Planning to attack the goldshire inn again

This post is just a joke


noice, just remember to follow through or it will be very dissapointing


in ten characters


Oh look, one of the OOC’ers that’s “healthy” for the server according to a certain elf.


Which does nothing but disrupt new players trying to quest. Only Blizzard can get rid of ERPers, but I always feel like nothing ever happens when I report someone.

Actual new players have to do Exile’s Reach first so they’re safe.


I think there are two sorts of people who go to Goldshire. Those who know what it is, and those who don’t.

The former arrive and stay, the latter arrive and go elsewhere.

I would imagine on New Year’s Goldshire would be relatively empty, I’d hope that people aren’t celebrating that time by sitting down by themselves doing the virtual naughties.

You know…people do not have to activate PvP.


Not that enthusiastic now, eh?


A little confused and weird flex
but I like the spirit.

Remember to be mindful about disrupting any on-going RP.

Unlike you, I don’t have to categorize everyone into a false dichotomy.

Aside from the fact that these people might not even be on our server and just hop here via the LFG function. Or that you’re assuming they are only nonRPers.

…I don’t see any problem with raiding Stormwind or Goldshire? It’s part of the game and can be a funny experience (anyone remembers Elenthas’ Siege of Stormwind?). Several years ago I would have actually liked the idea. Back when world PVP actually meant something.

I simply don’t share their enthusiasm and I find these self-referential, Brodef-style threads kinda cringe.

ie. in this guy’s narrative [I get the vibe that] the event isn’t a collaboration, just something they use for their own gratification and to place emphasis upon how grandiose they are. It’s just not interesting to me :man_shrugging:

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Are you talking to the gnome or obilot?

First it was an attack on Goldshire and now its an attack on Stormwind itself? Oh goody do Alliance players feel lucky about this change, because it is so immersive and beneficial for RP when you are trying to have a conversation and PvPers are running around in the area casting spells and filling the chat with slurs. :expressionless:


I don’t believe there really is any ERP in Stormwind, atleast I haven’t seen it since I started roleplaying on AD since Cata.

You see them now and again in Old Town with the really overtly sexual profiles and basically naked transmogs, but other than that they mostly stick to Goldshire.

Also OP and his “200 men” are either misguided or trolling. Probably best not to feed him more than we already have.

Lion’s Rest and the docks is also where it’s at usually, especially the docks.

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Quite that

Fairly :zzz: to see a complete randomer, proclaiming to be the saviour of the server by killing people in open world. He wouldve done it by now if he couldve, but gotta crave that attention juice

Mate, come attack all you want, but let’s not pretend that it’s for some greater good or that you truly believe erp’ers are gonna stop erp’ing just cause you attack the city one evening.

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I am still confused on how this is supposed to stop erp.