Pet Peeves: Resurrected

Undying has fallen (for now), but from the (temporal) ashes arises a new thread, go on!

Peeve: Undying died. (At least, for now)

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Pet peeve: Yet another failed week in getting the Dark Shaman transmog from Orgrimmar.


Took me 2 years of semi-serious grinding. You’ll get there eventually!


Who wants to be a Dark Shaman anyway pfffff.

Only LOSERS amirite.

Pet Peeve: The fact that y’all resurrected the thread when the closing response said the topic was only going to be closed for 24 hours. :’)

man how did y’all manage to get both pet peeves and unpopular opinions locked?

We are a peevish people, proud in our indignancies.

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This, yeah. People think only big gangs can reportbomb, but it only really takes 6-9 alts to massflag a post out of existence.

Peeve: they keep locking the threads hours after everything dies down. What is the point of it at that point.

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Peeve: my toenail popped off almost entirely. Oooowww…

I think it’s like 10-15

Locking topics apparently only takes a couple of people. These wonderful new boards, amirite?


Wonderful indeed.

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Which one? clip off almost my entire smallest toenail sometimes, no blood, doesn’t hurt either, though, so there’s that.

still not exactly any great number. It’s a really :thinking: system

Middle toe. Still oooowwww…

Last peeve thread JUST got unlisted.

It ain’t coming back boys.

Pet Peeve: The Undying rest in peppers, my friend.

Forever the greatest thread, or at least until another one breaches the 7158 count.


Oh man, not like this…

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This comment has not aged well.


We’ll reach that 9999 one day. In this thread or the next.