Pool of Mixed Monstrosities Suggestion

Hello Blizzard,

I am posting today to state that whatever your original intentions with the pool of mixed monstrosities were, they definitely do not live up to the team based minigame what you hoped for.

Each day people come over when people try to work together for a specific spawn, kill a red and throw nothing but that in to the pool and ruining the attempt that we had ongoing, adding a world quest in the way that is currently live was ridiculous and not thought out properly at all in my opinion.

In my experience this area is one of the most griefed areas in all of the Shadowlands, I’ve been trying for months upon months to get the Pristine Containment Pack quest from Oily Invertebrate across multiple toons each day.

The risk/reward for attempting to spawn a specific rare simply does not work. I’ve spent hours on single toons getting close only for some ignoramus to come along and ruin it, you can call them out, tell them to stop all you want, more often than not you get ignored. Why does making something so hard to spawn still justify the extremely low drop rate?

I propose that maybe with the upcoming patch 9.1.5 that maybe we can have a tweak to the Pool of Mixed Monstrosities to make the experience a little smoother? Perhaps a change to the currently; lazy world quest, we’ve currently been given and make it so we have to spawn a specific rare from the pool on a daily rotating pattern?

I’m not asking for an increased drop rate although I feel the some of the player-base would welcome it, I just believe that this minigame could have a little more done with it instead of leaving players that are interested in it to continually be griefed by others that, lets face it a majority of the time know exactly what they’re doing.

Thanks for the time.

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I absolutely agree with what you say, however this isn’t the best place to post it as Customer Support doesn’t have anything to do with the ‘making’ the game. I suggest you possibly repost in the General forum to see what sort of support there is there and also make a suggestion ingame - esc/support then the first big button on the left ‘submit feedback or bug report’, submit feedback.

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Noted, thanks for the heads up!

I’m afraid you are in the wrong forum. This is the Classic Era forum.
I do not understand much of what you’re talking about, and suspect this is about Shadowlands. If so, the pencil icon next to the title offers the option to move the thread to to appropriate forum.

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