People are toxic as hell


Today, i was doing Eternal Palace HC.

We killed Behemoth, no loot for me, sad :frowning: . But i saw a guy who dropped an Azerith armor that i needed because it was a big upgrade for me (from 405 to 435) :slight_smile: .

I asked him if he can trade me, no response …

Ok then, maybe he didn’t see … or maybe he got spammed about the armor and did a trade with anothers player in the raid. That’s happened in Legion but at least people was polite to respond “no sorry someone asked me first”, or do call for a rand.

Now we are in Za’qul and we kill. I drop the wrong item, sad :frowning: . But i saw a guy who dropped an Azerith armor, i ask if he can trade me and he said “i don’t trade azerith i need recycle” …

Ok i’m pissed and i leave the group and join another group for Azshara only.

Azshara is dead, a famous trinket dropped, and i asked a guy if he can trade the trinket to me because he have the same trinket with a socket.

The guy literally said “nah i will not”.

I asked why and he said : “i never trade gear drop it yourself”. Then, he instantly leave the group. Lot of people wanted that trinket.

Wtf is that ? So now people don’t trade Azerith armor because they will do recycling, and some people don’t trade because they don’t want you to get a better ilvl ?

This is toxic as helll. I remembered in Legion, the trade was really important for every player. Now it seem nobody want to trade anything. Why ? To many concurrency in raids or M+ ? They don’t want you to get upgrade ? It’s insane.


It is their loot so they can do with it what they want. I am not even checking other players loot…


only toxic person here is you


I usually dischant it while they are looking heheh


So the new rule is to remove items in front of others players ?


True that. If u receieve a loot, its up to you to do whatever you want with it…its ok to ask others if they can trade you the loot…but if they ignored u or replied with a no…i dont think you need to be dramatic about it…accept the fact that this thier loots and move on…

(Chutchy) #7

Ppl normally put loot up for a role if they don’t want it. It’s annoying as before you have a chance to check it out you get whispers , some illiterate.


Yeah. You can’t do good anymore. Everything is toxic apparently. When you want to keep something for yourself you have to write an essay to all the players who whisper you, or they start calling in raidchat “x is not trading is toxic is an a…ho.le!”.

When you give the item away to the first who wispers you are toxic for not putting the item up for rolling. When you put an item up for rolling then you are annoying and shoud keep it in private.

I had all this s.h.i.t. And it was in legion too. Apparently we are whatever we do always toxic. We can’t do well. Create another topic on the forum about it.

(Kaisena) #9

To avoid these kind of scenarios I just wouldn’t show on screen what items other players get.

You should only see your own.


also maybe they didnt give it to you because you were dead on every single kill almost ?

If i dont need something i first give it to my friends and after to one of the random who actually deserved it.

(Redoctober) #11

Well, at the end of the day, PL means it’s their loot so their right to decide what to do with it. They could have been altruistic and give the loot to the group if they didn’t need it, sure, but they had no obligation to do so, moral or otherwise.

But not being altruistic =/= being toxic.


He replied to you, with a legitimate reason, why he will not trade you the gear. You throw a hissy fit and leave the group. YOU are the toxic one.


People like the op are truly toxic. Entitled babies who want other people’s loot and throw a tantrum when they don’t get it.


It is toxic, technically the loot is theirs but at the same time you are all in a raidgroup doing the same boss. Whoever gets the loot is based on rng… Dont know why people get so possesive about somethimg they randomly got.

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The trinket guy was scum.

Like ppl say, he doesn’t owe you anything, but I can also say that going out of his way to deny loot to someone like that is trashy human.


There is no “new” rule in that your own loot is yours.

Nighter is it a rule that you automaticly have the right to claim other people’s stuff.
Its up to people them selves what they wanna do with it, it’s their decision solely especially in a pug. That Blizzard invented an awful badass RNG is none of the players faults, and frankly leaving because people want to keep their things is the toxic thing here.


This community is the most garbage i ever see in 15 years of World Of Warcraft and theses reponses confirm this.

Even in Legion, when we had personnal loot forced in Argus, people was fair enough to take time to trade items, and ask for a roll if more than 1 people called them in whisp.

Sure, its “their” items, but when you don’t need it, you have to trade it. I do not know about you, but give an item to someone who has something less good there is nothing more satisfying than to please people. But it seem BFA players are probably to much brainless to understand that, it’s “their” items lmao, what a response.


Reaction like this is also why many people don’t loot at all and wait for the items to come in their mail.


What a vile individual you are. You expose yourself as an absolute toxic crybaby yet you’re pointing fingers at other people. Absolutely disgusting.


You mean, we legion players learned in legion we are not trading anymore since we can not do good. Even giving an item away is giving you toxicity. People like you actually are the reason. Someone even responded politely why he wanted to keep the item, and you just didn’t agree with his reasoning. Now who is the toxic player here?

I got myself kicked from LFR for keeping an item for transmog. I only did the lfr for transmog :smiley: but yes I was wearing the heroic version. The whole purpose of my existance in that raid was the transmog. But no someone else was entitled to call me out for not trading while I had whispered him back I wanted to keep it for transmog. THAT is the situation. THAT is the toxicity we face. You are the problem.