ignorance but my cup of caring was loathe to overflow.

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Into the features you wouldn’t try out even when your lie is on the line? Battle Pets, for example?


It’s busier than it’s been for a while on SWC where I play, at least WM off. Dead during the daytime (least this week it seems to be but I’m not usually around week daytime) but quite a few people around in the evening. Even with realm merges it’s been fairly quite on there for years. Created a char on Draenor just to see what a large pop realm was like and it’s heaving with people. Never seen so many arouind Org aside from a content or expac release day. Yes there’s a huge amount of problems with BfA but the current patch isn’t terrible by comparison to what we had. There’s also more people appearing as they need an active sub to play classic so if anything there appears to be more joining than leaving. Whether they’ll hang around in BfA is anyone’s guess atm until classic has been out for a while. Sods law I’m away with work on release day :frowning:


Sorry but for bored of Pokémon after s4


Beside having to farm every essence for every char…
It’s the most disgusting Grindy shat we had until now

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Simplified pokemon, I never did battles during legion but caught and trained the wild ones. Can’t bring myself to even catch the wild ones, it entered the same realm fishing is in for me. Making eternal excuses why I don’t have time for it. Same goes for arch and getting all pristines but I buy the extra parts so every solve has the max amount of keystones.