Pet Peeve: Wrath of the 20K Post Cap

We finally found the thread count limit on the new forums, it’s 20,000.

Will we hit it again? Let’s find out …


This is the unofficial official successor.

Last post claims first post rights.


Forum tradition must be honoured. What are we without our rituals?


Whyd the old one die?

Turns out 20k is the official post limit on the new forums. Pet Peeves was the first thread to hit it.

Tehya will go down in history.


It was a manual shut down since we got a lttle over 20k

Hmm seems fame, this thread

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The post count was off. The side slider is often inaccurate because of post deletions.

It happened with the 10k post in the same thread. So it just now officially hit 20k which auto-closed it.

That’s because deleted posts wasn’t counted on the slider, so if that was true, 20k was earlier that on the slider.

That’s a good point.

Either way it looks like it was auto-locked, would be weird for someone to lock it down manually with that as the reason. Unless someone knew someone at Blizzard and wanted to legitimise their claim the 20k post … :thinking:

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Curse you Akamito’s uncle!

shakes fist

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I’m scared Unclemito sounds like a tyrant! D:
Also what petpeeve thread do we start maxing out now? This one? Or the one where Rheawon is the first poster? :s

Who knows. nature will take it’s course, one thread must die in order for the other to live.

Well, the other thread is filling faster, so probably that one.

yeah. it’s naturally filling with peeves.

the forums have spoken

Peeve: People at work trying to pull me into the middle of their drama shizz. I just wanna keep my head down, do minimal work, get paid and go home. Not got time/energy for “uuurgh he said this!” “urrgh he’s pissing me off so much!”

I sleep.


I support this thread because Rhaewon is a milksop and a coward

Everyone in my office, pretty much.

The amount of gossip that goes around is ridiculous, about utterly mundane matters as well.

Yo what about KOTOR2 tho???

I work at a cinema where there’s not much work to be done which leads to drama happening and jesus I just want to get my wagebux and go home, not hear about how X is mad at Y because Y still uses a plastic straw. Very cool post Elly, very relatable!!!

On the real though, I legitimately hate paper straws. I appreciate that they are potentially saving the environment, but I can’t deal with the texture of it. I’d rather go strawless.