Policy Update for Input Broadcasting Software

Maybe because it’s probably a bot? And botters never cared about the rules? A legit multiboxer would as they don’t want their characters banned.

What do you mean AFK moonkins? They are standing and not attacking?

It’s currently quite easy to tell where these farms happen, they seem to lag out the whole zone.

There are ways around the software ban, what they do now looks identical to previous software boxing, but I guess they are not technically breaking any rules right now.

I’m guessing Blizz isn’t a big fan of these afk moonkin farmers, I really hope they find a way to stop this no-software multibox exploit before Shadowlands launches, or you will see multiboxers take over any decent farming spot.

Our game was infested with bots all over the place in BFA, They people break the rules then launder the gold so Blizzard find it hard to trace it.

If people thinking a rule with a line of text will stop anything like this , It won’t, What I’ve been saying this whole time. Only way to enforce a rule is to ban hard and fast, As soon as someone does it “instant ban”

You know there is people abusing charge backs to get free accounts? To make gold and hide it before the account gets locked.

Read this, You think people like this are going to read “this is banned” and go “oh no, I won’t do it anymore”

Blizz is faster with the bans, but definitely not fast and active enough.

But these moonkin multiboxers I mention are not bots, they know about the rule changes, but find a way around it. Still doing the afk moonkin farm.

What people like me have been trying to say, I have 3 accounts and can do many things people think I can’t. The same applies to people with around 10 accounts.

If they follow the rules there has been a change in the farming you’re talking about though, They can’t tag everything on more than one character at the same time, Which means you have more chance of beating them at a tag, They as effective as a boomkin in a group competing with you for tags on mobs.

There is the hardware input argument though, That Blizzard has left a huge debate on. Let’s just say that’s banned for the sake of our posts.

Boomkins have always been used in groups to beat people to tags, me and my friends used to use one for Warbringers in mop and to farm treasures in vale with pots of gold on. If a “multiboxer” is solo tagging with one boomkin and looting on 4 other characters. It doens’t really effect you different than a group doing it with a boomkin, Which will defo be a thing in shadowlands too.

However prepare to bots galore, not multiboxers but bots, Who know they will be banned and don’t care, We’ve not seen anything yet, Quote me later.

Why do I get a warning ? I never use any of that crap, never bot or multiboxing and u give me warning ? are u guys retarded or what ? Make sure ur stuff works first before sending me warning when I play game normal. Or else atleast say what the problem is, but no u prefer to stay so vague.

It is , i use no software and still getting warnings

Then it is detecting something that isn’t within the rules on your computer.

Hi there, i also received a warning without actually using any software, sure i do own multiple accounts but each one is moved and leveled manually using only the keyboard and mouse. Also they are not used for any sort of farming but rather just sitting afk in a zone to spot a rare and both me and my wife got a warning earlier today.

Hey all
I was a user of broadcast software and i removed it after the announcement. A day after Blizz clerified that without any 3th party we can still do it. So i start multibox without software. But yesterday i got the warning e-mail for one of my accounts that indicates that i use the software. I contact with support but they couldn’t help me. Its clear that system flagged me as software user but i don’t. So where is the reliability of that system? What will be the very same system flag me one more? This will be mass on Shadowlands we all know that multiboxers get tons of report even they don’t use 3th party. What should we do? What can cause false flags? Multibox addons like jamba or ema legal or not?

i have gotten the same thing and they will not respond to tickets you make about it without a canned response that says nothing.

Maybe they want to keep the ban reasons in their bags.

There are so many programs that could be seen as not allowed, for instance software that controls mice and keyboards should someone need to uninstall those as well?
It would be helpful if they say what programs they don’t allow or people will just be fumbling in the dark.

How about a hardware keyboard multiplier? Afterall it’s not software. Anyway I wanted to check with you before I bought one.

well that would be against the one button press = one action rules as well i believe

Not sure this is having any effect I was in nazmir and a clear multiboxer was killing blood trolls I’mguessing to farm the mount to sell. I was there to kill 12 for the quest I actually had to star getting the first hit in just to try and get some killed to progress the story. There was more than 5 there as every mob pulled was going grey. So someone is getting away with it.

Everyone is a group gets tag if one player tags the mob.

Multiboxing itself is not against the rules. It’s using the software that is being phased out. I’m not sure if they have started banning for it.

Someone has to clear “multiboxing itself” because there are lots of players with a false warning mail out there.