Please delete this post - guild isn't happening

EDIT: While I wanted to create this community, it isn’t happening. So please ignore this post.

Hiya c:

Going into classic, I wanted to find an open and inclusive guild that I could do PvE and PvP content with, but have since then decided to take matters into my own hands (I’m not saying such guilds aren’t out there).

Which is why I’ve decided to create a LGBT+ guild for people who wish to play with others within the community (allies are ofc welcome).

The aim of the guild is to be a casual raiding guild with a focus on community. It’s a place where people can be who they are without having to hide, while still getting progression done.


Hi there, A Bunch of Gankers are big fans of diversity, equality and the LFG/LFR+ community and for that reason we have decided to follow your guild where ever it goes in order to horrifically murder your guild members…
…because you are likely to have the widest variety and variation of corpses for the trash heap.
We must preserve the balance in equality. And cull those who lack the strength and the backbone to survive such a harsh world.

May fortune favour the brave and may evolution decide the victor. All Heil the Soviet Empire!


Can’t wait to put you back into the ground ;3


Have you found that you’ve needed to hide your sexual orientation before on wow?
How would people even know?


Yes, I’ve found that people have used slurs against me because of who I am. Some people aren’t open to LGBT+ people and especially trans folk.

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Why even make your orientation known in the first place? It’s a videogame, it’s not relevant info to share.


We don’t care if you are gnome females with the identity of a brick with shaved pubic hair on it. We are open to all sorts of slaughter. And we heard that bundles of wood burn better than normal corpses would.


Exactly, all theyre doing is segregating themselves


It’s more about avoiding trans/homophobic comments and jokes, misgendering and so on. Not so much our actual sexual orientation.


So why stick a label on yourselves to make it easier for people to target you?


How are you avoiding trans/homophobic remarks if you’re openly telling showing your “gender” to every single player you come across? if anything you’re making it worse lmao


This. If you don’t announce it, then no-one will say or care because they don’t know.


I’m undead and have no genitals and made to wear a dress. I’m as LGBT trans as you can get in game. I don’t know whether to kill you or join you.


Sure, this works. But for trans folk, if you intend to go on voice chat you risk being called out/misgendered. Or if people find out they might misgender and otherwise harass you. I wanted to create a safe space for people who didn’t wanna deal with this within a guild.
EDIT: Marking it as a LGBT+ guild might have been a mistake, but I still think a place like this is very relevant. As an increasing number of LGBT+ people has left the game for other MMO’s as they have a generally more accepting community.


Uhm … sometimes i feel like a war is needed. I hope you guys(?) for horde.


LOVE it rolling horde on this server to do the same!

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Which faction are you gonna create this guild? Me and my boyfriend (both 29 years old) wanted to roll alliance Warrior and Healadin on Shazzrah)

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Shazzrah, so I’ll see you in game c:

I mean alliance or Horde?

I’m planning on going Alliance