Please Add Saudi Riyal (SAR) Currency In The Game For Saudi Arabia People

Dear Blizzard
I am Playing wow for more than 10 years and I keep buying wow game time in Euro Crunncy, and it cost us so much because of the exchange rate between EUR & SAR, I saw your last post about adding new Currencies in battle net and it was a great move from your side.

Could you please add SAR Crunncy instead of EURO for People who live in Saudia Ariba
we are paying Triple the amount on everything all the time

(1 EURO) = (4 SAR)

WoW 1 Month Subscription Cost (12.99 € ) = (60 SAR With VAT)
Amazon Prime Cost (4$) = (16 SAR)
Netflix One Month Cost (9.99$) = (37 SAR)
PlayStation Plus One Month Cost (9.99$) = (37 SAR)
Spotify One Month Cost (5$) = (19 SAR)
Google Play Pass Cost (5$) = (19 SAR)
Apple Pass Cost (5$) = (19 SAR)

New Currencies Coming to® May 4, 2022

Can you please make WoW 1 Month Subscription price Just like the lasts post around (30 to 35 SAR)

Please don’t ignore us Saudi Arabia has invested billions in Activision.

Saudi Arabian Public Investment Fund Purchases $1.4 billion in Activision Blizzard Stock



1 euro = 18 south african rands…

so does that make me pay 18 times the price?


no, I mean it’s triple the price for us in Saudi Arabia even more than the last currencies update
please check the below list:

1 Month Subscription Cost
(33 GEL) = (39 SAR)
(4899 KZT) = (42 SAR)
(299 UAH) = (35 SAR)
(149 TRY) = (34 SAR)
(218 ZAR) = (51 SAR)


You pay 60 SAR. You say “triple the price”. That would mean elsewhere the price would be the equivalent of 20 SAR (5 EUR) which is clearly not true anywhere.

Also, your country is literally one of the richest on the planet with pretty generous welfare for regular citizens even. But since you are seemingly pretty bad with math, it’s no surprise you can’t handle money.


A petrocurrency, that is worth less than a non-petrocurrency?

Something is not quite right…


It’s not a floating currency, its value is fixed to the USD at 3.75.

Also the raw number don’t mean much, 1 JPY is pretty low, simply the numbers they use are higher, and they don’t have cents.

Romania cut four 0’s from the end of their prices about 20 years ago. It’s all arbitrary.


The real question here depends on two factors.

  1. Is the average Saudi struggling to pay for a wow subscription?
  2. Is there a potential market in Saudi Arabia that if prices are lowered it would increase profit?

Don’t be confused, Blizzard is a business company, not a welfare program. If there is no foreseeable profit for reducing your prices then they won’t do it.


True… the exchange rate when I visited Malta, while Dom Mintoff was Prime Minister, was not Sterling friendly.

Spam enough on the forums and it might happen. It’s Blizzard magic.

Comparing exchange rates means nothing. It all depends on the average income in your country.

It would depends if the OP has prince in their name. :stuck_out_tongue: If they are a foreign national they might not get paid much and likely be able to claim any kind of unemployment benefit.


Rich country doesn’t always mean rich citizens. There are people with medical bills, education bills, people who aren’t able to work for whatever reason, people with single moms, the list goes on. Also depends how expensive things are sold in said country. At that point you will run out of income quickly and won’t have enough for games. I’m not from Saudi, just giving an example…

Dont get me wrong but aint those numbers on the left are much higher than those SAR numbers :o So basicly u guys are getting game time almost free when some ppl pay over four thousand :o

(4899 KZT) = (42 SAR)
(299 UAH) = (35 SAR)
(149 TRY) = (34 SAR)
(218 ZAR) = (51 SAR)

I’m surprised by the stunning ignorance of basic finance in this thread, but probably the name of Saudi Arabia has attracted haters. So much for the forums being apolitical.

To explain to those who have the privilege of living in the Euro zone, search for the term “currency conversion fee definition” on Google and check out the Investopedia page. That’s the extra charge which those of us who pay in Saudi rials face.

Here’s to hoping people will educate themselves without talking down to us.


Update: Dragonflight Expansion prices become more expensive

World of Warcraft: Dragonflight Expansion Prices
Base Edition (49.99 EUR) = (197.44 SAR)
Heroic Edition (69.99 EUR) = (276.42 SAR)
Epic Edition (89.99 EUR) = (355.40 SAR)
Epic Edition Collector’s Set (129,99 EUR) = (513.36 SAR)
Midsummer Night’s Pack (180 EUR) = (710.73 SAR)

Not political, ethical! Yes yes, I fell for the necro! But it’s about the principle.

Post real data on how it affects average income not an exchange rate. The exchange rate is meaningless without proper context.

Here you go


Sadly this is the general sterotype. Most people think the GCC countries have 100% Rich citizens.

even when we travel and they find out our nationality they charge extra, and we get this sterotype even from our Arab brothers in Egypt as i have travelled there and experienced this.

I grew up in a single parent household so my mom had to work 2 jobs to afford our educational and medical needs. There are times when i cant even afford the wow subscription so i end up playing starter edition.

anyway a rich sterotype is better than say… a terrorist sterotype. so i will accept it.


Would the 1926 be after taxes?

60/1926 = 3.1%

1euro = 144 Japanese yen. Japanese people are paying 144 times more?

I don’t think everyone in Saudi Arabia is rich, but as I’ve said before:

So they have no obligations to change anything unless they think there’s possible profit.

I don’t live in the Euro zone either and have to deal with conversion fees. If you want Blizzard to accept a currency that is otherwise useless to them and have them deal with the conversion there’s gotta be something in it for them.