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Hey there! We are currently looking for players who are interested in doing M+ and Raiding or just want to chill & socialise to grow our guild. Started at the end of last tier we have steadily grown into a medium sized community of players all like minded who participate in m+, social chats in discord and raids. Our current progress is 8/9 HC.

Our Goals:

To continue our momentum from last tier and continue to grow and solidify the core of our team, our requirements are pretty reasonable so please have a read:


-Some basic raid experience but most importantly the right attitude and mentality.
-English Speaking
-Happy to use discord

Raid Specific Recruitment:

We are mainly looking for a healer and couple of dps.

Raid Times: Wednesday and Sunday at 20:00 - 23:00

So far we have grown at a steady pace and added many like minded players to our team, the aim is to continue this path and help the guild grow.

All applications welcome via my Battle tag: Bowmistress#2796 or Discord: Bowmistress

Still looking for a Druid DPS and a Warlock :slight_smile: Please reach out to Battle tag: Bowmistress#2796 or Discord: Bowmistress#6677

We are now looking to add a couple more dps and an additional healer to the team, please reach out for a chat. :blush:

Battle tag: Bowmistress#2796 or Discord: Bowmistress

8/9 Heroic, still looking for a couple of DPS and a Healer.

Battle tag: Bowmistress#2796 or Discord: Bowmistress

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