Pet Peeve: Wrath of the 20K Post Cap

How the hell did you actually manage getting the final post

Just a bit of light nepotism. Easy.

Connections to the CCP.

I take a pretty standoff approach to gossip - “the less I know the better”, but this one crossed over from personal drama into work drama which then involved me 'cos I dish it out. Big yawn.

Thank you friend.

Yeah…not really. Most companies switched too hard+fast to make an actual positive impact (paper still comes from trees after all). Ideally we’d all either just drop straws entirely or switch to reuseable ones that we bring ourselves.

Hate it when my straw suffers from erectile dysfunction


broke: plastic straws
woke: paper straws
bespoke: edible straws


We should just issue cloth bibs to people who apparently can’t drink without a straw.

Honestly the only gossip of any interest to me is AD forum gossip, for anything work related I sleep.

I work with one person in particular who just loves to gossip. Her nephew was involved in a murder and you know she prefaced her whole shtick with “I know I shouldn’t be talking about this but …” and then told everyone in the office one by one.

Pasta straws are a thing, though they’ve not really caught on. I’ve not tried one myself.

Also you can use a twix with both ends bit off as a tea/coffee straw, so I’m told. >_>

Anything’s a straw if you suck hard enough. ; )

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I hate paper straws.

I knew the Italians and their foul machinations could not be trusted. Sounds like a product of darke magiks

Make sure to cook the pasta first before using it as a straw. Not even al dente, make it nice and soggy.

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Undying… you should have chosen your words more carefully

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if your straws are getting too floppy, that’s okay - it happens to a lot of guys and it’s not your fault

I think it had a good run for its money seeing how often it’d come back from being locked.

I think we need a forum Mak’gora between this thread and the other one to determine which will be the successor.

Frankly after seeing the disgusting crime against food that is spaghetti loops on toast, Brits should consider themselves lucky the Italians haven’t put a pasta embargo on their barbaric backwater of an island…

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The paper straws at McDonalds are the worst. Can’t finish my milkshake without the straw becoming mush.


You have my respect Pet Peeve: The Undying. I hope they remember you.