Plead to Alliance regarding Darkshore donations

(Punyelf) #41

True. I should not get baited into these off topic discussions.

(Aundra) #42

A shard is a shard my friend. If during those assaults I also kill 25 Horde well, yes I bother doing that

(Dejarous) #43

It’s cute that you think your contribution plays a role. That stuff is on a timer, you just have the illusion of control.

(Xartim) #44

this thread tho, talk about tinfoil hat society.

Que X-files music

Dont forget to contribute before you leave ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )


Last I’ve seen it was 27% :slight_smile:


It seems you are right it adds 1% each hour, well gotta prepare some popcorn because it will reach 100% few hours before patch maint


What a wonderful idea. Good idea OP lol

(Punyelf) #48

It’s the AP farmers you have to convince to give up their precious :wink:

(Minjié) #49

Already on it, donated on both my alliance characters, can’t let the alliance have nice things now, can we? :stuck_out_tongue:


Ye, I can imagine that in other games devs are willing to “stop” that progress bar for few hours to have players their better gear, but in wow this is impossible, they just dont care at all

(Izila) #51

Unless you’re horde :stuck_out_tongue:

(Xartim) #54

Thank you wow developers for the active and public support of the Horde faction.

Dont forget to turn in your contribution, allys.

Much love.

Mr T.i.Nfoilhat

(Northgrave) #55

Then explain how come EU is few days ahead of US even though they started one day earlier in both Arathi and Darkshore. I’d really want to know.

(Punyelf) #56

The tracker on Wowhead says the donations are at 52% when I made this post.

(Punyelf) #57

96% now. :open_mouth:

(Destruct) #58

Any reasonable action would have been to freeze the timer, but this is Blizzard. 1st day of Uldir Horde had the 370 quest and Alliance the world boss. The world boss who may or may not drop loot, this can only be countered if Ivus stays 385 for Horde aswell and won’t get buffed tommorow. But I seriosuly doubt this.

(Punyelf) #59

Wouldn’t that just result in Alliance bias posts?

(Destruct) #60

So who had bias when Uldir opened up? And not only from the quarenteed potential HC weapon (most improtant) that could drop from the quest but also unlimited queueing into leveling all alts back then to the important 340 step?

Also what I say this can only be fair if Ivus stays 385 tommorow, otherwise it’s Horde Bias again. Horde IL 400 world boss and Alliance lol 385 quest.

(Bandicoot) #61

Both are gonna have 385 ilvl .

Either way it’s free loot and come’s in handy especially for alts and at some point even for main…

(Mukuro) #62

Ivus’ drops will stay 385 for the Horde since its cycle started before the ilvl will be buffed.

First “improved” drops will be Ivus for the Alliance, since they will likely get into the assault phase before the ilvl buff and thus still get pre-buff drops from the assault phase.

Horde will have to wait their assault phase for the first improved drops, which will be after Alliance takes control and after Horde completes the contribution phase.