Playing WoW only for gear - Is the real way to play the game

I will not be shamed anymore for wanting more power in WoW. It is time to end this gear-shaming we are seeing more and more frequently. People who want power in this game are being shunned like barbarians. When in reality those of us who want gear are the forerunners, who made the game the success it is today.

In fact, in this thread I will argue that wanting to gain power is the way WoW was birthed and what ultimately made it successful.

Original WoW 1.0

So what was there to do in original WoW? Competitive stuff? Collecting stuff?

There was only one single thing to do in original Vanilla. Getting stronger. What about collecting stuff? Achievements did not exist, pets were very limited and basically clogged up your bags. The only collecting you could really do was grind a handful of mounts. Transmog did not exist and would not exist for many expansions.

What about competitiveness? Didn´t players want to be challenged? HAHAHA, funny, good one. Nothing in the original release of WoW was a challenge. Endgame dungeons were cleared in 10 man raids to make them a joke. MC was developed in a week and had 1-2 mechanics. Even before ZG was released in 1.7.0 you could do most of MC with 30 people. PvP, which was introduced later was a 24/7 account-sharing grindfest and had no competitive aspect at all.

In fact there was only one thing to do. Get stronger. You leveled so you could get stronger. You did dungeons so you could get loot to make you stronger, and make the leveling experience easier (and less boring). You did endgame dungeons and raids to become stronger. The genius behind vanilla WoW was that due to lack of competitiveness, the gear chase could be done by anyone, allowing for rich social interaction within the game.

My message to my fellow gear-enjoyers

My brothers and sisters, do not allow yourself to be shamed by those who try to make fun of you for playing for gear. Playing to get stronger is the original way WoW was intended. Those of us who want to get stronger are the normal ones, who made WoW one of the most successful games of all time, with over 10 million subscribers during Wrath where the majority of the playerbase still had not even reached max level. Which meant that the majority of the playebase was still chasing that power grind.

Be proud. You are what made this game great. Zug Zug.


Yeah, many people like to brainwash themselves into believing that skill is above the gear, but reality is completely different.
You need numbers to defeat enemies made of numbers :man_shrugging:
95% of player performance comes from ilvl and 5% is skill.


plenty of people like the questing back then, you had pvp ( tho not on launch) , dungeoncrawling was fun since dungeons did not feel like a themepark ride back then.

And for most of people the social aspect was very fun.

Saying wow a originally about gear collecting is silly as there was more to do. Its like saying you play LoL because you want to buy things during the match.

The gear is a power level system for players, not the core behind the game


I personally never understood the concept of getting gear just for the sake of getting the gear. Especially considering the fact this is erased every major patch. It happens less obvious with introducing of much more powerful gear, or more explicitly with removing borrowed power. For me it’s just a tool for achieving something else, like beating raid on heroic lvl, or getting mounts, or getting an achievement, etc.


Yeah sorry, ur so far off the truth i csn only imagine u brainwashed urself.

When comparing player performance u compare players of same ilevel. So how can ur argument even remotely ring true lol unless ur logging urself and making comparisons between a player whos alot higher ilevel.

The dps disparity in the same ilevel between same specc comparisons is over 40%, which means players of identical ilevel and gear are 40% difference in ability to play.


How many times u die.
Dealing with mechanics efficently.
Correct rotations based on number of mobs fighting.
Stat weights.
Optimised build for said dungeon / raid encounter
Cooldown management

Are alot more then 5%, theres a reason u see 380s out dpsing 410s regularly. And it isnt because 5% is what is deviding players espicslly when its the lower ilevel player with higher player performance.

At 385 fury warrior, i was litterally outdpsing a 407 fury warrior at a ilevel disadvantage lol. Make sense of that with ur weird logic and i assure u, my dps was far above 5% of his.

Gear is incredibly important yes. If u take 2 players of same skill and build and ones 20 ilevel above the other then yes dps is entirely because of gear.

However, when ur looking at player difference ur account players of the same ilevel lol. When ur logging u dont take ur 380 character and pit em against 420 players comparitively. You compare them to other 380 characters of the same class and specc.

