Podtender issue

Can you please remove this from Arena? It’s very annoying having to pop CD’s just to break it. The only res in arena that should be allowed is ofcourse the healers res. We’ve never had this kind of ability in arena so why now.


There is one problem. Someone who was designing NF didn’t consider PvP at all and whole Covenants should be reworked but it’s not going to happen because that will mean that this dev work is redone and Blizzard does it very rarely because it will mean that this dev is incompetent. They will try to balance it and fail miserably because it’s impossible to balance things like Pod, Convoke, The Hunt or Soulshape. They are basically ruining meta and changing the way game is played. Soulshape literally changed class design because it made some specs ridiculusly mobile. Convoke - I don’t think I have to comment on this. The Hunt can crit for ridiculus amount and erase anyone and pod is pure cancer. Usually when you kill someone you have no cds to kill the pod in time if healer heals it with cds.


Not an issue, stop being bad.

Or you know, lets remove all your preferred classes covenants as well.

Really, that’s your argument?

Yep, or the other person CCs you so you can’t kill it.

But like the Mage said. StOp BeInG bAd

Yes, Podtender needs a nerf. I am not a pro PvP player, but here are my opinions:

The main issue in my opinion is not the chain CC or the fact that pods can be healed, although that is still really annoying.

The biggest issue is the fact that 1v1 situations are no longer 1v1, they are 1v(1+pod) which basically means another 10k hp for the other player, which is huuuuuuge in arena.

Additionally, and this is more due to my own mistakes, but I have found myself in many situations where I kill one player and shadowstep immediately to the other player (as you would normally do) in order to make use of my CDs or to help my partner and then realizing there is a fkn podtender 25yd away that I can no longer reach. I understand this is mostly because of my own incompetence to wait for the podtender to spawn… but still it is extremely frustrating and yes, I know there are addons that go bananas when a pod is spawned, but from a game-design perspective, should our gameplay really rely that heavily on addons?

In my opinion, Pods should either be removed from arena or be nerfed in either one of the following ways:

  1. same as explosives in mythic+ where you can’t aoe them but they die from 1 auto attack.
  2. reduce health to 1k hp (more or less)
  3. reduce health to (e.g.) 5k but increase the time required to get ressed from 10 sec to 20 sec.

I would prefer pods to removed entirely or the 1st or the 2nd option.

Just make the Pod untargetable by friendly players, so it can’t be healed/BoP’d/whatever.

10k damage isn’t hard at this point of the season, people are geared enough that this is one or two abilities as long as it’s not being healed.

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Obvious troll.


Pod cd is 10 min right? Are not all abilities with 6 or more minutes cd deactivated in pvp? So this should also not work.


Nope. Anything with a CD of 10 mins or less is allowed, and will reset with every arena.

It’s hilarious that you say “stop being” bad when your biggest PvP success is 1550 in 2s playing Fire Mage. You don’t have to be rank 1 or glad though to see that this covenant is a joke in PvP

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Next time in arena i will try my soulstone if it doesn’t work i will report a bug.


That’s not the point though. I mean normally people use their burst to kill someone down, then you have to kill a POD where you can get CCed by the other person or out of CDs your damage is garbage.

Exactly, heroism n such can’t be used so why should this? We’ve never had abilities like this in arena so I don’t understand why they’d implement these

What is hilarious is you think rating has anything to do with the current discussion, stop being bad.

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What is hilarious is you call me bad when you are even worse. This is really hilarious. Discussing with you doesn’t make sense as you have no clue about PvP anyway.

You dont play 3’s, so you dont really know anything about the subject. You havent experienced it, so why comment on it?

Oh this isn’t a discussion, its you trolling and being a child.

Cant take what you dish out clearly.

Nice self critique. You’re the only troll in this discussion kid.

Step 1 - CC the non-pod target
Step 2 - Repeat Step 1

If you can’t do 10k damage within 10 seconds outside of CDs then you need to either equip your gear and stop ERPing, or learn your class.

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If I have Flame Shock on CD I will struggle if it gets any heals.

Then allow me to refer back to my original reply…