Phase 2 already wtf

Yeah. Which is fine.

You know on ND, LH etc when they had 10k players? It wasnt just 10k players. It was 10k players at any hour of any day. 5am? 10k players. 5pm? 10k players

Yeah and it was horrible… The game is designed for 5k players at a time at maximum. Anything above that and it becomes a tag war s**tshow and massive battle ground. Basically you can’t do anything in the open world.
Also your server has over 26k players. I know, because your guild chose to transfer there instead of Earthshaker that at the time had 16k players. You will have massive ques…

Those numbers don’t mean anything. 26k players is 26k total players.

at 4am, its quiet.

And how do you see p2 with 26k players, if the maximum amount is limited to 15k? That automatically puts your server at 11k que during prime time.

There’s not 26k people playing every day.

Edit: Even Faerlina has probably 15k active players at most

The last time a server in this region had more than three layers was the first week of September, and almost all realms reached two layers shortly after that.

source Realm Layering Update – English

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well this argument can be valid all the time then because theres always people leveling.
also playing on pvp server is his choice


Sounds like a PVP server problem. Sucks to be you?

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I was that idiot on private server levelling on Anathema when Naxx was out

And the game is utter garbage, because of it…

The main part of phase one was the layering so relax

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Glad you were able to figure out it was a pvp server when it was literally the first thing I said.

There are diminishing returns on the value of a kill, I dont recall the exact values but it’s some thing like 3 kills/week.

Also I did level during the original pre-bg honor patch and other than the zerg at Taren Mills, mostly you’d find that people around your own level were more eager to engage in pvp - unlike now where people pretend they play on pve servers.

no 4months after release equals 1h playing WoW per day for 4months to get to lvl60.

this is more than fair


Only with this kind of information I realize I shouldn’t change my class from druid to paladin. Stealth was always my best friend, I never got troubles with corpse camping and GY farming.

I guess I’ll have to face this new threat with honour and courage!

runs behind a tree and bubble-hearths away


It wasn’t hard to figure out at all, exactly because it was the first thing you said.

Again, sounds like a you-problem.


People who have no life and rush content are the minority and people are boring and slow are no concern to anyone.
People like me, not rushing content but not a slow boob are the majority.
Timeing the schedule to us is the best option.


Yeah man keep telling yourself you’re not slow :wink:

I have a life and play other mmos
I think being lvl 45 just questing alone and doing dungeons is fine.

Seems like you’re just slow :wink: