People don't want to play with me because "I'm a mage"

everyone wants locks or DH’s I’m sitting in LFM for hours and nothing…
And people will say mages are OP yet average players don’t think so. Because it’s not easy mode.

Any rogue in the world will want to play with you.

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they prefer discs

And the third guy on the team can be a mage.

talking about 2s

Now that you say it, legit never saw a mage in 2s that wasn’t playing with a rogue.

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rogue/mage is a hard mode, not everyone likes it.

Good luck with DK/pala or DH/resto or arms/MW comps

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Its kinda free rating whenever we face one, yeah. But most of that is because some who play it just expect to kill in their first go and die without attempting a reset.

Mage/healer is just the budget version of lock/healer that takes more effort from the healer to pull off, so yeah. Mage/spriest can work as well though.

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mage feral might work.

The feral doesn’t benefit too much from this compared to finding a fitting healer instead.

Seen some mage/healer in 2v2 above 2,3k mmr, but most healers in 2v2 play with a lock if they can choose any caster.

so you can see what my point is about…
I hate being a mage sometimes

I think its mostly because why heal a mage, when they can literally afk with a destrolock / dh

I would kill to have a mage with me. I only get Demon hunters.
And I hate demon hunters, playing one myself.
Is there a disorder for that?

Its like my situation then :frowning: why would you heal a warrior when there are demon hunters,wws,destro locks,rogues
i wanted to push some rating in 2s(ye lol) but literally nobody wants to heal a warrior

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In my case finding a 2s healer who didn’t want a warlock instead took more time than pushing up to 2400. :thinking:

And I think I only faced one other mage-healer on my way from 2200. (Greetings to Vicii if you’re reading this! :stuck_out_tongue:)

Wait you actually faced the legend and best mage in EU himself?!

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Yeah! But he was probably boosting someone considering that I won.

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Obviously, he was probably playing with a USB steering wheel too