And logs prove that the skill disparity accounts for alot more then 5% of player performance.


Why would i compare players? i don’t have such needs. I am comparing playable characters against game.

Can world best team to clear mythic raid with normal gear? No they can not, they need heroic gear.

Can team of random bad players to clear mythic S1 raid with S2 gear? Yes, they can


Like i said 95% ilvl 5% skill.


The social aspect was a consequence of the gearing.

If dungeons dropped zero loot or XP back in Vanilla no one would do them.

As I already touched on indirectly in my post. The social aspect you saw in Vanilla and still see in Classic WoW is a consequence of the game being so easy it allows for rich social interaction.

If you make the game too hard like retail it kills social interaction because you can only really play the game with people on your skill level if you want to gain power.

For example, doing +20s means you are around the top 1 % of WoW players. If you want to do +20s to increase your power, this limits you to play with the top 1 % of Wow players.

Whereas vanilla was so easy you could literally bring anyone to a late game dungeon as long as they were high enough level.


Also playing WoW for competitiveness is like ordering a McDonalds cheeseburger for the salad and pickle.


butbutbut mah main is 3k RiO and I know the tactics and my 367 tank can EZ do the +16 Azure Vault, cmon brawh?!?RuReal?!

Seen is so many times. Its sad, but there is no way to educate the mass about the most logical and simple thing. NUMBERS.


Yeah, you dont even have a real answer for it :joy::joy: play for power as much as u like. Gear will never equalise ur dps with other players.

Saying the games about numbers. And saying that the only difference between me and a MDI player is my ilevel is misinformation at best

Can a boosted group of players in mythic raid gear clear heroic?. No :joy:

Your argument basically says if i and 20 others bought mythic rsid gear we would be able to clear heroic raiding without experience :joy::joy:

If your argument made any sense, players wouldnt complain about boosted players in their groups

Considering ur basicslly saying anyone and everyone regsrdless of experience should be able to clear the gane within 5% of the fastest speedrunners in the game first rime no problems blindfolded.

Again if 95% of ur performance is based on gear, explain the 40% dps disparity between players of the same ilevel.

And before u say again. Yes. U can raid mythic in lower gear :joy: its just the average player cannot. This season dropped all 3 raids at same time. This means players were hitting mythic before split running heroic. And skipped normal



You sir, are a nitpicket and why wouldn’t you?! This isn’t an educational seminar, university or any sort of offical class. Its a Tavern. So go ahead and use your hyperboles. If it makes you feel better that is.

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The problem with boosted players in regular runs is that they have tendency to behave as if they are in boosted run. Aka ignoring everything.

Sorry, i have never seen such a high disparity between players.
5k-10k? sure, 40k-50k? nope, never.

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So what ur trlling me is, if i take 20 inexperienced players pay to boost them in m+ uptoo ilevel

They will clear content within 5% of WF players?

He came out with statistics saying the difference between the worst player and best gear is entirely down to difference in gear.

Without any plausible evidence? Lol.

And completely disregarded the concept of any explaination to the fact comparitives in such manner should be done betwene players of the same ilevel

If that’s true, then that player did not play but afked. 12k is below SL gear.

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They did. They just simply cant position therefore forced to continously move wasting CDs. Lol

Low dps happens when you cant play ur class.

Did an academy the other day as retri, I have a 363 weapon for retri and ilvl 390 in my retri gear. I did 70k dps. A bm hunter with like 10 higher ilvl, ilvl 401, did 40k dps. The feral also did 40k dps, at 390 ilvl. The tank, ilvl 385, did 35k.

Also did a 20 temple, one of the warlocks was doing 30k dps in ilvl 410 gear, was below the tank in damage.

Oh lordy fury :man_facepalming:

Yeaaa pushing buttons in the right order and at the right time is very hard for some and others dont care at all. 5-10 minutes on a training dummy before every dungeon / raid and your muscle memory is there in no time.

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That doesn’t seem correct?
The games popularity declined after Wotlk
Wasn’t Vanilla - Wotlk Gear pushing paradise?
Correct me if I’m wrong