Please do away with allied race unlocks


Ask people why they play WoW and I’m pretty sure close to none of them will answer that it’s because they enjoy grinding. I am a “casual player”. I have a job, a family, things to do, as most players do, having grown up with the game and played it for years. One of the main reasons why I got back into WoW and bought BFA was for the allied races. Imagine my disappointment to discover I have to spend weeks grinding for some of them just to actually start playing them. Now, I have no evidence to prove this, but I have a strong gut feeling that forcing people to grind allied race unlocks does not increase subscription counts but rather increases player fatigue. At least that is the case with me and everyone I know in the game I’ve talked to. I do understand part of it is also to keep a steady stream of players leveling - but this would be better done by staggering the release of new allied races rather than locking them behind grinds.

Pretty, pretty please let me play the shiny new races. I really don’t like grinding. Or at least give dungeoneers like myself or pvp’ers some sort of alternative, like a tabard.


Do you honestly think that everyone else here have so much free time that they play WoW 24/7?

Please for the love of…stop this “I have 5 kids, 3 kittens, 2 dogs, 2 jobs. So I demand everything to be served on a silver platter” argument.
We all have our real life responsibilities. So learn to organize your time so you get what you want. Be it play on weekends, evenings…what ever. We all have gone trough that…


Yes, exactly, you’re making my argument for me. Nobody has time for grinding when they want to be playing. And why shouldn’t it be handed up on a “silver platter”? It’s a game. Stop pretending like a videogame should require actual work ethic lol


A video game such as this. Requires some character progression and investment. Thats what. Hell you don’t even buy a single-player game and have everything unlocked(campaign,levels,missions…what ever) purely because you “bought the game”.


I don’t disagree with that principle. And leveling form 20-120 would do that. But locking away races and classes behind a grind is a terrible policy if the goal is to attract new players or create more levelers.

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Ah the first BFA white knight here. How much you invested to unlock blood elfs, draeneis, Worgens, Goblins, Pandas?
Whatever you like or not his/her reasons are valid. As for me i’m looking to faction change to horde, but i want to play with ztrolls. I started grinding rep (again) this the for the horde and i’m already sick of the game. Worst thing is that even if i want to invest time to unlock them as fast as possible i can’t, I have to wait for emissaries, WQ resets etc…

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I have to agree, there is no reason why we have to do dungeons and god knows an unlimited questline to unlock the allied races.

It should be the same as earning pathfinder part 1 to unlock these races, particularly for the Zandalari Troll and Kul Tiran humans.


even if you are a casual player you can plan to unlock races effectively and efficiently .sure it will take a bit more time but even a casual player can get them unlock .


I agree with the OP. There are websites right now raking in real money to “unlock” those races for you.

When a game becomes such a grind that people will pay money not to play, they need to replace that grind with stuff people actually want to do.


I…do not understand the point you are trying to make.

You state you “have a job, family” ect ect ect. Hence why the allied race requirements have been tailored to be unlocked with a small amount of playing World of Warcraft.

So what exactly is the issue?

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Yes, no one has time to grind them, and yet plenty of people HAVE them. Only one I don’t have unlocked is Highmountain, cause I don’t care about bulls. I could go and unlock Kul Tiran’s since I’ve done everything for it, just don’t see the point.

It may be a game, but it’s an MMORPG. These types of games are not just a “pick up and play” thing, you have to INVEST time into it. If you’ve played for a while, you should know this. If you can’t deal with things needing work in an MMORPG, then go play something that’s just a pick up and play, or deal with not having things you want. It’s as simple as that.

This would be understandable, if the “grind” wasn’t actually playing the game. If you haven’t got the ones from Legion, they take 1-2 weeks (most take less). The ones in BFA are just gameplay (Same as flying, it’s just gameplay).

Ah, another player that uses past things to “back their arguments”. How many games have stayed the same for 14 years? How many games CHANGE within that time? (Talking online games with regular updates, like WoW). There is barely any.

How are they valid? If you don’t want to put in the time for something, then you’re playing the wrong type of game. That’s the problem with gamers nowadays, they want to just “pick up and play” and expect ALL games to be like that. The fundamentals of an RPG game is to invest TIME into it to receive what you want. Otherwise, it’s not longer an RPG.

Then you’re gonna have to do that grind, it’s as simple as that. Why should YOU get the advantage of playing the race that others who STUCK with the Horde worked for? Why should you be allowed to change faction and instantly be given everything on that side?

Yes, the time-gating is a bit of a problem, but not by much. It takes 2 weeks, maybe 3, to have them unlocked.

