Please delete quaking

Quaking is neither fun nor interesting. It’s simply annoying. As a disc priest main, I dread every week this affix is active.
Aren’t affixes supposed to keep the dungeons interesting and be a fun challenge?
Well, quaking just disrupts any enjoyment one might feel during the run and its pairing with Thundering is beyond stupid.
It has no place in DF since there are tons of stack mechanics and one has to constantly pump in order to time the key, keep everyone alive, etc.
No one, literally no one likes the affix. It’s outdated.

Please, Blizzard, delete it.


I have entered similar comments to forums now but i will write it here again. yes ! and not just quaking, this amount of movement and casting interruption is making it really stupid to play casters. especially disc. i want to cast. i want to cast ! enough is enough. stop making the game insta-cast/full-movement focus anymore. i want to cast ! i do not want to play a BM hunter ! stop it ! this amount of movement is just annoying. not fun !


Couldn’t agree more.

There’s already enough stuff that makes you stop casting to dodge, then there’s mechanics like knockbacks and interrupts with quaking on top of it all, I’d like to be able to cast please.

Then there’s the fact that it’s not only counterintuitive to Thundering but also to any mechanic that requires the group to stack. You either stack and die to Quaking or you don’t stack and die to the mechanic, it’s utter madness that they think this is a workable affix.


it is outdated. One of the affixes that were designed 6 years ago for completely different dungeons. Blizzard need to start designing boss /trash mechanics with M+ in mind. Not just for m0. The seasonal affix as well. Litteraly combined with quaking - thundering is another non controlable stack spread mechanic that you need to react to. Add certain bosses with their mechanics and you got the most annoying combination ever.


Its almost like the devs only play faceroll melee instant class’s.

I am no longer playing on quaking weeks. Whoever thought this affix was a good idea can go to fing hell.

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None of these affixes are fun. They’re just too lazy to design anything interesting.

Blizzard are on record saying they think it’s fine if players decide to take off-weeks. No it isn’t. It’s garbage game design. They need to go back and take a refresher course.


you think melee enjoy quaking any more than casters? I hate it even more as a melee…

Irrelevant affix for BM hunters lol. Range physical damage dealer with all instants.

I have no doubt its a pain when you stack, but aside from that you are not having your hardcast screwed up every time you need it.


I would say delete all affixes so we can play. Most quit M+ because of stupid affixes. Blizzard have to fix this issue.


Yes, and sweep tyranical with it when youre at it.

Quaking went from “who cares” into -omfg i wanna delete this game" afix very quickly in df. Its just too unenecesairy much on top of everything else. And thats just from a caster standpoint…ignoring all the mass pull aoe wipe mechanics that just delete the entire party with quaking on bosses that had to be hotfixed one by one during the first two months because they just dont give a :poop: about beta/ptr feedback.

Watch in season 2 the exact same thing happening. Even though it should be the first thing they should check…if quaking isnt idiotic on some bosses after SL season 4 iron docks fiasco, and this season NO, AV, HOV, SBG etc etc etc fiaaco…but no…it will be bricking keys for two cycles of quaking before they finaly fix this bull :poop: afix.


I wpuld take quaking any day over the current bursting+grevious affix combination this week!

As a healer its a nightmare.

Please delete WoW. Begging won’t help. The devs are stubborn and only listen if their wallets are empty. Maybe they will change the game for the better if we stop playing their game :wink:

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