Players selling LFR loot

Surely this is not right ?
Happened on 3 toons now , people winning loot and selling it off.
LFR is not supposed to be a GDKP
I have screen shots , all of it happening. Forums won’t allow me to post.

Is this against Tos ? Surely this behaviour should be unacceptable.


There are currently no rules against it but this is a side effect of cross realm trading being enabled.

You aren’t allowed to name and shame on the forums this would only get you into trouble. I have seen people sell items off too. People just need on everything they can. I would personally welcome a return to Personal Loot. However that won’t stop times being auctioned off to the highest bidder ofc.


Saddest part of this it’s working.
Got screens shots with other players saying " trade me"

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I won 1 tier token on a char and i got even a whisper with “300K?”. I was flabbergasted. Didn’t trade the item either.

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Highest I got was 150k for the Raszageth appearance in LFR, but I denied him (even though I don’t even use that drake).

Looks like a case of demand generating supply. Buyers are as much to blame as sellers.


A friend told me yesterday that he got an item followed by 3 whispers asking how much gold he wants.


This is an excellent idea for making gold. Going to queue LFR later today and sell if I win anything!

Thanks for bringing this to my attention.


aye i got this whisper when my ret pala alt won the gnarlroot lfr 2h mace
was confused as for why ? its not like the guy who wants to “buy” it is in a world first guild
(even if he was but i doubt it why would one of them run lfr makes no sense)
didnt trade the weapon kept it until i chose to disenchant it few days later
i got the appearence but what i really want is the smolderon sword(the lfr version looks the best to me together with the unranked verdant gladiator greatsword which im also buying in a few days)

Really? Nice i will do that also ty for the info!

Why don’t you like it? Do you think it is unethical? In a sense that people would need for items they don’t really need just to sell them off. Or something else?

If somebody got unlucky, but are willing to pay for an item somebody else got, I see no issue if both parties agree. And for sure it is not against ToS, this was enabled en masse by cross-realm trading (but has been a thing for years for people who happened to be on the same server)

For example, if I win a tier piece in LFR, and somebody offers me 300k for it, I might consider the 300k much more valuable (it’s more or less worth 1 month of playtime) and sell it off. If I really need it, I can refuse to sell it and keep it.

I don’t see any problem with it as long its not some premade mafia somehow hogging all the loot.

Boosting and lootselling happens in alot of content.

Atleast if lfr people offer gold i might concider it. Because the last few years instead of them paying you would just get annoying automated spam begging you or demanding the loot


in the next thread people asking to add a loot system from raid to m+, cause of item sellers in mythic+. You need to met together and decide.


Look, if that will get people to queue for LFR I’m all for it.

Honestly the queues are insane, takes forever to get in a group.

If gold is the incentive for players to do their weekly LFR let them.

Although I farm the mogs, I would feel tempted to sell for such a hefty amount.

People really are disgusting. Give us personal loot back already. Tbh I don’t even bother with LFR loot though, just whatever comes in the vault and catalyse the open world gear because I never win anything anyway.


Loot selling won’t be solved by that, you can still trade items. :wink:

That was one of the reasons I said that an easy solution to fix all WoW loot problems is by removing trading altogether back in 2017 when I joined the game. I also said that removing realm-trading restrictions can make it both worse and better in certain areas.

This is just the curse of having a functioning economy with sellers and buyers in a game with trading markets (which most MMORPGs have).

Yes but they can’t roll on my personal items and ruin the chance of me getting them.

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the amount of people trying to justify this is new game gaming logic and its the very thing that’s destroyed gaming as a whole as a consumer.

Just because its not seen as worthwhile content doesn’t mean its not to someone else, People do make premade groups for going into LFR to do this and its honestly gross and needs to be fixed.

I honestly only Que for LFR now to help people out who are being shafted by those people.

In M+ this would result in 90% of loot being sold to NPC due to duplicates, bad stats etc. .

Personal loot doesn’t mean personal chance. In M+ for example the group gets 2 item “chances”, and the system rolls need for everyone behind the scenes. If you win, it generates an item for your loot spec. You cannot pass on this. So if a hunter gets a bow he doesn’t need, then technically he outrolled you and wasted the loot.




How are they your items?

How are they rolling “your personal items” ?