This is coming from someone who recently moved to Horde. I already unlocked Nightboure in Legion, so I had a 110 Nightboure. I then proceeded to work towards both reps, and got it done a LOT faster than I was expecting too. I was expecting it to take an extra week or 2, but it didn’t. I’m 6/6 Exalted for BFA on my Alliance side, and 2/6 exalted on my Horde side. And I maybe play 2-3 hours a day (sometimes more, depending on my schedule).

So, using ANY excuse as to why you can’t get it is pointless. There are people who play less than me, and still have them unlocked.

If you mean the quests afterwards (Once you’ve done the grinds), then it is a little confusing. But, it’s not difficult either.

And, the reps only require exalted with the faction, Tides of Vengeance done, and their respective zones. So, it’s a lot less to unlock the races than it is for Pathfinder part 1.

You mean like people paying real money to do +10 Mythics? Or to get full HC clears? Or for gear runs? Because that’s what people do in this game as well. They buy a WoW token, then use that gold from it to get these boosts. EVERYTHING in this game get’s “brought” by someone.

You do know WoW has had grinds since Vanilla, right? Vanilla, 1-60 took months, hours of grinding before each raid, weapon skills, reputations, gold was a bigger grind than now (Since it was harder).

Every expansion has had a grind, but it’s never been a problem before. Grinds are APART of RPG’s, every RPG out there has a grind. If you don’t like the grinds, then RPG’s are just not for you.


This whole unlocking races rubbish is only something that was introduced in Legion to add more grind and time-sump, just like taking out flying was to time-sump players.

You didn’t have to unlock Worgan, Belf, Goblin, or any other previous new races apart from having a toon at max level. So stop defending the indefensible.


I have kid, 5 dogs, 5 cats, 3 parrots and hammster and still I have done rep for Allied races :joy:


You have to laugh at anybody calling these a “grind”.

They’ve taken considerable effort to make them available to the wider playerbase, moreso with the recent increase of reputation.

Lightforged/Void Elves you get 350 reputation for BOTH factions after doing an elite WQ on Argus (of which are the majority, and are trivial at 120). Time this with the World Quest event with 50% bonus WQ reputation and you’re looking at 525 rep per quest. Do a quick run of clearing Argus every day during the WQ event and you can bash this out in just a few days of very minimal effort.

Highmountain takes a little bit longer, but not by much. Same as the Argus reputations, you can time it with the WQ event to make it trivial.

Nightborne you will get to Exalted long before even finishing the Insurrection questline. So do the questline, learn what the Nightborne are about, and then they are playable. Simple.

Mag’har/Dark Iron, you get Honorbound or 7th Legion reputation for doing just about any max level activity in BFA. WQs, invasions, war effort, completing IE weekly, participating in Warfront hand-ins and quests, I am sure I am missing a few. Even if you’re not specifically targeting Honorbound/7th Legion reputation, you will hit Exalted accidently just by playing World of Warcraft. I earnt 6 Honorbound Paragon boxes (60000 excess reputation) before getting to Exalted with all the other BFA factions.

Zandalar/Kul Tirans admittedly do require a small amount of conscious effort to unlock, but the content is still relevant and most likely they will increase the rep gain by the start of the next expansion.

It’s a joke that you people can complain about there being a lack of content, but somebody suggests a small activity to do alongside the main content, suddenly “ain’t nobody got time for that”.

And if the above is too difficult for you or time consuming for you, you can literally get Exalted completely passively with no gameplay what so ever by doing order hall/war campaign follower missions for reputation. Sure, it will take months, but the option is there.

I skipped the entirety of Legion and still have all the Horde Allied Races after a very small amount effort as a casual player.

Just play World of Warcraft forSNIP - GM sake. They have made it as simplistic as they can.

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Flying was added behind a Pathfinder because Blizzard felt they had made a mistake in bringing it into the game, so tried to remove it in WoD. After they got a lot of backlash from this, they came up with the idea of putting it behind the actual content of the game. Meaning, if you have flying, you’ve done the content, if you don’t, it’s still considered “new” to you.

I’ve gotten all Pathfinders since WoD, and let me tell you, WoD has been the WORST to get out of all of them. Legion was pretty easy (I took a break for 6+ months, came back and had it unlocked in less than a month), and so far, BFA’s has been seriously easy too.

Stop using past mechanics within a game to try and complain about the present mechanics. GAMES CHANGE, it’s normal. Some changes people don’t like (Like the level grind, the flying in WoD etc) and so Blizzard does something about it. All Blizzard has done is made it easier to get the old Allied Races (A lot easier), so it’s something you’re gonna have to deal with.

Stop using excuses against a game mechanic you don’t like because you’re too lazy to actually play the game and just want everything given to you on a silver platter.


