Please save TBC ERA (open ERA servers)

Dear developers and company Blizzard! Please save the BC ERA server, let us play our favorite add-on with the characters we play, don’t force us into WotLK, don’t discount our achievements! This is contrary to the original concept of classic servers. Opening 1 PvP and 1 PvE server per region is not a problem. Let us choose! If you want, then clone characters like in Classic ERA for money. If you are against a FORCED transfer to WotLK then please support my topic, if possible (who is registered) on reddit, leave a message there. We’re in classic and we want to be able to choose what we play! We want play in Burning Crusade ERA (as in Classic ERA). We want to farm Karazhan and the Black Temple forever, look at the beauty of Nagrand in the game add-on that originally provided for this. Thank you.


splitting the playerbase even more? no thanks

blizzard should delete all vanilla servers and tbc servers when wotlk arrives


It’s my character in Classic ERA. There are few players on the servers, but we are! Several raiding guilds, regular battlegrounds and more. Classic ERA is alive, for those connoisseurs who are, we are for the original game in the original addition. Please note that there are people in TBC who love TBC content and don’t want to be forced into WotLK. We need a choice, the same as in 2021 - go to the next expansion, stay in the current expansion, or clone a character for money. This is the right and smart choice! This is a classic (!!!), not actually WoW.


The classic was meant to be a museum for each expansion. Each expansion have love players. Why do we have to force go to WotLK? They removed the Nostalrius server, now they will remove the classic and BC servers? What is the point of chasing us again for all the additions? And after WotLK, will we all be forced to go to the Cataclysm Classic?


like a small 200 player private server awwwwwwwww


TBC season servers its not original TBC. Why?

  1. Need start new character. Our way from Classic dropped.
  2. Very many changes! And high expirience from quests etc… Need saved original TBC.
    We in museum! We want save our progress in TBC on eternal TBC ERA servers.

Peoples in Classic ERA have! We life. 4-5 regular raiding guilds from MC to Naxxramas, regular BG’s - WSG, Arathi. And in TBC ERA be players as and in Classic.


And? Why don’t we have a choice? What prevents a multi-million dollar company from leaving a couple of servers for TBC ERA? 200 people? They want to play and play there.


well if they do + money prolly but tbc end content was always the most boring tbc private server were the most unpopular ones


later with nos classic was number1 and wotlk2 so yeah tbc servers never had really players and after kaelthas people usually quit and server died

Well, would you be pleased if, after your favorite expansion like WotLK, Cataclysm Classic was released and forced into Cataclysm?


dunno i played for 8years on a wrath/cata/tbc privates so prolly idc

I understand everything about private servers, but Blizzard is positioning the official servers of the classics as a museum, where everyone plays whatever expansion they want. Classic ERA has one live server, the rest are empty and dead, nothing prevents them from doing the same for TBC. One server TBC ERA and all be good! Not need more.


I support this!

Never really got hooked on WOTLK and can’t really understand the hype tbh.
I rejoined classic for TBC only, and won’t continue in WOTLK.


Probably has something to do with how season of mastery is doing.
It’s pretty dead besides when it’s a raid night.

I’m register on reddit and make new post about server of TBC ERA


Was really shocked when I heard that they are planning to force all current BC Classic players into Wrath. I have zero interest in re-playing WOTLK. I know I’m in the minority and that’s fine, but it does seem weird to me that we can have Classic era but no BC era. Like you say it goes completely against the spirit of Classic.


I agree. We need just one TBC-era server. No need for many servers like it was handled with Classic-era. Just one TBC era server-museum for each region. And in case somewhen in future Blizzard makes TBC-SoM this one server can work as a character dump. Open transfer to this server from both types - PvP and PvE, since it will be a museum. No need to keep more than 1 server for TBC-era.


Yes, yes and yes. I want this too!


And risk people unsubbing - I would.


I think I never posted here before, but as a hardcore (Ironman) player I was hoping to try out TBCC as hc as well, of course on the TBCC Era servers, but now … Blizzard, please, make just two TBCC Era servers. Pretty please!


I usually don’t post here. But I 400% agree on the fact that WE SHOULD have the option to stay on TBC.

They should just merge all pvp servers and all pve servers. (including RP servers).
There is still active people on classic ERA and SOM. I’m pretty sure there is enough people for at least one TBC server.

It would cost Blizzard almost nothing (It’s more expensive to keep Hots or D3 tbh), and people would pay monthly for that.