Prime Gaming Loot: Get the Tabard of Brilliance

Prime Gaming Loot: Get the Tabard of Brilliance

Starting 24 August, 2023 at at 17:30 GMT+1, Amazon Prime Gaming subscribers can obtain a radiant tabard transmog appearance.

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Is there a way for financially responsible players to obtain this item?


You can always enable a free 30 day trial for Prime and immediately cancel the subscription.

Free stuff is free stuff. With all that Prime offers, I easily get my 2.99’s worth every month.

I’ve already used this trick to get my Google Pixel 7 quicker.
Can I do it multiple times?

It’s not free.


Amazon offers you a free 30 day Prime trial every 12 months

You can always wait for it to show up in the Trading Post as well ofc. Those old transmog store helms were available as a Prime reward earlier this year then a few months later they showed up in the Trading Post.

yes :+1::+1::+1:

Or just steal a friends prime account.

3 euros for a month sub is irresponsible for you? :thinking:

We’re living in the “sub” era.
How financially responsible you are is determined by how many subs you allow yourself to get tricked by.

I for one do not pay for Netflix.
I sure am watching all my movies and series on sketchy websites than end with “.ru” and I shall continue to do so until the day I die.

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prime video is legit the most worth sub i have ever invested in, i watch movies series, get loot for all my games. and its also the cheapest out of all streaming services i have. crazy value.

No. That’s silly.
How financially responsible you are is determined by how you handle your disposable income. If you have the money and are enjoying something; a sub is fine.

Just make sure you’re not paying for nothing; that’s a waste. But still not irresponsible if you can easily afford it, as far as I’m concerned.

It’s your choice to break the law on a daily basis then.
Because that is what it is. You’re a criminal.

I pay for Netflix. And for HBO Max. And for Prime Video. And for Apple TV+. And for SkyShowtime. And for Curiosity Streams. And I have no regrets.

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Have you heard of “Slapface TV”?
I’ve heard all the cool kids say that it’s “lit” and “poggers”.

You should most definitely sub to that one too.

You can makes jokes, but please try to make them funny at the very least.

Tah would call that “subjective”.

Already 30 days used and how can you get free trial every time new prime gaming stuff? It is not free so no thanks!

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9 out of 10 cats say your joke wasn’t funny.

If you’re not using the Prime sub for anything else, no it isn’t.
But if you are; then it’s a free bonus.

One cat is plenty enough. I’ll take it.

That’s a bit better!
Good job bucko.

Anyway, seriously though… I feel like we’re doing better the last few weeks.
Less hostility, more tomfoolery. We still disagree on lots of things, but that’s fine.

i found out i have been paying for prime video for about 3 years now because i ticked a box without realising when i bought something from amazon once.

never even used prime video before lol.

EDIT: might as well watch ‘the boys’ and ’ ring of power’ while i got it i guess.