Plead to Alliance regarding Darkshore donations

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Going to level another Alliance character just to donate more resources.

Can’t have you lot getting a leg up.


When they got a free 370 from Stormgarde first week of Uldir that was fine and of course no “Horde bias”, right? No wonder there’s maybe 2 guilds left on Alliance in top 100, Horde always gets a leg up. All the faction transfer money they gathered whole Legion from broken Blood Elf racial apparently weren’t enough, gotta keep it up.


Thats the thing. As long as its in favor of the horde, its fine. But god forbid its in favor for the alliance. Even if its just “the warfront will start 1 day later so everyone will get the new loot”. No, that cant happen because it would be fair, right?


Yep…if you keep this up, you will get an 60% welfare buff.


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This is just silly. Both sides scream ‘bias’ any time they feel the other side gains an advantage.


The difference is Horde already got an advantage with Arathi warfront in 8.0, and Alliance was told the tables will turn with Darkshore, but guess what, apparently it’s again Horde’s turn to get first dibs.

Soon there will be no Alliance left in this game, because there’s only so much people can take to play the neglected faction.

Top pvpers: orcs and blood elves.
Top raiders: 85% horde.
Top m+ runners: 70% horde.

But what do you expect when Blizzard devs themselves think it’s a good answer to say “the Horde is there waiting for you”.

Even the warmode buff to alliance happened only because horde was complaining they can’t have any world pvp because there’s no alliance in warmode to gank. And why would there be, even with the buff, when the number advantage is 3-5 to 1 in favour of Horde that grew over the years since Cata / MOP and overpowered Horde racials?

I’m pretty sure by the end of BFA Blizzard will come to a conclusion that Alliance is not salvageable anymore as a faction and just sacrifice them, the population imbalance went too far so every time they have to make a decision to upset 1 faction they’ll choose Alliance because less people on it = less subs at a stake. Upsetting Horde is much more risky, so they’ll never do it.

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I want the warfront since my sub ends in 2 days. Am taking a break after this until 8.2.

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im pretty sure it’s just time based, so it’s coming wether you like it or not or else one faction would be to completely stonewall the other.

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I’m sorry but no. The Alliance got buffs and a quest because the Alliance complained Warmode was unusable. They didn’t specifically ask for those solutions but the forums and other sites were full of complaints. The Alliance gave it the nickname Hordemode.

There is nothing wrong with the Alliance complaining about the imbalance but don’t twist what happened.


umm lets see

Years of Alliance top end players transferring to horde for better racials.
years of blizzard ignoring this.
so we have 55 horde to 45 alliance at level 120 right now.
70% of all players with deep mythic progression or high end pvp progression are horde right now.

so yeah. Alliance are not only outnumbered by horde players, the horde players tend to be better players too. combine this with horde players forming raids and farming alliance players into the ground…
hmmm, i wonder why alliance players left war mode.

well considering that for the longest time horde has had better racials and we have seen all the top guilds transfer from horde to alliance, where do you think the majority of the population is?
oh wait. thats horde. where the imbalance is 55 horde to 45 alliance.
furthermore if you look solely at the best players, its 70 horde to 30 alliance.
and if you want further proof of this look at wowprogress where there is only 11 alliance guilds in the TOP 100.

do you think that all the alliance guilds just magically sucked? and that all the horde guilds were just bad-asses?

NO. They transferred because better racials meant easier clears.
now admittedly, racials have gotten a little better recently, but what incentive do all those guilds that transferred from alliance to horde have to come back alliance? especially when you factor in how much money they would have to spend to do so…

So one question ??
All those years i haven’t seen other than emfh racial of human that …was nerfed to the ground…hordes complaining about alliance racials ??

You think that alliance are bothering with the quest of killing 25 hordes for a item of 370 when you get each day an item of 370 from assault ??

I don’t even bother doing assault right now for the items…with any of the alt’s even on main that is 387/389 ilvl with the hope of tf…

So for the next raid there is at least 3 bosses that berzeking of troll come 2 handy…killing fast the adds before wiping the raid ??
So like always alliance must either be extremly rng lucky or just overgear that part of the encounter >>> No wonder top 100 guild you see like 10 alliance guilds…

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‘umm lets see’, lets have some context instead of you constantly going on about something completely different…

You tried to claim that WM changes were brought in by the Horde. I corrected you. They were brought in because the Alliance were becoming very outnumbered in WM and the buffs/quest are Blizzard’s fix.

I responded to your wild claim that the Horde created the need for the Warmode buff by complaining, which is just flat out wrong. It was the Alliance that complained. Which they had every right to do so.

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I loved WM in pre-patch, I loved WM in 8.0, I love it now.

Btw, this thread is about WF not WM, yeah, it’s easy to confuse one letter. But I love that there is always somebody’s lower point gets hurt by WM, haha.

Horde, Horde is everywhere, Horde = content, content is everywhere!

But it still would be nice if Blizzard slowed donations progression till Season 2 starts both on US and EU.

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I always assumed that :rofl::rofl: i thought the donations were just for reputations as part of the ‘daily’ routine. I think it’s fixed or do you imagine if everyone and I mean everyone contribute constantly with the repeatable? We would get warfront tomorrow or nobody doing that we would never get warfront…

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Maybe free H->A transfers would help on some level beyong WF race due to the hall of fame. Who knows?


From my experience contirbution matters little if matters at all. Bar is getting filled at same pace whole period which would have been impossible if contibutions played big role.
Also calm down, remaining 75% will not be filled in 3 days

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Horde going crazy about “bias” and stuff…LOL.

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Isn’t that just manipulating a system to cause for a unfair advantage?

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I think it will be a close call. It seems to be around 1% per hour. Assuming it’s so, it would mean about 72% will be filled in 3 days starting tomorrow, with today finishing at about 30-31%…

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Dont they increase the gains over time, meaning after few days it would jump 87475874% anyway ?