Predatory Monetisation

When you create the circumstances for RMT by allowing behaviour against your terms; gold buying and selling, then sell your own pay to win solution to players, you are predatory. It is shameful behaviour and I’m done with all of this companies franchises. They ruined original wow with this, then classic, COD:MW2.

And I do not believe for one second Blizzard ban as many bots as they state.

Good luck to all the remaining swipers who stay and pay for this company to laugh at you to your face in such a blatant way.

Sub cancelled. Thanks for all the fish!


Cool reference to Hitchikers guide dude :slight_smile:


I don’t believe they said where they banned the bots, it could be 95% retail.

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They simply don’t care, there are enough dumbed-down wagecage zombies who gladly spend their barely-4-digit paychecks on virtual goods.

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Or dedicated raiders, who got all their items in guild runs. As long as I can do it in common runs I will keep enjoying the game, but will quit it if they print items directly from the shop or set a pay walls like in Diablo Immortal. That is not the case even with WoW token, so I assume the only one crying and quitting are unsocial RDF / PUG fans who can’t affort anything due to inflation in GDKP (that is greater, than regular inflation on AH).

WoW Token is not anyhow predatory monetization lol :smiley:
You don’t have to purchase anything than the game time to get to the best BiS possible. The secret is just joining a guild and raiding with it lol.

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1 bot = sub, why ban profit? Its as almost as asking your favorite grill house banning customers for eat more than one dish…

HC was the last version of the game that could still be enjoyed without bots, swipers, whales, cheaters etc. The last version that offered the same healthy environment that Vanilla had.
Sadly Blizz is getting involved and it’s quite safe to say that they will ruin everything.
They will allow trading which will open the gates to all the bad apples which make up 99% of the modern player base.
Just look at the reaction on the forums and in game when you talk about the WoW token. These kids don’t even realize they’re getting scammed by Blizz, it’s sad.
Time to go back to private servers I guess.

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how do you come up with all the big words? Predatory monetisation… did you swallow a dictionary and had to vomit some words?

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