Post if you want to make some in-game friends (pt3)


Hey! My name is Aoife and I’m from Ireland. I’ve been playing this game for quite a while alone so would be nice to meet some people to do things - would probably enjoy it a ton more!

Age - 26
Personality - Talkative, laidback I’m almost horizontal :slight_smile:
Faction- I am mainly alliance but I’ve started levelling some horde characters and having a really good time!
Playing time - Usually after 6pm weekdays until around 11ish and all the time on the weekend!
Looking for - Levelling, transmog/mount runs and maybe some random bgs now and then :slightly_smiling_face:
Other interests - Languages, I love dipping into new languages and seeing what they’re all about. I also like going out and socialising and a nice gin and tonic :stuck_out_tongue:
Battletag - Niaxa#1460


Server - Draenor
Side - Horde
Age -17 male
Location - UK
I’m just looking for chill people to play the game with, at the moment I main a mage. I would like to get into mythic raiding, mythic dungeons and rated battlegrounds. I’m a fairly quite person. I play mainly in the afternoons and on the weekends.



Kitty#23612 Scopee#2471 Stine#2362 Niaxa#1460 ITzSylvanas

Gone back last 10 days and think you should all group up :)))

(Deadlyoz) #46

Hi i’m just gonna make this Short and Sweet!.

I’m currently looking for peoples to do Random BG’s, Big and Small ones.
Plus someone that wanna do 2s, im not having a mic so don’t ask for VC.

Add me if you wanna do those either of those Casually!, can do 2s on both
So i’m not looking for Toxic players or for someone that rages after a 2s Lose!.
Factions, but my Main is this character.


Hit me Up!


Hi! I like druids and I’m really bored.
I’m just looking to chat and chill. I enjoy every part of the content the game has to offer, whether it be RP, Dungeons, questing, achievement hunting, PVP, raiding. I’m not raid ready at the moment as I’m mostly farming rep on a freshly hit 120 druid.
If you’re interested in any other out of game interests, well, you gotta find out!
Age: Legal
Location: Somewhere in Southeastern Europe
Side: Mostly Alliance
Server: Stormrage


About me:
Norwegian fella!!
Age: 20

Personality: Can be very funny and a bit crazy when comfortable. Haha, I am a very kind person :slight_smile:

Side: Horde only, Though if friends to play with means I have to switch side, I will do it.

Chars: I am sure that I have everything up to 110. For now tho, only 3 in 120 and down to 2 that I play on. Holy paladin and resto shaman.

Playing time: Anytime. I jump on wow whenever I need or want too. I got too much freetime currently.

Up for: I am up for all kinds of pvp( I have been trying to do serious arena healing this exp). Though as I do need gear I wanna try raiding too. I am alone and without a guild so therefor I am not able to progress ilvl :frowning:
I am up for almost everything. I am sure most things ingame can be made fun off.

Other interests: Lifting weights, playing other games, going out with friends and make new one obviously :thinking:

Battletag: Doisel#2596
/cheers and skål!


Age: 17, turning 18 in exactly a week
About me: id say im a pretty fun person once i get to know people, i live in france and i’m fluent in romanian, english, and french.
Faction: horde only
Characters: 120 rogue at like 280 ilvl, decided to stop focusing on the character and made my demon hunter yesterday, i thought that farming mounts and rep on a character im not that much into would be bad
Playing time: every evening from like 5-6 PM to 1 AM with some exceptions
Up for: anything, I started playing on jan 7th, but I’d prefer questing in legion with my DH
Other interests: I play r6 siege, slay the spire, and battlefield 5 or blops 4 sometimes
Battletag: Nuko#21859

(Sìllíjana) #51

About me : I’m Norwegian self employed so flexible time, i’m not quite sure what to say so if you want to know something specific about me feel free to contact me instead.
Age: 25
Personality: Rather restless but intresting person with weird humor and friendly attitude who likes to mess around doing everything between heaven and earth, happy to meet new people and develop something with them… Lost all my friends at release of BfA so got to start over again :confused:
Faction: Alliance.
Chars: Goal to max out all my toons, currently my mains are a Warlock and a Monk, with Paladin, Priest, Druid, Warrior and Rogue at disposal.
Playing time: Most of the time??
up for: old raids, achievements, mount runs, raiding, dungons runs, mythic +, etc.
other interests: Tmog, pets, mounts etc.

Feel free to add me:
Battle tag: Falewin#21224


I just need to post here aswell, most people on my bnet don’t play much anymore sadly :frowning:

About me: Been playing wow since vanilla and being doing PvP/WPvP since then :slight_smile:
Age: (Wont type it here)
Personality: Weird, silly and energetic(lively)
Side: Alliance only
Chars: Paladin (Yuline) i play on alts for xmogs
Paladin: Holy
Playing time: 24/7

Up for: WPvP the most, i do it all day anyways (not in raid groups) I do all the other things aswell so i would jump in and help/join my lads wheneveri can. i even RP too :slight_smile:

Battletag: Yuline#2910

(Vanasia) #53

Do you have discord?
I tend to use that alot… My discord is filled with ffxiv players. I would like to see some WoW in it. Most likely, I won’t be playing WoW till 8.2 but would like to know some updates about the game.


Hello Everyone!

I’m a pretty quiet most times. I love playing wow lots. I came back a few days ago to the game since I were gone for some months from the game.

