Please,bring back personal loot!

This is getting ridiculous, im clearing the raid since week 1 on my main and so far,i won 0 rolls (i’m also trying not to be a douche and rolling only on those items i actually need).
But it is nearly impossible to win anything, if you clear a normal raid on your alts,you see 480+ people joining,needing on everything, then selling it to people,who is ready to buy. Need a trinket? Sure,150k and its yours. Want HC Fyrrak trinket? Please,1.5 mln,who’s willing to pay?
With personal loot,you could get your 2 items and keep it/trade it to whoever needs it but now its just unfair. Maybe the current system is good for raiders,but its defenitely not good for “normal” players,that are forced to go to the raid and get the bis item.


blizz made huge mistake to allow trade golds between all servers, ninjalooting should be bannable or something, just allow tmog only option for all lower quality ilvls at this point. They could do it for sets why can’t they do it for everything


You’re just complaining because you got unlucky, like pretty much everyone complaining about loot systems, and probably wouldn’t been here if you got loot.

Both systems are the same. The only relevant difference is who throws the dice, and that doesn’t matters in the end result.


Well, I can understand you as I’m tired of reclearing raid and every single week somebody else looting heartstone(and every single week it’s a 1-2 pug taken to met our 226) but it’s doesn’t work in that way. You can’t(!) need an item if you recieved it already, so ppl who do as you said “ninjalooting” just can be thrown out of the board asap if just ignore such ppl and never “buy” from them anything

Yep, sorry OP but in order to win something you need to NEED on everything even if you don’t need it, This is how I have been able to get a few of my items, I would really prefer Personal loot back definitely but Blizz seem to have closed conversations on this issue.


I got more loot under PL. I do miss it.

I couldn’t even get a single piece of my tier set running 7 paladins through LFR. I had to get it via the catalyst.


It’s not that easy and it shouldn’t be an answer to this problem. I’m in for PL too.


They did it intentionally so people buy more tokens


Be nice if doing higher difficulties unlocked appearances for lower difficulties too…


The issue is less PL and more the miserable drop rates, I understand that it’s a way to reduce the super fast gearing from last season, but there must be an answer that’s less frustrating.

By the time I finally get items I want, I feel relieved rather than happy I’ve had such bad drop luck.

If they bring back personal loot, I’m going to start disenchanting the rubbish that lands in my bags right there, in front of the people would have rolled on it if they could, just to prove a point.

I agree, personal loot needs to be an option.
And it should always be Personal loot for LFR.
It is crazy how many people I have seen Need, Win and 5 secs later try to sell it in raid chat this week.


People like your personality that ruins that game.


I preferred PL for LFR and PUG content also. While it wasn’t ideal, it removed the frustration of rolling on something just to see it go to someone for whom it wasn’t an upgrade, was largely afk, or who rolled need just because they can. Everyone is entitled to roll need if they can, but I don’t feel GL in LFR and PUGs contributes to a better community.

It’s interesting to me how the “culture” in the game changed. When the game was new, rolling on things you didn’t need (not for vendoring or disenchanting) was extremely frowned upon. Fast forward, the accepted behavior is now to roll need on anything that can rolled need on, because “everyone else does it too” .

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as rough as it is he is offering the only solution until blizzard decides to return personal loot to pug runs
because he is completely right, the reason you have so much competition is because you are pugging which means that every new run the amount of competition you have resets.

It doesn’t have to be a guild, a community is fine too, just anything that ensures that you are mostly running the raids with the same people every week so that when your competition gets gear; that’s it, you no longer have competition for that gear.

Ideally Blizzard stops its control fetish and just lets raid leaders set it to what they want to which you can decide if you want to join the group

loot rules cannot be changed as long as there are people inside of the raid instance and once you kill 1 boss with a certain loot rule your raid ID is also locked to that loot rule to prevent last moment master loot bamboozle switches

Is it ninjalooting if it’s legal tough?

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People with their constant whining because they’re never satisfied would ruin the game for me if I let it. I have to get my fun somewhere :laughing:

Can you please explain why in SL i used to get 2-3 items per raid and in DF i get zero for weeks in row,if they are “the same” ?
Thank you


Simple: skill issue.

I honestly don’t understand the deniers. And if it’s exactly the same to them, they won’t mind going back to the superior loot option - personal loot. So we can go back to actually getting some.

I think apart from directly being awarded the actual loot, it’s also that the loot was tailored to the players present, their classes and loot spec.