No, previously you didn’t have to do any of that outdated rubbish, and loremaster was something only RP nerds bothered with.

All Blizzard are doing is replacing actual content with grind. This is killing the game, or haven’t you noticed the amount of people logging off.


They should just unlock them the same as all other races. If they don’t stop all this stupid gating and grindfest (such as neck) they are going to lose an even bigger chunk of their player base. And certainly aren’t going to win over new players who are used to MOBAs and jumping straight into the action that counts.

If anything they should just scrap levelling altogether and allow you to pick up any max level toon you want.


Yes because for years on end all you had to do if you wanted to raid was power level in a dungeon and barely do a handful of daily quests for about three weeks max to unlock a few enchants.

Now you have to grind constantly in order to keep up. That rubbish needs to be optional for those who want to do it and avoidable for those who don’t.

And they need to bring back flying at max level as well. I’d say a lot of people are pretty sick of waiting for it to come in at stage, and when it won’t be of much use.


I’m with the OP.
As someone who has done the grind 3 times and as someone who has almost 100 exalted reps on a main, I will always support people who want to remove senseless grind from Allied Races.
Senseless grind yes. Login per day, do World Quests for 15 mins and then wait a whole day for reset. It is something that shouldn’t have been a thing to begin with.
There’s no playing the game here, there’s just waiting out and doing nothing once you’ve done your World Quests.


  • Remove Reputation requirement and keep story requirement; imo as it should be.
  • Lower Reputation requirement to Revered.
  • Add more means of gaining reputation other than just World Quests and table missions. Completing a dungeon or doing other activities such as Island Expeditions and Warfronts should grant reputation.

^ All these proposals would not damage the game but rather motivate people to actually play it and enjoy it more.

I am going to take a completely made-up example now and compare it to the situation people are facing. I’d like all those ‘defenders’ of this boring system to hear me out and imagine the situation as well. This has nothing to do with ‘casual’ or ‘hardcore’ player.

I get interested in X MMORPG. I decide to play it and I find that I’m having fun. I then notice the new races that get added and I want to make them as soon as I am done with their introduction and story…only to find out that I have to wait out for weeks to get them by doing only a small chunk of game-content in order to ‘work’ for them.
In the meantime I am stuck with a character I no longer like or feel like playing.
I am no longer motivated to play or pay for that game as I can’t have a character I like and want.
Knowing this, I will also have to level that character from scratch; which would’ve been ok had I not had to spend weeks waiting out on actually having to play the game.

This entire example causes a burnout, it causes bitterness, annoyance and frustration with the game and the system.
Those who say ‘earn it’ have no idea what it means to actually EARN something in game if they keep comparing this senseless little machine to actual effort!

This system of gaining reputation is purely there to control how to play the game. This is not how YOU want to play the game, this is how Blizzard wants you to play the game.

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  1. Name me 1 other grind in the game that doesn’t consist of AP, Allied Races, or Pathfinder (Though, you can’t exactly call these grinds).
  2. the neck is gonna get buffs for the next 4 weeks, so it’s not exactly gonna be difficult.

If a new player joins and EXPECTS to be able to get everything, then they’re joining the wrong type of game. I don’t feel sorry for these new players, because they should KNOW what they’re getting themselves into.
I’ve just recently started playing Destiny 2. I don’t have everything on that, and it doesn’t bother me.
If I joined another MMORPG, I KNOW I’d have to work for things in that game as well, since I’m new.
Why do people use “new players” as an excuse for their argument? If they came from MOBA’s, then they should at least read up on what an MMORPG is. They are 2 completely different games. You don’t play a MOBA and expect to be top rank right away, or (Like League of Legends), you can’t expect to have ALL characters unlocked.

Scrapping leveling will kill this game a lot more, since leveling is a CORE PART of an RPG game. Tell me 1 RPG game that doesn’t involve leveling, I’ll wait.

Exactly, this game is dying, because SO much in this game is given to players now. Because of this, they expect more, and expect to get what they want when they throw their blanket out of the pram.

What about the attunements in Vanilla? Or did they not count? What do you need to do to raid in BFA now? You just have to do some dungeons till you have the right ilvl (Since leveling the neck is easy), then you can just jump in to raids. Especially if you’re in a guild. All I had to do was get to 370 ilvl and I was allowed to join most of the Heroic run and all of the Normal runs on my alt.
If you don’t have a guild, then that’s on you, since this is a multiplayer game.

You don’t “need” to grind. MOST of my guild has 40-45 level necks (Both this and my alt have 40+ level necks) and I barely ever do ANY grinds. So, it is “optional”. Not to mention, the AP grind is gonna be a lot quicker these next 4 weeks, thanks to the catch up mechanics being put back on.