Side: Alliance. But also have Lots of characters on Both sides. :slight_smile:

My Playing Time: Pretty much 24/7 unless I’m doing/playing something else the moment. :slight_smile:

Other Interests: Movies, Music, Walking, Reading, Languages :slight_smile:

My Battletag: Daeliina#2972 :slight_smile:

Things I do on game: Random BGs here and then, Transmog Collecting, Reps, Questing, Dungeons here and then,

Personality: Shy at first. But while time goes I’m much more Smiley and happy to talk with. :slight_smile:


About me:
playing wow since Lichking expansion with a pause now and then, laid back play style, has been on the horde side but nowdays only playing alliance characters

Age: 18+
personality: calm, patient, laid back
faction: alliance
characters: Changed main character this expansion to a DK Blood, having 4 120 lvl and some at 110, 100 and a few lower levels, running the new classes
Playing time: Most days, a couple of hours after 9PM CET.
up for: In general doing pve quests, pve scenarios, dungeons or helping other players
Battletag: Ztar#21562


Hi, I just started to play WoW today and would like to have some new friends!

My name is Eryka and I’m 21 years old from Finland.

I just started to play blood elf so I guess I’m horde :smiley: maybe someone who could help me out would be really nice - I am overwhelmed!

My battle tag is Eryka#21287

Thanks and see you soon hopefully

(Uldurin) #59

Age: 33 year old dude from Sweden
Personality: Friendliest guy you’ll ever meet :wink:
Side: Horde only
Chars: My precious DH
Playing time: Usually play late at night when everyone else is sleeping :sweat_smile:
Up for: Helping if i can but mainly just want new friends to chat with and maybe have some fun in game :smile:
Other interests: Catching up on old content, transmogs and mounts has become my passion. :heart_eyes:

Battletag: reigasm#2210


About me:
Ill keep this very short, otherwise I’d write a book.
I started playing with my couisin and he stopped his subs. So i am kind of alone in game. I know the lore more or less. I know skills. But i don’t know a lot of thing about the game. I liked garrison and kind of staffs so i am 110 but i cant fly in Broken Isles. For now i am trying to unlock that. Also started to use professions.

Age: 23

Personality: Friendly for Horde. Variant for Alliance


Chars: 110 Druid(Guardian), 107 DH(Tanky-one cant remember name), a few low level fun chars.

playing time: open schedule, if Im not at school, I can play.

What I do in game: Trying to fly in Legion and Campaign Quests for now. If i can find a few guys who can explain me the Raids, pvp or anything else i can play with them.

What Im looking for:

  1. Experienced player as advisor.
  2. Unexperienced player to screw it up together.

Other interests: I like animals and i have a dog. Music. Geek. IDK a lot of thing we can find a common scope.


From Anakausuen with love. :kissing_heart:


34 years

Sarcastic/crass sense of humour quite adult tree surgeon by trade so dark humour is a must.

Currently not playing due to game as it is, have 4 months or so left of paid game time I think lol.

See you in classic in which I’d imagine Ill be turn coating to the Alliance!


About me:

Age: 25
Personality: True Neutral
Side: Alliance
Warrior: (DPS)
Spec: Fury
Playing time: Anytime during the day.
Up for: I want to make a company of friends to do mythics.
And reputations and tmog runs too.
Leveling a horde toon now.
Other interests: guns, gym, ski, intelligence, hiking.
Battletag: Doomguy#21822

I always had a hard time presenting myself. If something from above look interesting to you or you just bored then hmu, I’m bored too.



Lovely thread, this!

I started playing in vanilla and have played ever since. Though lately the people i played with has logged off more and more, we are all in the age of getting a family and such.
I play a couple of hours a few nights a week, mostly after the family has gone to bed, and i enjoy levelling, questing, dungeoning and such. Done some low level M+, but im a bit nervous about them still (i play as a tank).

About me:

Age: 39
Personality: Sometimes very social, sometimes very shy or silent.
Side: Alliance
Chars: Death Knight, Priest, Mage, Paladin and druid mostly.
Tanking and healing on DK/pallie and healing on priest/druid
Playing time: A few nights a week at 21.00-23.00ish
Up for: Relaxed gaming
Other interests: Family, video games, ice hockey
Battletag: Zechnubis#2317

Hello! a friendly one. ^^

Hello :slight_smile:

I’m from Finland so english is not my native language.
Age: 34
Personality: Mature and kind.
Server: Argent Dawn
Faction: Up till legion i only played alliance but now on bfa ive only played horde.
Characters: 120 undead mage, 110 human paladin, 107 worgen warlock and some other below 70 chars.
Playing time: Too many hours on daily basis.
Other interests: Movies, music (mostly metal and rock), reading, searching for more useless knowledge.
Up for: Mostly anything but in a casual sense, not really into pvp but would like to try rp someday cause haven’t rped yet and i’m on a rp server :joy:
Battletag: Sadock#2741


About me: Been here since vanilla where I’ve been part of some fantastic guilds, hardcore raiding right up to casual playstyle. I’m currently back in the game with my partner to hopefully find some new enjoyment from the game, we left due to a very toxic guild who sucked the fun out of anything we did. I’m from the UK originally but now living in Denmark, I speak 90% english and 10% danish lol.

Age: 36

Personality: Laid back mostly, consider myself mature. Can be serious at times but definitely up for a laugh at times.

Side: Alliance only

Chars: Just started a Hunter (lvl 35) and Mage (lvl 60)

Hunter: Survival

Mage: Arcane

Playing time: (at the moment) Most evening from about 7:30 PM server time.

Up for: Casual leveling, enjoying the quests and exploration and not rushing to end game. Happy to run dungeons too. Even open to starting a new character providing it’s on the server Emeriss but luckily cross realm helps us group up.

Other interests: Mount farms, Transmog and Reputation grinds.

Battletag: Ashalfa#2613

To clarify, I’m mostly seeking relaxed and friendly players with the same mindset so that we can eventually group up for future content.