Pet Peeves: Resurrected

We held 10/10 threads for a whole solid week before it was changed.

And even after they changed how they ranked “popularity” we still had a plurality of threads in the popular topics. Argent Dawn has an unbelievably active community and it never gets listened to.

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You gotta revel in it though. We need a voice in the greater forum world. Where’s our green-text RP representative in MVP form?

Q. What does an MVP do? (Welcome, Please Read! - #4 by Aerythlea-2611)

A. MVPs promote constructive posting wherever they can. They contribute to the community and encourage polite discussion throughout the forums. When you see an MVP post, listen to what they have to say—they were also chosen for their knowledge of the game.

Or not, lmao. :joy:

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Roleplayers are a loud but vanishingly small segment of the centipede of WoW players and aren’t listened nor catered to. EU forum roleplayers much less so as the EU forum is a copypasted, smaller subforum for containment and not for feedback.

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Not really sure how much can be done (Discourse is an open-source forum provider, so most of their documentation is public and searchable).

I guess they can decrease how many community flags are allowed per account, rather than per character? With how the silencing works, accounts and characters must be linked somehow.

Or they could shift CS resources around so we have more active moderation.

MVP needs to be polite.


They’d have to tie all posting privileges to one user, leaving us with btags rather than our cute character forum avatars.

They are and at the same time they are not - i’ve had situations where individual characters, completely unrelated to whatever post i’ve made somehow ending up with one of the auto-silences rather than characters i post more on.

It’s not a very good set up for these forums.

What does an MVP even do???

They used to be quite important in that they could talk directly to a CM to raise player issues, but I’m not sure if that’s still the case.

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Strange - I’m fairly sure the human moderator version of a silence/temp ban targets the whole account. :thinking:

And yeah, Discourse has neat features but the use case of a game forum with many “sub-users” in the form of individual characters is clearly not completely thought out.

I’d like this on 50 characters if I could. Oh right. I could. Broken baloney forum…

You can also flag your own posts if that should ever be of interest.


If you really wanna go big-brain you can make a new character, refresh until it gets added to your list of forum characters, and then delete that character. super duper incognito.

did you just flag your own post 15 times to prove your statement or uhhhh?

I’d have to be a wizard to report my own posts that fast.

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I guess someone just doesn’t want people to know you can flag your own posts.

It’d be just the thing to tweet to blizzard as a demonstration, though.

My pet peeve is when I order a 6 inch sandwich at Subway and I ask for “a little bit of red onion” and they throw on a massive handful.

What’s up with that?!?!

they know onion is the most delicious thing in existence and try to fix your horrible taste of wanting just a little bit.

I don’t even know you could flag posts. Good gosh I feel bad at technology.

I rarely post here, but today I suffered a true pet peeve. - Ish. I spent 2 hours bathing my grey (pure white) horse yesterday. - Today I come to find out she’s rolled in her own poo in the field and now is completely brown on her back legs. Why do I even try to keep her clean at this rate. :rofl:

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This here tells :slight_smile: