Please do away with allied race unlocks

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It’s scary how grind is concidered a very important part of MMOs, here I was thinking one of the things that made WoW so successfull is that it at least manages to mask it’s more grindy parts rather good. You don’t feel like you’re doing a grind.

Take leveling for instance, in WoW it is NOT grinding. Might be boring if you do it for the 500th time, but it’s not a grind. it would be if you would just keep killing the same mobs over and over again to gain levels. But here you can go do PvP, Dungeons, Pick treasures (in some expansions), do Quests, Bonus Objectives, kill things, do Pet battles. All these things make a bigger variety of content that make you level, thus it is not a dull grind. (It becomes one if you are redoing it on the Xth char ofc).

Imho a grind usually is the worst way to make something “hard” to achieve. Grinds are just the laziest implementation of game time for players. There is no skill or anything involved, it’s just dull repetition of a “trivial” task.

And in this case again. Going through a grind (for rep) in order to unlock a new char, level it up and grind again… this is just a terrible way of making people invest time into the game. Make it a “longer” questchain, hell even let it take time if so many want this so bad. Let me assist a let’s say Zandalari (class of my choice) do something important for the empire and at the end they join my faction. (And I get that char that accompanied me during all this as one of my chars).

The problem is not that there is a requirement but that it basically asks people that want to switch mains to do especially rep grind and maybe leveling twice.


Those websites are literally offering everything for real money and so do the people in wow who are carrying people to mythic 10+ for gold .does that mean mythic are boring and people don’t like them ?


You’re funny. And here I thought I paid a monthly subscription and also bought an expansion pack in order to access new content :joy:

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That you did. But the wording goes, something like this: that to unlock the new allied races you must first gain reputation with them.

If you bought the expansion and did not realise the requirements, that is your fault.

For returning players they should have known that there would be reputation requirements.

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I think it is more a case about expectations vs implementation.
Many thought that the new races would be available when BfA launched.
And just like the other times they have release a new race, many thought they would be ready to play without requirements.


with this i agree 100%

its case of not meet expectations

many people expected allied races to be just given to them with 0 engagement

and they were wrong.

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So i just need to play the game for 20 days on a toon that i don’t want to play to be able to play the toon that i actually want to play.

What a deal, that’s gonna bring a lot of players back.

I am all for making character progression relevant again, but account progression isn’t why i play an MMO.

I’d prefer it if they made gearing feel rewarding again and gave some decent gear from reputation vendors instead of 350 ilvl pieces.

You just want to feel special because you played during legion and didn’t have to work at all for unlocking those races.

I didn’t have to do anything to unlock maghar orcs or zandalari trolls, cause they get unlocked by just doing current content, doesn’t mean that i would’ve prefered for them to be unlocked straight away.

And if start calling me out for “just wanting stuff for free”, mate i am a few hundred pulls into jaina mythic, i like grinding, but for stuff that feels rewarding for my character.

Like there were for Belfs/Draenai, Goblins/Worgen and pandas?

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To be fair to those who were disappointed, the new races were kinda used as a selling point by Blizzard, therefore many were disappointed to find out that they were not planned before later in the expansion and that they would require both quest lines and reputation.

Personally, I have already unlocked the race and I don’t mind working to get stuff…but and that’s a big but…

They knew people were excited by the new races and they waited for as long as they possibly could before release them. And on top of that, they slammed at least 4-5 weeks worth of reputation/daily quest grind.


I have just started playing and I am unlocking legion allied races 2nd time after having done so on my wow usa account 3 months ago .
If you want things instantly then mmorpg games are not for u .you have to work to earn them .
U have to work to earn friends allies and trust irl .so it is in wow also .
You have to work to make neutral factions join ur faction .

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Working to make my character stronger is not the same as working to unlock a race so that i can create a character that i want to make stronger.
I like grinding, i like working for things, i raid mythic and do M+…
I also can accept the fact that, unless i grind, i won’t get all mounts, all cosmetics or all toys.
I can’t accept the fact that i have to grind old content, maybe on a character that i don’t like, to unlock a race so that i can play a character that i do like.

I also don’t get mad when you come back to BoD and clear it, while i had to work for a few hundred hours to clear that thing on mythic.

I like grinding. Make reputations reward better enchants, recipes and good cosmetics, like in TBC. I spent weeks just grinding cenarion dungeons so i could buy the feral mace. I spent weeks just grinding CoT reputation so i could buy the best head enchant. Friends grinded lower city rep for weeks so they could buy the recipes for ring enchants.

Mate, i am a few hundred wipes into mythic jaina, don’t tell me that i want stuff instantly.

I have no problem with grinding, as long as it progresses my character, not my ‘account’.

Why does my irrelevant soldier (Canon were all just small soldiers helping the protagonists of the story) have to earn the trust of the races?
The horde has to earn their trust.
Why can’t my one toon live in the timeline before we earned their trust and my freshly created zandalari can live in the timeline after we earned their trust?
I also have several toons that lack behind in the warcampaign, for them the zandalari haven’t joined yet, i can also play a zandalari that hasn’t joined the horde yet.

I enjoyed the times where I had to grind for hours to get items so i could reach def cap on my feral tank and i miss the grind to gear a new character.
I miss grinding ‘easy’ dungeons for reputation/AP.
I miss flying around on my druid collecting herbs, watching some netflix.
Now I can gear a freshly dinged toon to 400-410 in less than a week.
Now I can earn 30k+ in 30 mins of M+ boosting.


Its a matter of perspective .some people like it some people hate it . Blizzard will not do away with allied races unlock .the only thing they might do is give the option to unlock allied races in future with money but that is a big if .

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Unless you are affiliated with Blizzard you are in no way, shape or form qualified to make that statement. All you know is their current stance, same as we do. And we know Blizzard to be flexible and to listen to players feedback, sometimes with a compromise, like with flying, the Legion artifact skins, the CM gear, etc. It’s perfectly reasonable to give feedback about the races unlock requirements, if they would do anything about that feedback, no one on this forum can say.


I have not made the statement as fact .I have made it by using what common sense dictates .so u have misunderstood my statement .
It is just an educated guess based on blizzard past actions .

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I understood what you meant, I just thought you were a bit too sure of yourself. There’s also no basis for you to claim Blizzard will take an in game reward and put it on the shop as that was never the case before. Blizzard might have made many mistakes, but that wasn’t one of them.

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Not at all like them. They were “new races”, the Zandalari, Mag’har, Kul’Terans and Dark Iron have always been marketed as “Allied Races”.

Now “Allied Races” have a set of specific requirements before they can be unlocked.


All the core races including the ones added in after vanilla had their own starting quest chains and zones. Now, I understand Blizzard don’t want to do that for allied races. It’s too resource intensive. But there are many other ways they could have done allied races which would have made a lot more sense and been a lot less frustrating. Like elaborating on the embassy quest chain and an intro sequence explaining some of their lore.

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