Please help me transfer Blizzard

Like a couple of other people, Im trying to take use of the free character transfer from gehennas.
Sadly I did part of the scourge events and are therefor waiting for npc mails, that as far as I can read can take up to 4 days recieving.
Would be a real shame to miss out on the transfer to the server where all my friends moved. Hope you can help me like the us support.

regarding Urolig on gehennas


EU side says to create a ticket, they’ll be with you as soon as possible.

Im currently in a 5k queue… cant transfer because of that stupid quest item that hasnt even been posted to me yet! so retarded. Blizzard sort your game out. this should never be able to happen in the first place.

Also so annoying to see that in the US some really helpfull GM can do it within mins, but here we have to wait an eternity.

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I am still waiting for fixes to the broken Character Transfers . Please address this Blizz.

Pls help me I will Transfer my Warri from Venoxis to Lakeshire an I have problems with ingame mail

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