Please do away with allied race unlocks


A lot of people enjoy grinding, that’s what an MMO is, it’s not a 30minute game of CS:GO or Dota.


Not saying it should be either. But for the content itself to be gated behind a timesink… that is truly silly.

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Isn’t it cute? They are backing each other up. I’m happy I help you guys meet. That’s one of the few good things that came out of this dying game, and it didn’t even happened in the game. lol


Well it’s argument of his statistical data VS. Your feelings. And i don’t feel to good to rely on your feelings as source

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My feelings? xD


It’s obvious people are unsubbing, you hear it everywhere, you can physically tell from the lack of people in the gameworld, and in my opinion it’s also somewhat obvious why. WoW is an MMORPG. The overwhelming majority stopped questing for questing’s sake or lore a decade ago. You have your altoholic dungeoneers, your PVPers, your end-game raiders, and mixes there of… none of which are happy right now with how things work.


Yeah well, sure… They’ve been saying that for years now.
Meanwhile, it’s still here and World of Warcraft keeps on going.

And yes, World of Warcraft has lost some subscribers.
It use to be many more, yes. But to say this game is dead…
This game is still nowhere near the grave. Not yet.


I guess they got all those people to voluntary leave their jobs because they are doing sooo well?


They should thank method for organizing a mythic race on twitch, with viewer numbers bigger than employees could.


lol burn :fire:


I’m honest, and genuine so let me say this as it is. Anyone who doesn’t think like you (OP) is not a very kind, nor giving person. “If they had to do it, so do others, or its unfair” They have no shred of compassion, most online players don’t, their morals are all around.

I don’t blame them though.

Although, I never complain about content that is put out there, I love it all even the legion alt grinds, we asked for it, and most people got their mouths too full, I even dared to get three accounts and go through the questlines and suramar three times, unlocking flying on three accounts.

I partly agree, that they should remove the restriction, but this should only be months after the majority of people actually grind through it.
So to speak:

Let’s say an expansion is released.
Playerbase is 1000, people.

Allied races restriction.
850 Players unlock that restriction and finally gets to play the allied races, they used their time, and organized their lifes because that seemed the most important to them.

When they do that. They should remove the restrictions for new, or players returning after a month, or two months.

As the argument for people that want the restrictions removed is you have family, kids then you must prio your time to make time for the grind. Yes that is indeed right.

But, people that took that grind choose, it was important enough for them to take the time out of their schedules, it also contributed towards flying and other things. So that grind early on gave them more than allied races.

If people returning, or new players unlocks allied races from the start, they wont have the rep grind, or other things. So in the end those people would still be behind.

So who is more right, people who choose to go through a grind to unlock something because they had so much passion for it, “When it might be unlocked later on” ???

I mean it wouldn’t hurt blizzard or the community to unlock allied race restrictions at some point, people will still knowing they will be unlocked months from X date, grind it because they want it ASAP.

I burned for zandalari so yeah.

But internet people don’t think like that, they have very narrow minds, and aren’t that smart.


If the rep requirement for unlocking them gets removed, then heritage armor should be only for people who actually bothered with all the unlocks before the nerfs

fair is fair right? something to unlock for people who actually bothered playing the game so far


Actually unlocking allied races is pretty easy now with wq and the event in which you get bonus reputation .so I never get the people who say unlocking allied races is difficult .I have hardly played the game for 20 days and I am very close to unlocking lightforged draenei and void elf on my alliance toon


those people simply dont want to play the game.

funny thing last week 3 of my alts got to exalted with honorbound without doing anything specific - i just played on them . but aparently playing the game is too much for some people.

i agree that if you want something instantly it may be annoying - but this is something which rewards long time playing - as it should be.

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Unlocking the allied races might not be difficult but it’s wasted time, that’s the biggest problem I see with it. You level a toon, get to max level, do the grind, get the race and then are back to square one.

Of course people are not going to enjoy this process. They won’t enjoy playing a character they have no interest in playing for what could be weeks, if they are new players, just to get to what they want to play.

I wouldn’t mind seeing the restrictions lifted. I have Legions races but not BfA. If they just lifted the restrictions for the Legion ones it would be a good compromise. After all, that expansion is over and done with. They could do the same for the allied races of BfA on the next expansion. Grind to play them now, or wait and play them later.


I have to admit, i do like to work for something instead of getting someone handed to me, However… With some (old) things, it’s just plain ridiculous the amount of stuff you (still) have to do for it to get it. Such as unlocking the (old) Legion races. So, in that case, i can understand your point and i agree with it too.

So to put it simple, it’s like saying:
Either work for it and get it to unlock it (relatively) fast / soon.
Or wait 'till the next expansion pack is released and get it for free.


those "legion " allied races are not really legion races because you had to pre putchase BfA if you wanted to obtain them early. so tey are BfA classes.

and no their restrictions shouldnt be nerfed. want them ? work for them like people who invested their time.

you want stuff handed to you for free.


I think would be better if they make them bit easier, just like they did to Legion ones,that increased rep gain from quests


I think you did’nt fully read my previous post, because if you did,
you could read that i said

But obviously, u did’nt see that then i guess.

But for some things, u have to do alot of things to actually unlock things.
So they could at least lighten or ease it up at least a little bit.


They already increased the reputation you get from doing wq in legion .a fair compromise .previously it used to make a month .nkw u can unlock legion races in a matter of week .