People quitting?

So the question on the topic is quite simple. I’ve noticed my raiding guild is in a decline as more and more people are taking breaks and play a lot less, also my close friends are not as active as in the start of the expansion. Me personally I find myself playing other games as well, not feeling too drawn back to WoW as I used to. I can’t really pick out exactly what it is that makes me not too excited, probably a lot of small annoying stuff stacking up and becomes overbearing.

It is really worrying as it has only been ~1 month since release. So I’m just wondering if more people have noticed it as well?


Same every exp, not anything new.


Can I have your gold?


Yes. I think i havent seen such thing happening so soon of a new expansion.
There is a big frustration on players, me included, about loot, anima, Torghast etc which are many things doing SL a bad expansion.
The areas are good, raid is good, dungeons are good, but when do activities with no reward, then the downside starts.
Unbalanced pvp as usual, classes with broken specs one shot everything etc.
So many bad things overall forcing players to stop wasting money till are fixed or till they find a new game, me included as i said!


Can’t blame these people. There is like a dozen gamebreaking problems this game has at the moment but blizzard only cares about patching the ones that benefit the players. It’s really frustrating and makes people quit


It happens, WoW doesn’t have the longevity it used to, mostly because you get less content spread over a larger span of time. So you get maybe 2 weeks worth of content, artificially spread over 2 months by use of time gates.

I’ve played WoW since 2005, but now a days I rarely stay through an entire expansion. I usually manage to get 1 content patch before I leave. And before that I usually play a whole host of other games in between.

It’s not a game worth investing time in, in my opinion.


It’s what happens when they limit you with loot so much.

A M+ should award everybody in the dungeon group one piece of gear at the end.


What I see around me is mostly just annoyment about the lack of communication regarding balance and (game breaking) issues. We do not know if they know about it, if it’s being looked into and when to expect any change.

And then you have the vague systems like the Renown catch-up. You can go days without getting anything and suddenly you get two levels by simply logging in … unclear information about whether completing the current two weekly quests affect the chance for catch-up renown.

Fire Mage one-shot but/exploit, hello? Hotfix.

MC bug? Finally admitted that they knew about it during the AWC, after 2 games…2 games, they were clearly supposed to ignore it.

Visual bug, where chars appear somewhere where they actually are not. Happens in Arenas and in Seething Shore.

Taking 6 weeks to get specs up out of the bin, and not even bothering to fix the issues causing it.

Campaigns being stuck, renown not increasing,

And then you read in patch notes that they “fixed” a certain voice of an npc in the Venthyr campaign…thanks man.

It’s awfully clear that the game was not ready yet. And now we are stuck in the unknown, waiting for changes, lord knows when they are coming. Apparently they did fix the “dc when jumping into the maw”-bug, but nowhere to be found that they actually did. So still not sure if it’s a fix or coincidence.


I think the Maw and Torghast were especially underdeveloped at release.

I don’t mind honestly, we did have the Covid situation after all.

Would be nice to have more transparency so that people know when and how will the fixes be implemented.


yeah alot of people leaving cause of the state of the unbalanced pvp with barely none hotfixes


Whilst gaming has always been a nice way to waste time, Tokenlands is just a waste of time without the fun parts, or at least most of them missing.


People play until they run out of “Fun” stuff to do, which is usally a month.

Most can’t handle the constant grind and repetiveness that comes from 24/7 an MMORPG


tl dr, but answering your question in the title.
Yes, I did not even log in for several days as well, I feel burn out already.
Done raiding, M+, 210 ilvl, exalted reputations. And I just don’t wanna go back.
Feels like a job.


Absolutely not. Armour stacking groups would be fully geared within days…

The issue is if you don’t get loot its huge time wasted. Needs a currency system to purchase gear after a while. Bad luck protection.

5 drops per dungeon? Hell no

Personally I feel burned out from how hard you work for so little. I’m doingngood enough, currently 215. Trying to push for 1.8k arena to upgrade further but with the current meta being mage/rogue or xx/holy pally every single game its a rough grind atm. Been spanked by bug abusing mages far to often to que now. since xaru released the bug its nothing but aids

Try a clear on normal and heroic cn and no lootz


I agree and I have experienced the same things happening in my guild. Most of our main raiders are actually playing Rust, Conan exiles etc more than they are playing WoW. They seem to log on WoW just to do raids. I think a lot of people, including me, got put off by the complete, and I mean complete, lack of loot from M+. To get loot from a M+ now is like playing in the lottery, especially if it is not timed. It’s non-existant. And if only that was all. Since we are in the beginning of the expac everything is still heavily overtuned. Timing a 10+ or over can be very difficult and is not worth the trouble if only 1-2 persons will get loot at best. And if you are a Tank, the issue gets much much worse in my opinion. I main tank and got deeply disheartened by the amount of damage dealt to tanks in M+ and the amount of stuff they have to remember. The reward is too little for the mental exhaustion it causes to me.

Similar situation with Torghast. Very very time consuming (alts have to do aaaall the wings from the beginning to unlock the layers) with no rewards to make up for it. Just…currency for legendaries. But who in their sane mind will farm legendaries for their main, their off spec AND their alts in all 4 ranks? I only did my main on all 4 ranks so far and only 1 rank on an alt. I am planning to do more but already cannot be arsed!

The Maw is out of the question, I don’t even give a damn about it. The campaign quests are fun but not compelling enough.


Well there are a few frustrating things such as no loots and pathetic amounts of anima rewards for your effort.

People don’t like a challenge without a reward generally, so they just quit quicker this time around.


I say this every xpac, people go through this weird honeymoon period where they say the xpac is best ever, better than wotlk!!! then they quit after month one two or three


Yup it hurts. Current cleared heroic for past month basically. Had 2 drops, 1 I gave away one was a very minor upgrade. Difference with raiding as a guild you feel a bit better because atleast the guilds getting loot making clears easier and better odds of they rolling out loot. So eh will gear you eventually but it feels very unrewarding.


This is mostly people who loudly scream BEST EXPANSIOAN EVA and then will quiet quit after 1-2 month, every time happens.