Plead to Alliance regarding Darkshore donations

(Angelictear) #1

Please do not contribute to the Darkshore warfront yet. If we get the warfront opened before next wednesday and the release of the new raid, we’re getting the old 385 ilvl rewards.

On the other hand if we start with the donations on monday-tuesday, we’re getting the warfront AFTER the raid opens and we’ll get the higher ilvl reward.

It’s a good chance for the alliance to finally have advantage over the horde - a chance for slighly better ally representation in the BDA rankings.

Darkshore Contribution // Rewards

Won’t happen. Wish it did, but 90% of playerbase doesn’t read forums and websites, and the remaining 10% is probably trying to catch up to method in AP because they’re “hardcore”.

Worst part is NA will probably get it, because their contributions only start in 15 hours, while their reset day is 1 day earlier than EU.

And we all know Blizzard doesn’t care about EU as long as everything’s fine on the other side of the pond.

They have all the power to lower the % you get from contributions or hard delay the warfront, but they won’t. It will progress on its own even if people don’t donate.

I would hope I’m wrong and not donating will make the difference. I even sent a twitter to Blizzard, obviously didn’t get any reply.

It’s absolutely unfair they leave this thing up to chance rather than pace it to specifically align with season switch. As if it wasn’t enough Stormgarde opened for horde with perfect timing just to get ready for mythic Uldir week. People who got weapons were truly blessed, because it was really low chance to get equal weapon from other sources so early in the season.

(Angelictear) #3

Overall I agree on your statements, excluding this one. Blizzard don’t get a word or interference on this one. It’s 100% up to the players and the rate which they contribute.

(Punyelf) #4

Wish you the best of luck spreading the word. Would be a good idea to get the word going on reddit too, if it isn’t aleeady.


It’s up to Blizzard to program how much % it progresses per how many contributions though.

They did the same with mage tower in legion, they have the power to speed it up, slow it down, or even hotfix to appear / disappear regardless of contributions.


Lol dude its an automatic progress, didnt u think that players can really change that right?

(Cedrad) #7

The progress might automaticly increase but player donations also affect it. Also what proof you have it does still go up if noone is contributing?


Its always take the same amount of time :wink:

(Angelictear) #9

The <Faction> attacking is fixed time. Gathering phase is up to the contributions.

Well, of course they can. But the point is that horde players will go bats**t crazy about “bias” and stuff. So the power of progress remains entirely in the hands of Alliance EU.


It is not, lol

(Xartim) #11

Keep donating alliance players.

Do ya duty foh da Horde!

(Scavel) #12

Sadly too much time before reset and too much dumb and ignorant players to listen to this.


Its 1% per one hour, no matter how players contribute, so noone can help you dude

(Northgrave) #14

The contributions make it go faster. Check the US Arathi timer if you don’t believe, they are already 2 days behind EU and they started one day earlier.

EDIT: And they are already behind EU in Darkshore too. Guess Americans are just lazy.

(Eighjan) #15

I would have thought this to be the case, too…

… and where did you read that the Quest reward iL is getting increased to higher than 385…? Arathi didn’t get changed to match Darkshore…

(Cedrad) #16

It’s in the stickies on the forum: What’s Changing (and Not!) in Season 2

(Eighjan) #17

Ohh… more madness.

Attention all Alliance players

HOW do you people still not realize that contributions don’t move the bar at all, it’s all predetermined and time gated by a game system

You can ignore contributions all together, it will still move on its own, players have no influence on it what so ever.

(Savoren) #19

I suddenly realized that I need AP on all of my Alliance characters. I’ll inform my guildies as well, have to get ready for the new raid after all.

(Coolgroove) #20

It would be even better, if Blizzard would slow it down - that would be a nice thing to do for your player-base.