Pet Peeves: Resurrected

Yeah, we just got to believe in ourselves.

Time to repost myself:
We shall go on to the end. We shall post in new Pet Peeves, we shall post on the Guild recruitment threads, we shall post with growing confidence and growing strength in the Unpopular Opinions, we shall defend our Forums, whatever the cost may be. We shall post on the beaches, we shall post on the landing grounds, we shall post in the fields and in the streets, we shall post in the hills; we shall never surrender.

Never said it was

It’s amazing what weaponised ego can do.

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I’m not saying that you said that it was, apologies if it came across that way.

Man while we’re over here arguing over whether Sylvanas was right to send assassins after Big Daddy Thrall, the boys over on the Classic forum are fighting about how the grass is different in the Classic client to how it was in Vanilla.

Different worlds.

Minor peeve: Apparently being interested in WoW classic beta is a separate thing you need to tag in your beta settings. I did not have it checked during the early wave of invites. :frowning:


Yeah I didn’t clock that either. Although apparently they are really small beta waves, so mostly streamers and a few others. But for the stress tests they will be inviting much bigger groups.

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Well… wheat has been extensively discussed. It was rather pretty wheat. Vegetation ftw I guess.

(I’m so dutch, I keep wanting to type weed.)

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We’re all looking at you, Gzanttor.


Peeve: never getting beta access to stuff. I didn’t get one for any of the WoW expansions, I didn’t get one for Hearthstone, I didn’t get one for Heroes of the Storm and now I’m not getting one for Classic too. How unlucky can that be?

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Okay whoever did this the fun is over now this is no longer funny to me do you understand ? There will be consequences


but your resolve has never been stronger, right?

You also need to be a current subber, not hugely bothered but would have been interested in trying it for a bit.

Such is life. It’s a real pity.

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Oh man, now an actual mod came in to kill off Unpopular Opinions. Two major thread deaths in one day.

F in this thread to pay respects.

Reading and commenting on a lot of Adorno for my thesis. As much as I enjoy doing what I do and as much as I admire Adorno it’s hard not to feel a bit pessimistic after reading his works.

“No universal history from savagery to humanitarianism, but there is one leading from the slingshot to the megaton bomb.”

I level without heirlooms.

Much to the annoyance of my friend once.

Peeve - Raids are such a headache. Oh and doing a second draft feels tedious.

I’ll be honest, I’m pretty sure AD’s antics got rid of the “Top forums posts” category on the old forums with our massive drama threads that took at least five outta ten spots. Abusing such a wonky system like the community flag stuff is probably gunna end up in some changes eventually. Maybe, hopefully.


Our mischief also ended downvotes for these forums specifically. Don’t expect much change now that it’s all automated, though. The algorithm will be relied upon to filter out the miscreants regardless of guilt so the report function will get abused until all who remain are boost selling bots.

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