Pet peeves: The return (Part 5)

I was on Koralash, let me check on a hunter

Sadly, no - will send a screenshot on discord


That’s disappointing.

send me one too.

i don’t really care about it, but please send me the screenshot too. just want to feel included.


Here’s the one I sent you earlier


Got asked why half of my blu-rays are the UK version
Because they’re usually cheaper when you buy them a while after they come out
and I’m not planing on watching the dub anyway

… why do I feel like someone wanted to borrow some movies but doesn’t like English with subs?
Anyway, they got basically all the streaming services there are. Pretty sure they can just use those.


They want to touch your stuff.

I read that Bambie Thug was also forced to change messages written in Ogham such as ‘ceasefire’ and ‘Freedom for Palestine’. Like - okay fine the second can be read as political, but calling for a ceasefire really isn’t.

(Eric Saade was a guest performer, btw)

To add to this - EBU was going to let Russia participate and only banned them when half of the participating countries threatened to pull out. EBU however did ban Belarus for politicized entries and refusal to change (and gave one opportunity to change, on second try they got banned iirc?).

They got several chances actually. The first song got rejected by EBU for being too political, and the Israeli broadcaster said they wouldn’t change anything. This could’ve been EBU’s chance to avoid all of this and act like they did with Belarus. There was another song submitted to EBU and was also rejected. Already three strikes. The first entry was then asked by Israeli government to be edited/changed, and then that version also got asked (not sure by whom) to be changed once more.

The final song, comparing the lyrics to the very first entry… are hilariously similar. It’s the same song.

I wonder how much of a part do the Israeli companies funding Eurovision play a part into this. MoroccanOil is plastered everywhere in Eurovision media, in very large letters and in ads. They’ve been a long-time supporter for Eurovision, and I’m pretty sure it’s the main brand working with Eurovision, I don’t really recall any other brand names in banners and whatnot.

Anyway, I feel like all of this could’ve been avoided if EBU simply weren’t hypocritical, but we’ve come to expect this from EBU anyway.


To add to this as well, self-admittedly by them, the dance move(I haven’t seen it myself) is meant to represent the audience that got attacked and taken hostage during the September attacks.

Allegedly as well, Netanyahu essentially handpicked Eden Golan for the contest, as Israeli citizens have criticized her performance and song, but apparently she and her family is quite close to the government party and was given the spot because of their ties to the PM. So its full on nepotism rather than any public vote that she is performing.

Netanyahu was and is also apparently involved in the production to quite some extent. Atleast the original that got rejected.

There’s already been quite a stir about it here. As said, EBU have almost essentially in all but name boycotted him and publically calling it an abuse of power and political action. SVT(our main channel) have also apologised for it being a “coup”.

Saade himself and many other swedish artists are outraged and flat out called EBU racists for going so overboard to ban pieces of clothing for the faintest connection culturally to palestine. Not even as a political message, but just to appease the Israeli government.

So much for the “Love and Peace” they desperately try to spout while very obviously taking a stance. And the stance is money.


azerbaijan throughout several years of actively commiting genocide and preparing acts of further genocide not even being criticized for its participation by anyone outside of their victims’ homecountry, cough cough


Not the EBU pretending eurovision isn’t a political contest…

You no touch stuff.
Only I touch my stuff.

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The EBU when inviting countries actively committing genocide and war crimes (But if you protest it, you’re banned).


you may not like it but this is the ideal male form


Oh, to be a big strong bear man who doesn’t look like there’s a bard behind them playing a tuba


I still want tortollans so I can roleplay as Master Oogway.

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blizzard really ruin us sometimes with things like the velen bodytype not being an option or cool pandaren emporer or skinny human or


They also are giving us yet another dwarf race instead of things like Sethrak or Etherals (I won’t read about “but the transmog” when we just got dragons)


just need the game to have the swtor body type option

give me disgusting, sickly looking tauren (akamito) and devastatingly chunky trolls


That face is already covering it for you.

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